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Legal, recreational cannabis is coming to more states with every election, and that means more… Yes, you might come across products on the market that claim to get you ‘less high ’ and help your weed-related anxiety, but Tishler said these CBD-remedies are largely a gray area with little-to-no

Welcome to The Cannabis Therapy PotCast, your go to cannabis talk show! Today we’re going to talk about how to come down from a cannabis high

I don’t use weed, but the one time I did I ended up in an emergency room.

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It was after a holiday party and I was certain that when the ambulance came, I would be arrested. Because I’ve watched enough Law and Order, I took it upon myself to record every conversation I had with the paramedics, take time-stamped notes on my phone, and repeatedly ask for a lawyer. (They laughed.)

For more on what to do if you get too high, check out the video below:


If you’ve ever been high, you know that sometimes panic can set in—but all it takes is a little bit of relaxation and distraction to come down from a rough high.

Cannabis use during pregnancy may increase a child's risk of psychotic behavior, a study found

  Cannabis use during pregnancy may increase a child's risk of psychotic behavior, a study found The study found that women who used cannabis after knowledge of pregnancy were more likely to have children with a range of psychopathology.Self-reported cannabis use among pregnant women has more than doubled in the past 15 years, increasing from 3.4% to 7% between 2002 and 2017. Among the general population, cannabis use increased by about one-third (from 6.2% to 8.4% of people aged 12 and older) during that same period.

By Adam Schmidt. November 29, 2016. 0. 14. You’re feeling good. You’re in the sweet irie spot, and then something happens. Like a brick wall, it hits you. It’s that moment you realize, “Hmm, how did that happen? I think I may just be too high .”. Yup. Most people have been there.

More people than ever have access to legal cannabis , and you can expect many will get way too high . Here’s how to come down from a marijuana high quickly.

What to Do If You Get Too High

Eating peppercorns or downing coffee probably won’t help

So you’re super high! That’s okay, friend—I’m here. Before we settle in, let’s get some common myths about highs out of the way. For one, you’ve probably heard about eating lots of peppercorn to curb your high. Unfortunately, it’s not much of a useful solution, according to Dr. Jordan Tishler, CEO of Inhale MD and an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School.

“The practical issue if you’re really that stoned and you’ve put peppercorns in your mouth and chew them up so that they’re really burning you, I’m worried that you’ll inhale the fragments and your lungs will shut down,” he said over the phone. “You have a significant risk of a lethal outcome so I would not recommend that.”

cannabis tea: what you need to know and how to prepare it

 cannabis tea: what you need to know and how to prepare it cannabis tea: how the tea works and how to prepare it © Getty Images cannabis tea-effect-preparation-thc-cbd.jpg cannabis tea ? Just a myth for many, but actually one of the most "sophisticated" ways to consume Cannabis to . The history of this tea goes back hundreds of years - for a long time it was also used as a medicinal drink to treat various inflammatory diseases.

Typically, the higher the potency of a cannabis product, the longer the high will last. Concentrates are the most potent form of cannabis , with flower and edibles following behind. How do you stop being high and come down from overwhelming cannabis effects? Share your tips in the comments section!

Tips and tricks on how to come down from a high . Stay Calm - This is a big one. Panic will do nothing but make symptoms worse and possibly trigger an Eating - Just like with alcohol, food will assist in essentially watering down the effects of cannabis . It will also make you feel more alert, to begin with.

Downing coffee or a Red Bull won’t produce the desired effect of sobering up, either. “That actually might make things worse because of the caffeine,” he said. “Caffeine can stimulate more of the hallucinatory effect. There arose this trend of mixing alcohol with Red Bull and that crossed over to cannabis and Red Bull and that produces a different effect than some people like.” In other words, unless you might want to risk feeling even higher, you might want to avoid that espresso shot.

And as for drinking water, yes, it’s great to stay hydrated! But there are no real studies to support that water will get you through a high quicker. As Weed News put it, it might not have any impact at all—but at least it won’t hurt (so drink up).

Where Is Weed Legal?

CBD isn’t a magic bullet either

Another common theory you might’ve heard: CBD will help save you from the throngs of a bad high. According to Tishler, sadly, this probably has no benefit, either.

The cannabis industry could be a big winner on Election Day

  The cannabis industry could be a big winner on Election Day Many states have adult-use cannabis legalization initiatives on their November ballots, and a Biden presidential win would mean federal medicinal legalization.That may not be the only good news for legalization proponents after Nov. 3. They're hoping New Jersey's pro-pot vote will trigger a domino effect in neighboring states considering similar efforts. "Once New Jersey goes, it's going to set off an arms race along the East Coast, putting New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania on the clock," said DeVaughn Ward, senior legislative counsel for the Marijuana Policy Project, a cannabis advocacy group in Hartford.

