Food Cathy Lugner: Mortar's ex with pot haircut: This is how she used to look

11:30  24 november  2020
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On September 13, 2014, married Cathy Lugner (30), née Schmitz, the 57 years older Austrian construction mogul Richard Lugner (88). On the day of their wedding, a princess dream came true for them. But the marriage of the two did not last long - in November 2016 "Spatzi" and "Mörtel" divorced. For Cathy, life started all over again when she was just 26 years old, certainly with a hefty sum in her pocket. In recent years she has invested most of her money in her appearance . Breasts, lips, cheeks - everything was turned on by the former nurse. So it's all the more beautiful that she is now showing a photo of herself from childhood and we see: Even then, she had that mischievous grin!

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Cathy Lugner © Getty Images Europe / Hannes Magerstaedt, Instagram / cathy.lugner Cathy Lugner

In our video above we show you how Cathy - née Catherine Schmitz - used to look. Let yourself be surprised by this transformation.

Cathy Lugner likes to show herself "down without"

Cathy Lugner makes no secret of her hot curves - she has also invested a lot of work in her well-formed curves in the gym. That's why she likes to be revealing. Regardless of whether it is "bottomless" or "topless", it is always good for a surprise.

In the video below, Cathy shows herself half-naked:

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