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Bacon Avocado Fries = Most Genius Avocado Hack Ever

  Bacon Avocado Fries = Most Genius Avocado Hack Ever You can't say no to anything wrapped in bacon. These low-carb "fries" turn a regular slice of avocado into something extraordinary. We've included an oven-baked version as well as an air fryer version down below. If you've made these, be sure to leave us a comment and rate the recipe!Yields: 24Prep Time: 5 minsTotal Time: 5 minsCalories per Serving: 120Ingredients3 avocados24 thin strips of bacon1/4 c. ranch dressing, for servingDirectionsFor ovenPreheat oven to 425º. Slice each avocado into 8 equally-sized wedges. Wrap each wedge in bacon, cutting bacon if needed.

Again, after you make breaded chicken in the air fryer instead of frying it in oil, you will never go back. Of course, just because it’s not fried in oil doesn’t This might be the ultimate game-changer recipe for the air fryer . Say “so long” to mozzarella sticks fried in oil for good. Seriously, you ’ll have trouble not

Meet the air fryer , your new favorite gadget. Check out these air fryer recipes for crispy chicken wings, fried pickles, coconut shrimp—and desserts, too! Not sure which air fryer is right for you ? We compared the most popular brands in our Test Kitchen. This is the product we're proud to call our Best

There’s no worse way to start your day than with a crappy cup of coffee.

a blender sitting next to a cup of coffee © Amazon

Luckily, thousands of discerning java drinkers have already tried and reviewed Amazon’s vast selection of coffee—so you don’t have to settle for anything less than the best.

So, without further ado, here are six of the highest rated coffee blends on Amazon:

Best All-Around: Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend

a close up of a sign: Amazon © Amazon Amazon

Buy it! Amazon, $15.40 for a 20-ounce bag

Look, I’m as surprised as you are. I definitely expected the top-rated coffee to be from an expensive, fancy pants company I’d never heard of—but Peet’s is the runaway winner

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  13 Bucket List Recipes You Finally Have Time to Make Find yourself with a lot of time on your hands? Why not attempt some of these fun recipes!

35 Air Fryer Recipes That Will Make Eating Healthy Way More Delicious. The beloved air fryer lets you make fries, duh, without all the oil, but it can be used for so much more. Here are some of the most incredible things you can make in one, from mains to sides to desserts and snacks.

AIR FRYER TAQUITO RECIPE : Makes 3. Ingredients: 3 White Corn Tortillas 1 tsp olive oil 3 Cheese Sticks 3 tsp Fire Roasted Green Chilies 1 tsp Slice cheese sticks down the middle, exposing a pocket you can stuff with the chilies. Roll tortilla up. Place in air fryer , seam side down, and fry at 400F for

With more than 1,500 5-star reviews, the affordable Major Dickason’s Blend has been a fan-favorite for decades.

“A lot of dark roast coffees are strong but bitter. Peet's Major Dickason’s Blend has strength as well as a good body,” raves one reviewer. “It's deep earthy complex flavor will probably result in drinking more coffee than normal. It's really a luxury that you'll look forward to each morning. The coffee shops can't compete. I use a single brew drip maker and two scoops is ‘just right.’ Well done Peet's!”

Plenty of other reviewers say it impresses even the pickiest of picky coffee drinkers: “I live in an area of unapologetic coffee snobs. So there are loads of really great local coffee roasters. As one of the unapologetic coffee snobs, I DO support my local roaster. But I am NEVER without a bag of Peet’s, EVER. Peet’s coffee is unsurpassed in aroma and taste. I’ve yet to taste a coffee that can beat it. And this is someone who TRAVELS to coffee fests throughout the year.”

The Best Rainbow-Colored Desserts to Show Off Your Pride

  The Best Rainbow-Colored Desserts to Show Off Your Pride Celebrating Pride Month can be done in a number of ways, but one sweet way is by making colorful desserts at home.

