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These Beloved Fast Food Meals Are Secretly Disappearing

  These Beloved Fast Food Meals Are Secretly Disappearing With the coronavirus quarantine upending Americans' daily routines, there's one fast food meal that's quietly been disappearing from multiple chains' menus.Working from home didn't just have an effect on our personal lives, it also had an effect on restaurants—and not in a good way. As commuting to work ground to a near halt, so did breakfast orders at fast food and chain restaurants.

After McDonald ' s Travis Scott's meal became a smash success, McDonald ' s is creating another celebrity meal . This time, the fast-food chain is partnering with Latin pop superstar J Balvin. JUST WATCHED. McDonald ' s sales plummet in dismal quarter.

Before your next McDonald ' s trip, take a tour of our full McDonald ' s Menu . We encourage our customers with food allergies or special dietary needs to visit www. mcdonalds .com for ingredient information, and to consult their doctor for questions regarding their diet.

If you're frustrated about the shortages of McDonald's new Spicy McNuggets and the Mighty Hot Sauce that comes with them, you'll be delighted to know there's another exclusive limited-time offer the burger chain has in store for you.

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Coming off their hugely successful collaboration with superstar rapper Travis Scott, the fast food giant just announced a brand new celebrity collaboration, which was kicked off on Monday. (Related: 100 Unhealthiest Foods on the Planet.)

This Beloved Type of Restaurant Is Officially Disappearing

  This Beloved Type of Restaurant Is Officially Disappearing Any restaurant where food is out in the open, self-served by multiple patrons using the same utensils, has been set up for failure during the pandemic. © Provided by Eat This, Not That! buffet When coronavirus started shutting down the economy in March, the FDA issued a recommendation for all self-serve food businesses to be closed until the pandemic subsides. But with restaurants struggling to stay afloat with limitations to dine-in services, buffets seem like the least likely option to attract the limited pool of reluctant customers already concerned about their safety in enclosed spaces.

For McDonald ' s , adding chicken to their menu was a no-brainer. In 1979, McDonald ' s rolled out its first Happy Meal nationwide. The first one was circus-themed. However, in the early 2000s, McDonald ' s faced criticism of its meals marketed towards children as childhood obesity continued to

Every Menu Item at McDonald ' s —Ranked. It is possible to have a healthy breakfast, lunch, and "Not really a full meal as much as a grab-and-go starter, this relatively new addition to McDonald ' s menu McDonald ' s will proudly tell you their crispy chicken breast filet is made with real buttermilk and no

J Balvin, the Colombian artist which some refer to as the "Prince of Reggaeton," is lending his name to a limited-time McDonald's meal combo that consists of a Big Mac, medium fries with ketchup, and an Oreo McFlurry—aka his signature order. The best part? Those who order the J Balvin meal through the McDonald's mobile app will get the McFlurry for free.

The 35-year-old artist is a fan of the Chicago-based chain and clearly the feelings are mutual. "J Balvin is a trailblazing international icon," read a statement from McDonald's U.S. CMO Morgan Flatley. "He's always been a regular at McDonald's restaurants during his concert tours, and now we're excited to bring his go-to order to our menus across the U.S."

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Subway menu items you won’t find in America

  Subway menu items you won’t find in America If you’ve spent any time traveling abroad, you’ve probably encountered a Subway. And if you’ve ever perused the menu at one of these international locations, you might have noticed that things are a little different outside of the U.S. Chain Restaurants We Bet You Forgot Existed Subway, by all accounts, is an absolutely massive fast food chain. Since the first location outside of the U.S. opened in Bahrain in 1984, the chain has expanded to every continent except for Antarctica, with locations as far afield as Utqiaġvik, Alaska (the northernmost point in North America), and Ushuaia, Argentina (the southernmost city in the world).

Another added : “At McDonald ’ s just say you want a fish filet cooked to order. For just 20p, plucky McDonald ’ s customers can enjoy extra sauce, another Oreo cookie, more Crunchie or even more Dairy All McFlurry fans have to do is ask their server, and they will be happy to make the addition.

Another healthy McDonald ' s option that's no longer? In fact, executives were so sure they had a success on their hands that McDonald ' s stocked up on 50 million pounds of the product from the outset.

Balvin announced the collaboration to his 8.6 million followers on Twitter, teasing "more surprises that are to come with this partnership."

Being one of the most successful Latin artists in recent years, it's likely that J Balvin will bring crowds to McDonald's, and another burger or McFlurry shortage is a very real possibility. Not only did the Travis Scott collaboration cause a shortage of Quarter Pounders, but caused customers to sell their McDonald's receipts on EBay and steal posters promoting the meal from McDonald's restaurants.

The J Balvin combo meal will be on offer through Nov. 1 at McDonald's locations nationwide.

Burger King Just Shared This Secret About Its #1 Menu Item

  Burger King Just Shared This Secret About Its #1 Menu Item Burger King is eliminating all artificial preservatives used in its food by 2021, and as a part of that campaign, the chain disclosed the Whopper recipe.To make the news known, Burger King is now listing the ingredients of the Whopper right on its packaging for a limited time. The only ingredients in the Whopper include 100% flame-grilled beef, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, pickles, onions, and a sesame seed bun. The label also states, "No colors, flavors, or preservatives from artificial sources. No MSG. No high-fructose corn syrup." (Related: Big Mac vs.

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