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Well well well, if it isn’t another “holiday weekend” doesn’t actually feel like a holiday because we’re in the middle of multiple crises, and BBQs and parties seem like a trite, retro custom we may never partake in ever again.

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It’s fine. I’m fine! I will take my extra day and I will enjoy it. Maybe I’ll read a book. Maybe I’ll go outside. Maybe I’ll sip on cocktails while scrolling Twitter. Maybe I’ll go shout at one of the alt-right dweebs who insist on rolling into town every single weekend even though they do not live here. There are a lot of options, actually.

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Ease Your Way Into Sherry With the Adonis

Anyway, if you choose to sip on cocktails, it should be a slightly special one, what with it being a holiday weekend and all. Even though it is not the real Labor Day (that would be May Day aka International Workers’ Day), it’s still an extra day that we don’t have to labor, so treat yourself to something luxurious, fun, and bubbly.

Sparkling cocktails feel extra celebratory because bubbles are basically gaseous glitter, and that glitter can be sprinkled into already existing cocktails to create a spritz version of that cocktail. This works particularly well with vermouth-heavy libations (a stronger drink like a martini or Manhattan might be weird); just add three ounces of bubbles to two or three ounces of something that isn’t bubbles. My current favorite (as of last night) is the Sparkling Adonis, because it sounds very sexy and tastes like sherry. It’s a little sweet, a little almond-y, quite bubbly, and has a wine-ish ABV, so you can drink a few of them without getting too sloshed. To make a Sparkling Adonis, you will need:

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  • 1 1/2 ounces Fino sherry
  • 1 ounce sweet vermouth
  • 2 1/2 ounces sparkling wine

Chill everything beforehand—you should be storing all of these ingredients in the fridge anyway—then pour the first two ingredients into a champagne flute, and give them a little stir. Add the sparkling wine, sip, and repeat if needed.

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