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Kitchen trick: It's easy to core cherries

 Kitchen trick: It's easy to core cherries You want to process cherries but don't have a core? With this simple trick you can get rid of the stone in no time. © istockphoto trick: Coring cherries istockphoto Sweet, crispy and delicious: Cherries are in high season in summer and are often used to make fresh jams, delicious cakes or fruity smoothies. The most important thing is to remove the stone.

voice , of the sense of her presence, her approval or disapproval. He accepted this as the natural state of things, and a sort of impatience with all groups of which he was not the center – in money, in position, in authority – remained with him for the rest of his life.

He is selfish, lacks empathy, and has delusions of grandeur. He believes that any behavior is justified that benefits himself, including abusing and exploiting others, for which he shows no guilt or remorse. In this way, he convinces management that losing those staff was good for the company, and stops

The Voice : cette brillante astuce pour pallier le manque de public © Lou Breton / TV / Office233 The Voice: this brilliant trick to compensate for the lack of public For the first time in its history, the show The Voice will be deprived of its public during the semi-finals and the final of its ninth season. The production of the TF1 program believes, however, that it has found an interesting alternative so as not to lose anything from the high-energy atmosphere to which these meetings have accustomed viewers.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a real headache for the producers of The Voice. After having to modify the format of the episodes and even ignore part of the competition, the teams are back on the TF1 antenna, as of this June 6, with the semi-final of the show. The following week, the evening of June 13, this time will be the turn of the grand finale of the ninth season. How to do it, however? These two festive evenings are generally broadcast live and in front of a large audience. A tradition now made impossible by the health measures implemented across the country.

Peel onions in a few seconds: How it works

 Peel onions in a few seconds: How it works Removing the thin skin from onions can be idle. With this clever trick it works in a matter of seconds © ISTOCKPHOTO How to remove onion skin quickly ISTOCKPHOTO Currently, a lot more, sometimes less useful kitchen tricks are flooding the social networks ( in this Twitter video you can see how to peel garlic in a flash ).

To compensate for this , Boeing added a computerized system called MCAS to prevent the plane’s nose from getting too high and causing a stall. Experts say that the lack of training for the new system may have helped cause a deadly crash with a Max 8 off the coast of Indonesia in October

You don’t want to humiliate yourself in front of people [1]. But with preparation and practice, even the most stressed public speakers can conquer their fears. There are very few people who are quick, intelligent and extrovert enough to just get up and deliver something spontaneously.

Exit the thousands of spectators, finished the Palais des sports (where the two evenings were to be held), the filming will take place in a studio in the Saint-Denis plain, without audience. As for talent services , they had to be recorded in advance, under live conditions, and will be broadcast on June 6 and 13 on the air. But how to keep the usual atmosphere and please the viewers? TF1 thinks they have found the solution: the public will attend the show via Zoom and will see their image broadcast on a giant screen located at the level of the traditional stands. " We were afraid it would be cold, but the result is still very much alive ", says the producer in the pages of 20 Minutes . A solution which has in any case already proven itself in Denmark, at the end of May, when more than 4,000 supporters supported their soccer team from home, using the same process.

Why you should grate hard-boiled eggs from now on

 Why you should grate hard-boiled eggs from now on If you like to eat hard-boiled eggs, we recommend this trick. It includes an unexpected kitchen tool © ISTOCKPHOTO Hard-boiled eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals. ISTOCKPHOTO Hard-boiled eggs are usually cut into quarters or slices - or spooned warm with a little salt. But there is a kitchen helper that creates new moments of indulgence and changes the texture of the ice cream in a way you probably never knew before: the cheese grater! Read correctly.

C. It is Junior Baseball Magazine’s mission to provide information that enhances the youth baseball experience for the entire family. The player improves his skills and is more successful.

Please can someone tell me what ways of compensating there are?

Noted absences

The delirious public of The Voice will not be the only major absent from the semi-final and the final since one of the coaches will also be absent subscribers. Lara Fabian cannot be present in France either on June 6 or June 13. Let the fans of the show reassure themselves, the interpreter of Je suis maladie does not boycott the evening but is simply stuck in Canada since the start of the pandemic. She will therefore attend the evening from a distance and deliver her prints in duplex, from the Montreal stage of the Quebec version of The Voice . A great first.

  The Voice : cette brillante astuce pour pallier le manque de public © Provided by Gala

Nikos Aliagas Lionel Guericolas / TV / Office233

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