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Bread Makers That Take the Stress Out of Loaf-Making

  Bread Makers That Take the Stress Out of Loaf-Making As much as we want to channel The Great British Bake Off’s bread master, Paul Hollywood, baking bread can be time consuming and end in total disaster. From proving to baking, bread can be guesswork all the way through. If you’re tired of poking your bread and discovering that it’s so unbaked that it’s nearly raw, you should check out a bread machine. You can still put together unique flavor combos and put your own spin on French bread. It’ll just take some of the guesswork out, and you get as much bread as you want. You can make loaves upon loaves each week. You might have so much bread that you have to share it with friends.

The time has come to prepare a weeknight dinner for the family and you’ve got your heart set on meatloaf — but you’ve run out of breadcrumbs. Luckily, there are a few alternatives to the pantry staple that you can try if you’re gluten intolerant, on the keto diet, or if you’ve simply run out of the ingredient and don’t feel like running to the grocery store.

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Chicken Recipes for Busy Weeknights

At-home bread making is increasingly popular. Here’s how to start.

  At-home bread making is increasingly popular. Here’s how to start. Bread makers are a versatile kitchen appliance that can also cook pizza dough and soup and bake cakes. Shop the best bread machines according to experts.Freshly baked bread is the comfort food we need right now — and it’s largely within our reach. While a bread maker that sits on your counter top can’t solve flour and yeast shortages (although boxed cake mix can work in a pinch), it can help you save time and effort baking bread. “Bread machines are a huge help to either busy bread bakers or those with physical issues [like] arthritis,” says PJ Hamel, a baker and blogger for King Arthur Flour. They’re also versatile appliances.

One way to replace breadcrumbs in your dish is by using crackers. You can use any type of crackers that you find at the grocery store, but if you’re looking to replace bread in your diet, try buying gluten-free crackers. Blend them in a food processor, or put them in a ziplock bag and roll them out with a rolling pin. Just make sure they don’t get too powdery.

Another way to substitute breadcrumbs in recipes is by using tortilla chips. Similar to crackers, you should crush them up until they reach the appropriate consistency. And, again, if you’re avoiding gluten, you should buy purely corn tortilla chips.

Thanks to these helpful hacks, you no longer need to shy away from certain home-cooked meals simply because of the ingredients list. Try out one of these breadcrumb substitutions by making one of our easy meatloaf recipes that are better than what grandma used to make.

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