Too high — seven little letters and a space. Doesn’t seem so bad on the surface, right? There are plenty of four-letter words that might seem worse. So what’s a too- high stoner to do? The cannabis experts at Honest Marijuana give you 15 remedies to help you down fast.

Sometimes the solution of how to come down from being high , you just have to sleep it off. This isn’t a guaranteed method of how to come down from a high . In fact, depending on how you react to certain stimuli, some of the things we Nick is a High Times writer reporting on all things cannabis .

“It turns out that normally, cannabis has a fair amount of THC and a tiny little bit of CBD, but that tiny little bit has enough to tame that THC reaction,” he said. “The flaw in the logic is, ‘If little works, then more must work more’ and that’s not true. We actually have studies that show [that] while THC does need a little bit of CBD to behave the way we want it to, CBD does not mitigate the intoxication.”

Yes, you might come across products on the market that claim to get you ‘less high’ and help your weed-related anxiety, but Tishler said these CBD-remedies are largely a gray area with little-to-no regulation.

“I have no idea what to make of them in the sense [that] there’s no published science that shows that these things are valid, and again, in the world of under-regulated product, I tend to worry about what magical ingredients might be in there and whether those things are safe,” he said. “And it’s hard enough worrying about the supply of cannabis, but then to start worrying about completely unproven and unregulated antidotes just freaks me out.”

What to Watch When You're High

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Exercise and distractions are generally good

Exercise can’t hurt, according to Tishler, though there isn’t research to prove it. Distractions, however, are the best thing to get you through a bad high, he said. “If the thing that gets an individual distracted is getting on their elliptical, I think that’s a great idea,” he added. “At least it’s relatively harmless, assuming you don’t run out in the street and get hit by a bus, [but] you probably don’t want to go rock-climbing or skydiving or skiing.” Instead of waiting out the high in a daze, maybe try yoga or other low-impact workouts at home, so you’ll hopefully sweat out the panic in peace.

Find a quiet, safe space

Other than hopping on the treadmill, what else can you do to come down from a high? Tishler said it’s as simple as finding a good safe space to avoid spiraling, like a bedroom.

“Get on your bed and think of it as an island, and nothing can happen to you while you’re in this safe space,” he said. “Step two is calling for backup. If you have a significant other or just someone close to you like a roommate who you come and sit with you. And the third step, depending on who that person is and your relationship, is if they can go beyond just sitting quietly and hold your hand—that physical tough is grounding and reassuring. And depending upon what you’ve taken, then hopefully this will wear off pretty quickly.”

What Cannabis Actually Does to Your Brain and Body

  What Cannabis Actually Does to Your Brain and Body Cannabis is the most popular illicit(ish) drug in the world, and it’s gaining in popularity as the push for legalization—medicinally or recreationally—spreads to more and more states. But what actually happens in your body when you partake? Let’s take a look at this fascinating drug, its health effects, and potential concerns about using it. © Photo: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) Cannabis is a controlled substance... lacking in controlled, scientific research Before we start, we should note that a whole lot more research needs to be done in this area.

The Beginner's Guide to Edibles

Edibles are generally better for avoiding a bad high

Let’s say you’re about to get high. If you’re trying to avoid panic and anxiety from settling in, Tishler said edibles are generally a better method of getting high. When smoking or vaping, the overall ‘duration’ is generally shorter than that of edibles, but has more ‘peaks’ or potential for panic, he said.

“If you get into an edible, it’s a longer ride but they tend to peak less, and in general, you don’t quite get that kind of panic-inducing terror,” he said. “When I’m using [cannabis] therapeutically for patients, I can take advantage of these differences for certain types of illnesses. For migraines, edibles aren’t a good idea because by the time it kicks in, you’ve been suffering for hours. In those situations, inhalation, which has 10 to 15 minutes time to onset, is a much better approach. On the other hand, for somebody who has 24/7 back pain, you want good, constant duration of relief so those edibles make a lot more sense.”

If it’s your first time getting high (or you’re still an amateur), Tishler generally recommends starting slow, too. “On the medical side, I’d aim to start people who are cannabis-naive at around 5 milligrams, whether it’s an edible that’s specifically 5 milligrams or using a vaporizer to inhale it,” he said. “If you use a 15-20% THC strain, which is what I recommend to my patients, then one puff tends to be in that range of about 3 to 5 mg and that’s a really good place to dip your toes in the water. Physiologically and psychologically, it’s important to get used to this, so [you’re] less likely to freak out.”

So resist the temptation to go all-in when it comes to weed, especially as a beginner. And remember to find your safe space, a friend, and maybe a treadmill when all seems to be crashing down. You’ll be fine, I promise!

This article was originally published in April 2019 and updated on Nov. 30, 2020 with more complete information and links.

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