Food You Can Buy Five-Pound Bags of Red Sour Patch Kids

02:03  25 august  2020
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It’s great that colorful, fruity candies like Sour Patch Kids come in a rainbow of colors. It creates a certain level of variety within the same candy, lets you try different combinations, and provides a source of endless debate about which particular color/flavor is best.

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That belief in the supremacy of a certain flavor can lead to some strange, compulsive behavior, like hoarding that favorite flavor and saving it for last. If that describes your approach to a particular flavor of Sour Patch Kids for whatever reason, then you might want to know that you can buy massive bags of your favorite sour-then-sweet fruit flavor online, because that’s pretty much what the internet is for.

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On the Sour Patch Kids website, you’ll find big bags containing nothing but your choice of pink strawberry, blue raspberry, redberry, grape, orange, lemon, lime, and even pineapple Sour Patch Kids. Each is available as either a two pound or a five pound bag, which is a whole crapton of sour, sugary candy no matter how you slice it.

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At the same time as they’re throwing each individual flavor into giant bags, Sour Patch Kids also seems to be branching out into new, unorthodox territory. Since 2020 began, they’ve started selling Big Sour Patch Kids (one flavor, twice the size), as well as some very unexpected Sour Patch Kids-flavored Chips Ahoy! cookies that were somehow not an April Fool’s joke.

Despite those new twists, there’s nothing like sticking with a classic. On top of that, life’s too short to waste a single sour bite on a Sour Patch Kids flavor that isn’t your favorite. So do yourself a favor and grab a monoflavor bag, leaving every color of the Sour Patch rainbow you don’t want for the rest of us.

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