Air fryers can fry your favorite foods to crispy, golden brown perfection (yes, French fries and potato chips!) using little or no oil. Not only can you make Put in other terms, an air fryer is much like a convection oven but in a different outfit, cooking food at very high temperatures while simultaneously


  • Dark roast
  • “Incomparable world blend, rich, complex, and full-bodied”

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Runner-Up: Café Du Monde Coffee and Chicory

a can of soda: Amazon © Amazon Amazon

Buy it! Amazon, $7.44 for a 15-ounce bag

Here’s another one I didn’t see coming. Full disclosure: I’ve traveled to New Orleans more times than I can count, but I’ve never stepped foot inside Café Du Monde. As much as I love the city, coffee, and outdoor dining, I absolutely hate waiting in long lines. If you’ve ever walked past the historic French Market landmark, you understand my reluctance.

However, thousands of people are willing to stand outside the tourist destination every single day to taste the café’s sugary beignets and signature chicory coffee—and that says it all.

“What a treat, delicious coffee and plan to reuse the tin, it's so cute,” one 5-star review says. “I am a bit of a coffee snob, I drink this black with no sugar and it was very satisfying, I like my coffee strong and you don't need a lot to make it the way I prefer it, so between the excellent cost and not having to use as much, it's a win-win!”

Apple Pie Is Out, Bloomin' Apples Are In

  Apple Pie Is Out, Bloomin' Apples Are In Forget onions.

Find easy recipes for air fried chicken, shrimp, fries and so much more! With just 3 ingredients and an air fryer , you can make fried Oreos(R) at home!

It’s important to note that, while many Café Du Monde fans love the strong flavor of plain black coffee (read more about the magical, nutritious chicory root here), it’s typically served as café au lait, or with hot milk and sugar.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE Café Du Monde coffee ever since my honeymoon in New Orleans,” says another reviewer. “We make it on the weekends. Be sure to make it correctly: fill your coffee cup halfway with milk, add some sugar, microwave 30 seconds, stir, then add the coffee. It gets a little bit of milk foam on the surface! Sooooo good!


  • French roast with chicory
  • Traditionally served au lait

Best Budget-Buy: AmazonFresh Colombia Ground Coffee

a close up of a logo: Amazon © Amazon Amazon

Buy it! Amazon, $5.30 for a 12-ounce bag

It doesn’t get much more affordable than this $5.30 bag.

Amazon says its medium roast blend is “well-balanced with a smooth finish,” and reviewers seem to agree wholeheartedly.

“This is an excellent Colombian coffee for a very reasonable price. It compares favorably to several other 100% Colombian coffees I've tried,” says one happy customer. “I'm the only coffee drinker in my household, so I like the 12-ounce size, since it gives me a chance to finish the bag before it starts going stale. Highly recommended!”

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Deep-Fried Foods

  This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Deep-Fried Foods State fairs may be canceled, but in some states food vendors are still offering quintessential fried treats. Here's what can happen if you indulge too much.Many people look forward to their state's fair, whether that be for the endless carnival-like games or the powder-dusted funnel cake, they bring patrons a lot of joy. When Minnesotans found out their state fair was canceled, food vendors that had already secured their spot decided to find an additional way to serve people their favorite fair foods. Instead, they took to the streets and stationed their food trucks and carts throughout the state and even dipped into Wisconsin.

Some traditionally fried recipes adapt well to the air fryer , but egg rolls work really well. They come out crispy and browned, and if you have access to 3 Air fry the egg rolls: Place the egg rolls in the basket of your air fryer . Spray or brush them lightly with oil. Add as many as you can without stacking the

Many reviewers say they were shocked at this coffee’s quality when they considered its low price, while others say they take advantage of Amazon’s subscribe and save option.

“This has become basically the only coffee we drink at home,” according to another. “We order one bag a month with subscribe & save and it typically lasts until the next month. It's very well priced and the taste/freshness is good, especially in light of the pricing.”

Are you going to brew the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted with this cheap blend? Probably not. But will it be cheap, convenient, and perfectly pleasant? Absolutely.


  • Medium roast
  • 100% Arabica coffee grown in Colombia

WATCH: We Tried Making Whipped Coffee

Best Dark Roast*: Mayorga Organics Café Cubano

*Best Dark Roast besides Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend, which took our No. 1 spot

Amazon © Amazon Amazon

Buy it! Amazon, $17.99 for a 2-pound bag

If the 2,000+ positive reviews on Amazon are to be believed, this ethically sourced coffee could convince anyone to go to the dark side.

Fair trade and non-GMO verified, Mayorga’s Café Cubano Blend is “consciously sourced from quality-inspected, certified organic small farmers in Latin America.”

