Food These Adored Restaurants Are Planning to Shut Down This Winter

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Factories shut down and large-scale travel bans were implemented, grinding production to a near-halt across swaths of the world’s second-largest economy. The measure is certain to disrupt the lives of 8 million people in New York, many of whom live in small apartments and frequent restaurants regularly.

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There are few sectors of the economy that haven't been upended by the coronavirus pandemic, but almost none in the U.S. has been quite as kneecapped as the hospitality industry. According to a survey released by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) on Sept. 14, over 100,000 restaurants—or about one in six overall—have permanently shuttered since pandemic lockdowns first began in March. Now, with Payroll Protection Program funds drying up, no likely stimulus package or bailout in sight, and the arrival of cold weather throughout much of the country, many restaurants are simply facing the cold, hard reality that they'll have to shut down this winter, The Boston Globe reports.

This Beloved Pizza Chain May Have to Close 250 Locations

  This Beloved Pizza Chain May Have to Close 250 Locations After struggling throughout the pandemic and temporarily closing over 40 locations, this popular pizza chain finally had to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy.On July 30, the California-based pizza chain officially submitted the paperwork. It cited financial troubles due to the COVID-19 pandemic as the cause of its bankruptcy declaration, according to Nation's Restaurant News.

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a couple of lawn chairs sitting on top of a building: French restaurant © Provided by Eat This, Not That! French restaurant

While parts of the country that are warm enough can continue to seat guests outdoors to maintain some kind of income, others are currently faced with their only viable income option being taken away from them as soon as the air turns chilly.

In cities like New York, local officials recently approved the use of previously-banned propane heaters and extended outdoor dining permanently. But, that may not be enough to save restaurants this winter—which is already a traditionally slow time for restaurants outside of the holiday parties that can't be counted on this year. In fact, nine in ten restaurants in NYC reported that they weren't able to pay their full rent in August. The next few months look doomed for countless restaurant owners in northern parts of the country, which is why many have made the tough decision to close their doors for the season rather than try to stay open. (Here are 9 restaurant chains that already closed hundreds of locations this summer.)

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  The one drink Americans are most excited to order from bars again Although some restaurants have already reopened after shutting down during the coronavirus pandemic, some diners have not yet returned to a normal restaurant routine. But when the time finally comes to go back to restaurants and bars, there is one drink that Americans say they're most excited to order again: margaritas. The Best Cocktail Bar in Every State While it is possible to be your own mixologist during quarantine, there are some drinks that just don't reach restaurant-quality when making them at home. And margaritas seem to be ones of them.

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For instance, Steve "Nookie" Postal, owner of Commonwealth restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, explained his decision to temporarily shutter his business for winter to The Boston Globe as: "Now I know how much money I'm going to lose every month instead of hemorrhaging at different levels."

Others have calculated their expected costs, such as rent, insurance, and utilities, only to find that even optimistically, they would still be in the red if they continued to operate. "We're taking that number and that's the number we're going to burn at. Being open and operating could be a bigger loss," Michael Serpa, owner of Grand Tour and Atlantico restaurants in Boston, told The Globe.

The lingering uncertainty has only added more questions to an already chaotic and unfortunate situation. Even worse, when looking ahead to spring, the top question that many restaurateurs currently face is less about "when" they'll reopen, and more about "if."

Fast-food giants like Dunkin' and Chipotle are using the restaurant apocalypse as a chance to 'swallow up' independent restaurants that are struggling to survive the pandemic

  Fast-food giants like Dunkin' and Chipotle are using the restaurant apocalypse as a chance to 'swallow up' independent restaurants that are struggling to survive the pandemic The coronavirus pandemic is paving the way for chains to take over the American restaurant industry. As independent restaurants struggle to stay afloat, the looming domination of chains seems inevitable. Fast-food giants are eyeing soon-to-be empty real estate © Getty Thousands of restaurants across the US have already been forced to shutter. Getty Fast-food executives have been emphasizing real estate opportunities as the silver lining of the pandemic. Dunkin' executives said that the impending closures of independent local coffee shops presented opportunities for franchisees.

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"I'm deeply aware that I don't just get a mulligan; this is a decision I'll be paying for for a very long time," Tiffani Faison, chef and owner of Boston's Tiger Mama and Orfano told The Globe as she made the difficult decision to temporarily close her businesses for winter. "But I don't find myself in a place where I feel like I have a choice."

Surely, many other restaurant owners around the country feel the same.

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