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Les biscuits au banc d'essai de 60 millions de consommateurs. © Getty Images Cookies tested by 60 million consumers.

Seven kilos. This is the annual quantity of cookies ingested by the average Frenchman, according to magazine 60 million consumers. In its October edition, on newsstands this Thursday, our colleagues combed a total of 36 brands of chocolate, fruit, soft and dry cake, to check if the manufacturers offered a taste as good as taste that nutritious. The results of the test are clear: "No cookie in our test is nutritionally good enough to be consumed regularly," says the magazine.

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For his survey , 60 million consumers analyzed the composition of products, in particular their content in calories, fatty acids, carbohydrates, sugars, but also in fiber and salt. From these tests, the magazine determined an Nutri-score, the famous barometer used to assess the nutritional qualities of a food, using a color scale and letters going from A to E. It emerged that almost all brands of cookies (31 out of 36) obtained the letter E, which is the poorest grade.

The cookies studied indeed contain a lot of sugars . This is especially the case for fruit cookies qualified as "sugar bombs" like the Strawberry Trays U Mat & Lou (50 g of sugars per 100 g) or Pim's orange from LU, which contains glucose-fructose syrup, an industrial sugar harmful to the body. Also, a high amount of fat has been detected. Buttered dry cookies like the Palmito from LU and the Palmier au beurre from St Michel are bad pupils at this level. And to a lesser extent, the soft chocolate such as Kinder Délice or Oreo.

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On the other hand, absent people stand out on the list of ingredients: fibers, yet if essential for the proper functioning of the body . In total, a third of the references to chocolate and cereal-based fruit reach 3 g / 100 g, which is the bare minimum. Even the Bjorg brand organic dark chocolate filled cookies don't do much better with just 5g / 100g.

A food contaminant with carcinogenic risk

Last but not least, the high sugar content of cakes associated with baking at high temperature which would promote the development of a food contaminant called acrylamide, with carcinogenic risk according to an evaluation of the European Food Authority (Efsa) published in June 2015. If brands must respect a threshold of 350 migrograms of acrylamide / kg, some approach it dangerously like the essential BN, the Petit 5-grain Casino Bio butter, Palm with St Michel butter or Granola with milk chocolate from LU.

However, in this ocean of processed additives and sugars, a few brands stand out for their "reasonable" composition in fats, sugars and food contaminants: Bjorg Organic Dark Chocolate Filled, Brossard Savannah Chocolate , the Carrefour organic Strawberry Glasses and the Sondey pure butter Butter Rings by Lidl. In general, 60 million consumers recommend favoring dry cookies, less sweet and fatty.

The full survey can be found in the magazine 60 million consumers , currently on newsstands.

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