Food 20 Healthiest Sauces and Condiments to Keep in Your Pantry

01:08  01 july  2020
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The Fastest, Freshest Way to Transform a Can of Beans

  The Fastest, Freshest Way to Transform a Can of Beans A simple, flexible marinade provides the rom com–worthy makeover those cannelinis were waiting for.Marinating—a.k.a. popping the can, rinsing the beans, and drowning them in olive oil (plus any aromatics, herbs, and spices you have on hand)—is a quick-and-dirty upgrade that requires very little from you and your pantry. It also doubles as a great way to stretch any herbs and aromatics that might be on their way out: Coating herbs in oil and soaking shallots in vinegar prevents oxidation, so you can keep those beans in the fridge for days.

This condiment is exactly what it sounds like — a pungent, salty, and above all fishy sauce made from fermented fish (usually anchovies) and various Overall, fish sauce is on the healthier end of the condiment spectrum, with very few calories and zero fat. Most American markets carry only one or

Find out which condiments are the healthiest picks, plus which ones you may want to stay away from and why. Today, the condiment options are much more robust. From flavored mustard to a plethora of barbecue sauces , the options are plentiful and probably a bit confusing.

When it comes to memorable childhood snacks, two top my list. First are Dunkaroos, which I'm happy to say recently made a totally radical comeback.

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The other: animal crackers. One of my most prized memories was grocery shopping with my dad, when he'd usually buy me a big box. Sometimes we got the classic ones, sometimes chocolate, and sometimes the pink-frosted kind with sprinkles. Can't say I've really outgrown either of these snacks.

Luckily, Costco is coming through once again. This time, with 30-packs of our favorite pink-frosted animal friends.

Pantry Recipes and Meals to Whip Up Any Time of Day

  Pantry Recipes and Meals to Whip Up Any Time of Day Put what's already in your kitchen to good use with these pantry recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. The post Pantry Recipes and Meals to Whip Up Any Time of Day appeared first on Taste of Home.

Healthy condiments can add vitality and versatility to the humble foods in your pandemic pantry . He breaks this down into three categories: Seasonings, condiments , and sauces – and it makes great sense. Seasonings, he explains, are the simple ingredients provided from nature, like pepper, chilis

Pantry Basics: Condiments . Barbecue sauce : You can always make your own and that's probably ideal, but you might not Keeping your pantry stocked isn't a one-time deal. You'll use things up and many condiments have definite shelf lives when they move from your cupboard to your refrigerator

Mother's Circus Animals Are Just What You Need

If you're as nostalgic for these crazy cookies as I am, you'll want to add them to your Costco shopping list. Each pack of Mother's brand cookies includes 30 of the 1-ounce bags, so they're perfect for brown-bag lunches or a quick, sweet snack. Save a few bags to make this cute circus cake, too!

Make Sure Not to Miss This Deal

You can grab a pack on Costco's website for around $11, which is an incredibly good deal. Just think about all the joy you'll bring your family (and yourself) by picking up one of these for everyone to enjoy. It's always a good time to make some new memories.

The post Costco Is Selling a 30-Pack of Circus Animal Cookies appeared first on Taste of Home.

14 Pantry Organization Ideas for a Cleaner Kitchen .
Say goodbye to pantry chaos with these space-saving tipsWhen it comes to having a top-notch pantry, labels immediately come to mind. After you've de-potted your goods, use a label maker or tap into your inner calligraphist and draw one on. This leaves no room for interpretation and won't allow you to confuse the salt with the sugar.

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