Food horoscope: Attention! These 5 zodiac signs take everything personally

08:25  23 october  2019
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These zodiac signs are particularly cold-blooded - according to the horoscope

 These zodiac signs are particularly cold-blooded - according to the horoscope © Getty Images horoscope: These zodiac signs are cold-blooded Getty Images Just thinking about yourself and not caring about the needs of others? Yes, there are people like that. While pure selfishness is inconceivable for some, others only care about their own well-being. According to the horoscope, there are five zodiac signs, the nature of which is to always show the cold shoulder to your fellow human beings.

Horoskop: Achtung! Diese 5 Sternzeichen nehmen alles persönlich © Getty Images horoscope: Warning! These 5 zodiac signs take everything personally

Whether it's criticism, a joke or just a pointy remark - some people just take everything personally and are immediately offended. This is, of course, on the one hand due to their character , but on the other hand also due to the stars. Our horoscope reveals exactly which five star signs they are.

Egal, ob ein kleiner Scherz oder ein bisschen Kritik - diese fünf Sternzeichen nehmen laut ihrem Horoskop wirklich alles persönlich © Getty Images

No matter whether a little joke or a little criticism - according to their horoscope, these five zodiac signs really take everything personally

horoscope: These 5 zodiac signs simply take everything too personally Scorpio

The scorpion is inherently a very passionate and rebellious zodiac sign . He always says what he thinks and can also do it pretty well. But if someone jokes at his expense or criticizes him, he is immediately angry and offended. The watermark cannot handle criticism well.

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The air sign likes to determine where to get it. This is particularly noticeable when the scale is traveling in a group. For example, if a friend opposes their ideas, the scale quickly becomes stubborn and feels ignored.


Also with the zodiac sign Fish you have to be careful what you say. Since the fish is such a sensitive and emotional sign of the zodiac, it takes everything to heart and has thousands of thoughts about a very banal thing. He needs a lot of harmony and does not try to attack.


Just like the fish, cancer is a very soulful sign of the zodiac. He always wants everyone to be well. If an friend has a bad day, the cancer tries everything to change that. But sometimes it just doesn't work and the mood stays in the basement. Cancer immediately interprets this as a bad sign and refers to it - although of course it is complete nonsense.


With the Jungfrau everything must always run perfectly! If something does not go according to her ideas, she is immediately devastated and feels bad. She is also not really good at criticism. Instead of seeing it professionally, she relates it to herself and takes any criticism directly personally.

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© Getty Images According to the horoscope: 6 signs of the zodiac, people hate Sure, every now and then we freak out and just hate everything and everyone around us. The emphasis here is from time to time. There are people who are constantly on the go. Nothing suits them, their environment just annoys them all the time. Why is that? As so often with the stars. As our colleagues at YourTango write, some zodiac signs are born human haters.

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