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Turkey has protested after German soldiers boarded a Turkish cargo ship in search of suspected arms shipments to Libya. The EU mission says all protocols were followed in the operation, and no illicit materials were found.

Twenty years ago, the German government approved the participation of Bundeswehr troops in the first international combat mission since World War Two. German troops were allowed to participate in a NATO mission in the former Yugoslavia. Controversial participation.

The container ship from Turkey, which is controlled by German soldiers in the Mediterranean, has long been suspected of serving for illegal arms deliveries to the civil war country Libya. As can be seen from a secret EU document available to the German Press Agency, a special report for arms embargo experts from the United Nation has even been written on the freighter. According to information from EU circles, it was based on educational results.

Ein deutscher Soldat wird von einem Helikopter auf das Containerschiff abgeseilt Quelle: AFP/- © AFP / - A German soldier is roped from a helicopter onto the container ship Source: AFP / -

The inspection of the Turkish ship by the German Armed Forces was carried out on Sunday as part of the EU operation Irini and was heavily criticized by the government in Ankara triggered. Turkey assessed the operation as unlawful and accused Germany and the EU of unauthorized use of force.

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France has recalled its ambassador to Turkey for consultations after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan insulted his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. He said Mr Macron needed a mental health check for pledging to defend secular values and fight radical Islam.

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On the other hand, the mission command said that there were sufficient reasons to believe that the controlled ship could violate the UN arms embargo against Libya. The German soldiers proceeded in a highly professional manner and inspected the ship in accordance with internationally agreed and standard NATO procedures.

It is still unclear whether the freighter “Roseline A” actually had weapons or other prohibited goods on board. The Bundeswehr had to stop the search of the ship prematurely on Sunday because Turkey, as the flag state, officially protested against the operation. A search of ships against the resistance of the crew and the flag state is currently not possible in the EU operation Irini. One of the reasons for this is that the special forces required for such dangerous missions have not yet been available.

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Last month, the Turkish leader blasted his French counterpart after he criticized Turkey over controversial activities in the eastern Mediterranean, warning Macron "not to mess with the Turkish nation and Turkey ." On Saturday Pakistan's outspoken Prime Minister Imran Khan also criticized

OHCHR South-East Turkey report (2015-2016) Turkish version. National action plan/strategy for human rights education. Report of the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions - Mission to Turkey >>Full list of documents in the Charter-based bodies Database.

According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the ship had loaded paint materials and relief supplies. However, this is questioned. "The Turkish government has to answer the question why it is against an inspection of the freighter if it is allegedly not used for the smuggling of drones and other military equipment," said the member of the Bundestag Andrej Hunko (left) of the dpa. The rumble from Ankara only allows the conclusion that something should be hidden there.

At the same time, the European political spokesman for the left-wing group confirmed his fundamental rejection of the EU military operation. In the opinion of Hunko, this makes itself vulnerable because it unilaterally controls, above all, the smuggling of arms in favor of the government in Tripoli.

The secret document available to the dpa is the first six-month balance sheet for the EU mission. It also points out that the participating EU countries did not support the operation to the extent planned from April to the end of September. The number of available ships has always been below the minimum requirements. In addition, the Italian flagship "ITS Margottini" had to be taken out of service earlier than planned on September 26 after around 80 corona cases on board.

Operation Irini was decided at the end of March. The goals of the mission are to stabilize Libya, a country in civil war in North Africa, and to support the UN-led political peace process. In addition to weapon smuggling, the mission is also intended to prevent oil and fuel smuggling. Germany is currently participating with the frigate "Hamburg".

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