Food After The Boys disgust scene: fans discover Homelander's favorite ice cream (yes, breast milk)

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How to Store Breast Milk (and Not Go Bust)

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Homelander , who is occasionally referred to as John by Vought International , is the main antagonist in the Amazon series The Boys . He is the leader of The Seven , and the prime enemy of Billy Butcher , the leader of The Boys .

The Best Peach Sorbet Without Ice Cream Maker - simple 3 ingredient peach sorbet that tastes like summer in a bowl, with no need for an ice cream maker! One of my favorite treats as a child was a warm mug of milk and honey, usually enjoyed just before bed time.

In The Boys season 2 Homelander sips down a bottle of breast milk with relish. Fans now discovered breast milk ice cream. Does that really exist? Oh yeah!

Nach The Boys-Ekelszene: Fans entdecken Homelanders Lieblingseis (Ja, Muttermilch) © Amazon Prime Video After The Boys disgusting scene: fans discover Homelander's favorite ice cream (yes, breast milk)

I had no idea. Cafes have been offering breast milk ice cream for years, and there are even do-it-yourself recipes . Breast milk ice cream is a thing, at least in parts of the world. But what does that have to do with The Boys?

The breast milk scene is one of the many upsets in The Boys Season 2

The scenes between Madelyn Stillwell and Homelander are among the strangest of the previous two The Boys seasons. And that certainly means something in this series, which is certainly not poor in WTF moments. The neurotic psychopath hero lives out his Oedipus complex in Madelyn Stillwell. ( To the free trial subscription of Amazon Prime *)

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  The Surprising Reason Why Ice Cream Trucks May Drop Their Famous Song A national reckoning on race has led to a number of changes in grocery store brands. Similarly, there may be a changes afoot with ice cream trucks' jingle.Whether we all scream for ice cream or not, one thing's for certain: If you can eat dairy, you likely appreciate a scoop of the sweet stuff from time to time. You don't have to run out to your town's local ice cream shop to get a scoop or two, or, on the other end of the spectrum, buy an entire quart of ice cream from your grocer to satisfy your sweet fix.

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In season 1, he and Madelyn simulate a breastfeeding process that is both maternal and sexually charged. In season 2 Homelander gets what he demands: In the office of the dead Vought boss he discovers a bottle full of pumped Madelyn breast milk.

Recap: In this episode of The Boys, Home has sex with himself.

He warms her up with a laser eye, first carefully sips the crumbly liquid and then gulps it down greedily, which probably triggered a gag reflex in many viewers. Who drinks warm milk?

This week, The Boys fans posted pictures of breast milk ice cream as it can be offered anywhere in the world.

Homelander actor Antony Starr responded enthusiastically to the discovery on Twitter: Is there really breast milk ice cream or does Homelander have to keep hoping?

But where does the picture come from? It's not that easy with breast milk ice cream. Confiscations and lawsuits accompany his story. Probably in 2011, a London ice cream parlor first came up with the idea of ​​offering the nutritious elixir as a flavor, as reported by the FAZ .

What exactly is an icebox cake?

  What exactly is an icebox cake? Before modern technology like the refrigerator and freezer, many households had something called an icebox. It was a wooden box that was lined with tin or zinc, and a large block of ice was placed inside to keep food cold. How Much Breakfast Cost the Year You Were Born In 1927, General Electric released a “Monitor Top” refrigerator. Soon, the ice boxes of old were replaced by the new electric refrigerator. Food lasted longer this way — without a melting block of ice in it. In order to promote this new kitchen appliance, companies would send out useful freezer recipes. Thus, the "icebox cake" was born.

Jeni Britton Bauer started Jeni' s Splendid Ice Cream in a small stall in Columbus nearly 25 years ago. After nearly 25 years in the business, making and selling ice cream has been hardwired into her very essence.

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The sinfully expensive sundae (the portions cost the equivalent of 16.80 euros) consisted of 20 percent breast milk. 15 women supplied the ingredient, the owner of the ice cream parlor had looked for donors by advertising in the newspaper. The ice cream supposedly tastes "like normal yogurt ice cream".

Homelander chokes on milk in The Boys-Outtakes

An incredibly successful week later, the ice cream was withdrawn from circulation, wrote the Spiegel . The British health department checked whether the food was suitable for consumption. In addition, Lady Gaga went (what a plot twist!) against the café before . The owner had come up with the appropriate name Baby Gaga, which was too similar to her stage name.

What became of the milk ice cream in the London café afterwards is unclear. The reports tore off after 2011. It was not until 2015, 4 years later, that the Royal Baby Gaga ice cream reappeared in London. Victoria Hiley, who was involved in controversial predecessor Baby Gaga, devoted her next attempt to the birth of Prince George of Cambridge, the second son of Kate and William.

The health department apparently had nothing to complain about, which may be due to the added vanilla flavor, which is sure to make Homelander's mouth water. ( Do you want to see Homelander as Anakin Skywalker? )

So it's quite possible that the shot above is an authentic find. In The Boys season 3 Homelander could make a detour to London.

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breast milk ice cream: cool or uncool?

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