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07:25  22 october  2019
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There are people who just don't match. You can read in the horoscope which zodiac signs should have no relationship with each other.

They're more like fire and ice than bad luck and sulfur: some people just don't match. And why is that? Well, as so often with the zodiac signs. Because even if it is often said that "opposites attract", heart aches are often announced with these combinations of the zodiac.

Es gibt Menschen, die passen einfach nicht zusammen. Welche Sternzeichen keine Beziehung miteinander eingehen sollten, liest du im Horoskop © Getty Images

There are people who just don't fit together. You can read which zodiac signs should not have a relationship with each other in the horoscope

Horoscope: These zodiac signs should not have a relationship Cancer and Aries

The emotional cancer and the researched Aries seem to magically attract each other due to their opposite nature. But in the long run, unfortunately, there will be a crisis because the cancer is too sensitive for the spirited ram.

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Better: Leo and Sagittarius go with Aries, Fish and Scorpio with Cancer.

Virgo and Sagittarius

The cosmopolitan, adventurous Sagittarius cannot cope with the shy, down-to-earth and also petty kind of Virgo. A common relationship probably has no future here.

Better: Aries and Leo are suitable for shooting, Virgo Capricorn and Taurus.

Libra and Capricorn

You could also describe their lifestyle as "a life in rush and whirlwind" vs. "Create, create, build houses" (according to the Swabian saying). Obviously, that won't work in the long run. The hard-working and economical capricorn also sometimes closes his emotions, which does not harmonize with the sensitive nature of the scales.

Better: The Gemini and Aquarius go well with the Libra, and the Virgo and Bull goat.

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