Food Figs on toast becomes the next trendy dish to take over Instagram

13:30  27 october  2020
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Fig on toast has taken over Instagram with thousands of users sharing pictures. Millennials in the UK, Australia and the US have all share their attempt at the dish . The latest culinary creation to take over as a popular autumnal toast topping is figs , with foodies pairing it with both sweet and savoury

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Avocado toast has long been a staple of the millennial diet, with it popping up on brunch menus and Instagram feeds for years.

But the latest culinary creation to take over as a popular autumnal toast topping is figs, with foodies around the world pairing it with both sweet and savoury ingredients.

And if social media is anything to judge by,  fig toast is set to be a new seasonal staple for food-obsessed Instagrammers, alongside the likes of pumpkin spice lattes.

Just like avocado toast, the fig dish is very simple to make, with most users topping their bread with ricotta or cream cheese before adding the photogenic fruit.

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Make — and photograph — these trendy dishes to up your follower count and guarantee plenty of Overstuffed bagels and avocado toast are all-the-rage on Instagram . Consider this a combination of They're the perfect way to introduce your friends to the churro trend that's taking hold in cities across

Latest Instagram foodie trend involves bakers using frying pans to make pizzas. One Instagram user shared their dish after using London chain Pizza Pilgrims' 'Pizza in the Post' Share or comment on this article: Frying pan pizza becomes the latest lockdown foodie trend to take over Instagram .

Others have used peanut butter as their base, while some chocolate fiends have used figs and Nutella for their Instagram-worthy creations.

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· Salted Honey Fig Toast , a simple toast recipe with whipped vanilla ricotta, fresh figs , and drizzled honey on seedy toast . 481 Likes, 114 Comments - Ashley Cuoco (@ashcuoco) on Instagram : “QUICK! Before we say ‘see ya next time’ to spring’s favorite veg, you’ll want to make these roasted…”

The dish can also be made savoury, with dozens posting their creation with burrata  and olive oil too.

While many top the toast with nuts and honey for the perfect autumnal breakfast.

Top London bakery Flor, which counts Nigella Lawson and many Michelin starred chefs among its fans offers sourdough waffle with black figs, Mozzarella in carrozza with fried egg and bottarga, while trends website HypeBae called it the 'ultimate fall breakfast'.

Sales of fresh figs have risen by 52 per cent year on year, according to a recent report by Waitrose.

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Move over avocado toast ! Figs on sourdough becomes the new hipster dish to take over Instagram . The latest culinary creation to take over social media is figs , with foodies around the world pairing the fruit with both sweet and savoury ingredients such as goats cheese and honey.on

Delicious breakfast toast topped with a honey-lemon whipped ricotta, figs and pistachios. This is a beautiful and nutritious meal! We all love avocado toast , both for Instagram reasons and deliciousness traits, but there are times sometimes the avocado goes overboard.

Waitrose fig buyer, Jake Tilling, said last month: ‘Customer demand for in season figs has been growing and so we’ve been on the lookout for the most delicious figs we could find.

'The Cuello de Dama variety is the best I’ve tasted; the texture is exceptional and incredibly jammy. Figs are brilliantly versatile - delicious as a snack on their own, or used in a wide variety of sweet and savoury dishes.’

It comes after social media went wild for a new dish which saw cauliflower cheese laden onto thick bread and toasted.

Fancy toast toppings, in particular avocado, have been a huge food trend in recent years, with smashed peas on toast recently becoming an Instagram favourite among millennial foodies.

Last month, figs on toast seemed to be pick up traction among food lovers, with food guru Nigella Lawson backing the trend.

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