Food Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Uses Syrup Infused With His Tequila And, Honestly, He Might Be Onto Something

19:17  17 july  2020
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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been candid about his cheat meals on social media for a while now, and it's truly a spectacle to see just how easily this man can down half a cheesecake, tons of fries, and up to 18 sushi rolls with ease. One of his go-to cheat meals is French toast and whatever toppings he chooses, and his latest might be the most insane yet because he doused his French toast in all sorts of tequila-infused toppings.

Dwayne Johnson holding a plate of food: Dwayne © Getty Images/Instagram/therock Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shared his French toast cheat meal on Instagram, and he used his brand of tequila to make syrup and toppings.

As far as French toast goes, The Rock sticks to using brioche bread because it can be thickly sliced, and has a sweet flavor to it already: "I prefer it thick because I will give gluttony a new meaning," he said in an IGTV video he shared that showed him making his midnight cheat meal.

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Try this one at home/ Brioche French toast Whip cream @teremana maple toasted coconut chips @teremana toasted coconut maple syrup This one is absolutely ridiculous and ???? guaranteed to send you to bed happy and sinfully satiated. And for the added soul & vibe, throw on some Sam Cooke and make it right. Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends. #itsallaright ????????????

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For reference, the man's slices of brioche French toast are about the size of a brick. I'm not kidding. But he didn't stop there, he added some whipped cream and other toppings to round out the meal. What's really special about this specific cheat meal is the way he incorporated his very own brand of tequila, Teremana. He's shown cheat meals before where he has a glass of tequila on the rocks on the side, but this time around he used the tequila as an ingredient.

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First, he added Teremana maple-toasted coconut chips, which he made by mixing maple syrup and the reposado tequila together, coating coconut chips in it, then baking them to give them that extra caramelized crunch. To follow up, The Rock lathered the pieces of brioche in a Teremana toasted coconut maple syrup for good measure. He used the reposado tequila, but said the blanco can also work for these sorts of recipes.

Although my meals don't look anything like his, this totally gave me some inspo for my next brunch. Anytime I can add tequila into my diet, I'm down.

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