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Reviewers say that, while this coffee is definitely strong, it isn’t bitter: “Use these coffee beans with my Breville Espresso machine and it’s delicious! I’m very particular about my coffee. I don’t like bitter, sour, weak, or burnt flavors from my coffee beans, and this coffee is none of those things, while still being a very robust, strong coffee. It’s incredibly smooth and the crema is always dark and rich, which I love. I highly recommend it if you like a smooth, but robust, coffee.”

“I'm about to make a bold statement: This may legitimately be the best coffee I've ever tasted,” another reviewer raves. “I used to be the type of person who bought cheap coffee and jazzed it up with flavored creamers, then I started buying different types of better quality coffees and drinking it black to experience the true flavor. I grind my beans and use a drip coffee pot. Typically I make it pretty strong. I read reviews for this coffee and decided to try it, why not, and I fell instantly in love.”


  • Dark roast
  • “Hints of vanilla and a sweet, syrupy smokiness, with a smooth, bold finish”

Best Light Roast: Real Good Coffee Co. Breakfast Blend

Amazon © Amazon Amazon

Buy it! Amazon, $24.99 for a 2-pound bag

Prefer a lighter roast? Try this top-rated Breakfast Blend from Seattle-based roaster Real Good Coffee Co., which “brings together a brisk citrus taste with smooth aromatic notes of milk chocolate and cream.”

Fans of the blend say it’s super drinkable even without cream and sugar.

“Where has this been all of my life?!?!,” asks one reviewer. “I love coffee but am not really into bitter coffee, which most places make. I read about how some Scandinavian countries enjoy light roast coffee and drink it straight with nothing added. I bought this one to try and I can confirm that it is a light roast and you can drink it straight from the cup with nothing added to it and it is both smooth and light. I have added some cream to try it out but it doesn't need it.”

These Mickey Mouse Corn Holders Are the CUTEST Cookout Accessory

  These Mickey Mouse Corn Holders Are the CUTEST Cookout Accessory Dress up your favorite corn on the cob recipes in the most magical way possible! The post These Mickey Mouse Corn Holders Are the Cutest Cookout Accessory appeared first on Taste of Home.

“This coffee is the smoothest blend I’ve ever tasted,” says another. “The flavor is very mellow and I think I can honestly say it’s the tastiest cup of coffee I’ve ever had. I have found my new coffee without a doubt.”


  • Light roast
  • “Made with Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America. They are grown, sourced and packaged responsibly, after being roasted fresh in Seattle, USA.”

Best K-Cups: Community Coffee Variety Pack

a screenshot of a cell phone: Amazon © Amazon Amazon

Buy it! Amazon, $33.99 for 54 cups

Community Coffee (another historic New Orleans brand, believe it or not) is a time-tested favorite for a reason: It’s good.

These single-serving coffee pods are super convenient and work with any K-cup compatible coffee machine. With this variety pack, you can try four different Community blends to find your favorite.

Reviewers say the quality simply can’t be beat: “Community Coffee has been our favorite coffee brand for almost 50 years. Our favorite blend is Community’s House Blend (medium dark roast), but Breakfast Blend (medium roast) runs a close second. We’ve tried other brands, but Community Coffee has a rich, smooth flavor while avoiding the ‘sharp twang’ of other brands. Some brands just simply don’t have any real coffee flavor. Community is consistent in flavor whether in an old style drip coffee pot or in the newer Keurig-style single serve cups we now use.”

“My husband and I are addicted to this coffee,” says another. “Anytime we go visit family out of town we ship some to their house so we have some for our visit and so they can enjoy it too!!!”


  • Comes with four blends, medium to dark roast: Breakfast Blend, House Blend, Café Special, and Signature Blend
  • 100% Arabica beans

What's the Difference Between Shrimp and Prawns? .
Are prawns just really big shrimp? Let’s put this coastal culinary quandary to rest. Here's the real difference between prawns and shrimp. How to Tell the Difference Between Shrimp and Prawns When it comes down to their biology, both shrimp and prawns are decapods, meaning they’re crustaceans with 10 legs. Shrimp, the more petite crustacean, live in saltwater. To tell if your crustacean is a shrimp, there are a few small but distinguishing details to look for. Shrimp have claws on two of their legs, and the second segment of their shell overlaps the first and third shell segments.

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