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This black bean burger recipe has a secret ingredient

  This black bean burger recipe has a secret ingredient If you're a vegetarian who's used to eating grilled veggies and side salads at summer cookouts, your time has come. This black bean burger recipe will show even the biggest meat fanatics that vegetarian meals are among the best-ever grilling recipes. The Most Common Grilling Questions in Every State These black bean burgers have a secret ingredient that will give your favorite hot sauce a run for its money: ground chipotle powder. It gives the burger a nice kick without overpowering the other flavors. To make the patties you should start by draining the black beans without rinsing them.

From the grocery chain's savory spice mixes to its popular frozen basics, there's no doubt that many Trader Joe’s products have a cult-like following.

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So why should dessert be any different? Some people love the store's seasonal finds like apple cider donuts in the fall or Peppermint Joe Joe’s around the winter holidays, while others prefer classics like the New York-style cheesecake and frozen banana slices dipped in chocolate.

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TODAY Food has rounded up 10 of the best Trader Joe's desserts that are perfect for everyday eating or even special occasions.

New York Deli Style Cheesecake, $6.99

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Cheesecake is a classic dessert that always seems to hit the spot. The creamy filling and graham cracker crust make for a tasty combination that almost anyone will recognize as being distinctly New York. The one downside to this cheesecake is that it doesn’t come pre-sliced, but that just means you can cut yourself a giant wedge. This versatile dessert is available at the store year-round.

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Chocolate Lava Cake, $2.99

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The Chocolate Lava Cake from Trader Joe's might just rival any dessert of the same name from a high-end restaurant. The cakes, which are always available at the store (unless they're sold out), are moist, and the chocolate lava is the perfect consistency without being soupy. Pull these out for a dinner party and impress all of your guests with a fancy dessert. They don’t have to know it came from the frozen food aisle.

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Hold The Cone -Vanilla, $2.99

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Ice cream is always a go-to dessert, especially on warm summer evenings. Hold The Cone miniature ice cream cones are filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with a hard chocolate shell, making them the perfect size for late-night snacking. The vanilla variation is sold all year, but Trader Joe’s also sells a peppermint version around the holidays.

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Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream, $4.99

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Trader Joe’s jarred Speculoos Cookie Butter has a huge following, so when the store released an ice cream in the same flavor, fans understandably freaked out. The vanilla ice cream base has swirls of cookie butter and actual cookie pieces studded throughout. Both the cookie butter spread and ice cream are now available at Trader Joe's stores year-round.

These easy grilled lobster tails are an essential end-of-summer dish

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Gone Bananas, $1.99

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Part snack, part dessert, these chocolate-dipped banana rounds have been a long-time favorite of many Trader Joe's shoppers. The bananas come dipped in either milk or dark chocolate, so there's really something for every chocolate lover. Gone Bananas are super tasty on top of ice cream, dipped into peanut butter or just enjoyed on their own.

Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches, $4.49

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Get dessert for the whole family with a box of the Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches. The frozen dessert starts with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies, then the outer edges are rolled in mini chocolate chips. These little ice cream treats have been a Trader Joe’s staple for years (they're available year-round), and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Danish Kringle, $7.99, seasonal flavors

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When the Danish Kringle first came out, it was initially only available in the Midwest. Now, the Danish Kringle can be found in the bakery aisle of Trader Joe's stores all year long. Each season, there is a new flavor to enjoy, like raspberry in summer or pumpkin in fall. The buttery pastry can be eaten at room temperature or heated in the oven. Either way it’s delicious and deserves a place in your cart.

This trick will take that harsh bite out of your onions

  This trick will take that harsh bite out of your onions Widely used in cuisines throughout the world from South African to soul food, onions are famously pungent thanks to the high amount of sulfur in them. This gives them their characteristic harsh taste and the ability to make a grown man cry while cutting them. Both effects can be reduced, however, using water. Cooking Tips, Hacks and Tricks Your Grandmother Knew Just like submerging them in cold water can help you chop onions without crying, water also helps to get rid of that harsh taste.

Peaches And Cream Tarte, $4.99

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Nothing screams summer quite like a ripe, juicy peach, but if you don’t live in a Southern state then Trader Joe’s Peaches And Cream Tarte will bring summer to your neck of the woods. The crust of the tarte is perfectly crisp, and the addition of coarse sugar on top adds a bit more crunch to the relatively soft dessert. This summery treat is only available when peaches are usually ripe.

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Key Lime Pie, $5.49

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This Florida staple is now available pretty much everywhere thanks to Trader Joe's. The pie starts out with a traditional graham cracker crust, then it’s filled with a sweet and tangy custard of sweetened condensed milk and Key lime juice.

Apple Cider Donuts, $3.99

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Anything with apple just screams the start of fall. At Trader Joe’s, that means picking up a pack of Apple Cider Donuts. These fluffy doughnuts are made with real apple cider. After their turn in the fryer, the sweets are rolled in cinnamon sugar. For an even more indulgent treat, try heating these doughnuts up a bit before devouring.

7 Essential Rules for Crafting the Ultimate Sandwich .
Back in college, I had a part-time job making sandwiches at the campus deli. It was a responsibility I took pretty seriously, at least more so than studying for some of my exams. My wrap technique always produced taut bullets of layered meats and cheese, while the diamond-shaped crosshatch I’d perfected on the panini press was my own signature move. Even now, when running into former classmates, some of them still remember me as “that girl from the sandwich bar.

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