Food McDonald's Is Being Sued By a Man Who Was Injured By a Chicken McNugget

02:25  29 september  2020
02:25  29 september  2020 Source:   eatthis.com

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A McDonald ' s customer is suing the company after he says he was hurt biting into a Chicken McNugget . The man claims he cracked one of his teeth on a piece of bone inside one of the nuggets. Alexei Stolfat is suing McDonald ’ s for .1 million and is calling for a recall of all McNuggets , the

What are the actual ingredients in McNuggets ? McDonald ' s is pretty forthcoming with the current ingredient list of their famous chicken McNuggets — it's listed right there on their website White boneless chicken doesn't sound too bad, does it? According to this video, sponsored by McDonald ' s

McDonald's has been under fire quite a bit this year for various issues, however, the most recent event is unlike any other—a man in Florida is suing McDonald's for an injury he got while eating Chicken McNuggets.

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Um, what? Yes, you read that correctly. Alexei Stolfat of Palm Beach, Florida filed a lawsuit against the iconic fast-food brand last week for an alleged injury he received from biting into a Chicken McNugget. Evidently, when Stolfat bit into a nugget from an order he got through Uber Eats in May, his teeth hit something hard. Then, as specified in his lawsuit, he felt "unbearable jaw pain." (Related: 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback)

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There are (probably) things that McDonald ' s should be sued for but haven't been . And then there is this. WATCH: McDonald ' s reveals what's actually inside their Chicken McNuggets . Racial tension may have factored into the incident as well: Lucas, who is a black man , told the manager, "I should

Chicken McNuggets are a type of chicken nuggets sold by the international fast food restaurant chain McDonald ' s . They consist of small pieces of reconstituted boneless chicken meat that have been battered and deep fried.

So, what was it that Stolfat unexpectedly encountered in what, from the outside, seemed like a soft chicken nugget? It was none other than an 0.8 inch-long bone, which he photographed after removing it from his mouth. It wasn't until a few days after that he would go to the dentist, complaining of a headache and toothache, and discover he has two microcracks in the affected tooth.

Stolfat doesn't have dental insurance and he claims that it would take him a half of a year to cover the expenses associated with replacing his defunct tooth. Now, the interesting part of the story is that he isn't just suing McDonald's for the sum required to cover his dental bill. No, he is arguing that the company should pay him $1.1 million and is also demanding that all Chicken McNuggets be recalled. (Related: 8 Major Food Recalls You Need to Know About Right Now)

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He wants ALL McNuggets recalled. Get them now before they are all gone. I'll be shocked if this gets anywhere. McDonalds probably gets shredded chicken that they process into nuggets.

IT GOES without saying, McDonald ’ s Chicken McNuggets are a firm favourite across the globe. But the fast food giants have now taken things a step further by unveiling a monstrous new meal – the 48 McNugget Bucket. The belt-busting new offering, which contains over 2000 calories, is more than

Apparently, Stolfat wants to use the rest of the money to donate to charity. "I'm not looking to be famous in this case or something like that," he told Today. "I want to help other people, to protect them and tell them to be very careful with McNuggets."

McDonald's responded to the claim in a statement shared with Today that said the company is "looking into the complaint."

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