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20:16  28 june  2020
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Restaurant owners, employees, and other customers all have to abide by safety precautions to limit the spread of the coronavirus as the number of cases increases. But the rudest thing you can do at a restaurant doesn't have to do with wearing a mask or washing your hands, even though skipping out on those is incredibly dangerous.

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The rudest thing you could do is making a reservation and then not showing up. Some restaurants require them in order to have an idea of how many people will be in the space. Knowing who is dining and when can also help with cleaning in between guests.

The small ways reopened restaurants will look different

  The small ways reopened restaurants will look different As states reopen food establishments for dine-in, customers should expect the restaurant experience to be a bit different than before. Popular Coronavirus Quarantine Cocktails By State For weeks, states have implemented coronavirus restrictions and social distancing practices at varying rates of success. Now, as some begin to allow restaurants and bars to open for dine-in, popular chains are left to figure out how best to serve customers all while keeping them and staff as safe as possible. Here are just some of the small changes to expect at a reopen restaurant.

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The problem is a big one for some restaurants in Australia. "The no-shows are a killer," Chris Handel, the general manager at one restaurant in Melbourne, told Good Food. "If a party can't make their booking, someone needs to let us know because we can fill that spot."

So far, restaurants across the country have this fear, as well. One in Washington D.C. set up a ticketing system that allows customers to set and spend a certain amount. This way they can tell how much food they will need and how much profit they will make each night. The restaurant, called Seven Reasons, has already seen one party not show up after booking a ticket, according to the Washingtonian.

Damaged restaurants ask that focus be directed to Black Lives Matter movement

  Damaged restaurants ask that focus be directed to Black Lives Matter movement Many restaurants have recently been vandalized, burglarized and set on fire, but instead of asking for support in rebuilding, some are asking their communities to redirect focus elsewhere. Important African American Landmarks Across America In Minneapolis, where protests began after the death of George Floyd, Gandhi Mahal, an Indian restaurant steps from the burned 3rd Police Precinct, was heavily damaged. After thanking neighbors for trying to stand guard and protect the restaurant, the owner’s daughter, Hafsa, told people not to worry. She wrote, “As I am sitting next to my dad watching the news, I hear him say on the phone, ‘Let my building burn.

Letting a restaurant know you want to dine in by making a reservation also gives them your contact information. In case there is a problem like if an outbreak is traced to them, they can contact you.

Being respectful at restaurants by wearing a mask, staying away from other customers, and honoring your plans to dine in takes what could be a stressful situation and makes sure everyone is safe.

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