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11:05  05 december  2020
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and CNBC bond maven Rick Santelli engaged in a heated debate Friday over coronavirus Heated on-air CNBC exchange between Sorkin and Santelli mirrors national debate over Covid the country, which led many governors and other local officials to reimpose virus mitigation measures .

Rick Santelli speaks on CNBC on Thursday. But maybe we’d be just better off if we gave it to everybody, and then in a month it would be over because the mortality rate of this probably isn’t going to be any different if we did it that way than the long-term picture, but the difference is we’re wreaking

In an astoundingly emotional on-air tirade Friday, CNBC personality Rick Santelli sputtered and railed against the need to restrict restaurant outings and to wear face masks to help stem the surging tide of COVID-19 cases.

He was disputed repeatedly in a face-off with “Squawk Box” co-host and New York Times financial columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, who warned Santelli that he was harming public health with his wrong-headed screed.

Santelli argued that it wasn’t rational to shut down restaurants when parking lots at big-box retailers were packed with cars.

Sorkin jumped in: “Rick, just as a public health and public service announcement for the audience ... the difference between a big-box retailer and a restaurant or, frankly, even a church, are so different it’s unbelievable.”

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CNBC editor Rick Santelli appologized Friday for suggesting that Americans should consider giving the coronavirus to “everyone” to get it over with and help the Click for complete coronavirus coverage. Santelli recalled people who purposely exposed family members to illnesses such as

CNBC TV. WHO rushes to clarify comments on asymptomatic coronavirus transmission. News Videos. World Health Organization officials on Tuesday walked back the comments below that were made on Monday after drawing criticism from epidemiologists across the world.

Sorkin noted that experts agree that dining indoors at restaurants, where patrons have to take off their masks to eat and drink, presents a much higher risk of coronavirus transmission than shopping at a retail store, where customers and workers are usually required to keep masks over their faces.

The two began interrupting one another, with Santelli shouting, “I disagree. I disagree. I disagree! You can have your thoughts, and I can have mine.”

Sorkin returned: “You’re required to wear a mask. It’s science. I’m sorry, it’s science.”

“It’s not science!” Santelli yelled. “Five hundred people in a Lowe’s aren’t any safer than 150 people in a restaurant that holds 600. I don’t believe it.”

Sorkin shot back: “You don’t have to believe it. You’re doing a disservice to the viewer. You are. I’m sorry, I would like to keep our viewers as healthy as humanly possible. The idea of packing people into restaurants ...”

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CNBC editor Rick Santelli slammed COVID-19 lockdowns on restaurants. He said it made no sense for restaurants to be limited while malls were full. Two panelists on the cable financial news channel CNBC engaged in a heated debate on Friday morning over coronavirus lockdown measures that

CNBC .com staff. The coverage on this live blog has ended — but for up-to-the-minute coverage The pause means an independent group of experts that watches over patient safety in clinical trials — or Fauci, who serves on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, said over the weekend that he did

“I think our viewers are smart enough to make part of those decisions on their own,” Santelli retorted.

That’s when CNBC’s Steve Liesman piped up: “How’s that working out for you, Rick? Look at the numbers.”

Santelli responded: “It’s working out fine.”

The U.S. is seeing record numbers of daily COVID-19 deaths. The toll is edging close to 3,000 deaths a day.

In March, Santelli suggested on air that “maybe we’d just be better off if we gave it [COVID-19] to everybody, and then in a month it would be over.”

Even Tucker Carlson got in on the action on Fox News later Friday, replaying the confrontation and hailing Santelli as “one of the good guys.”

Critics on Twitter have repeatedly called on CNBC to fire Santelli, whose 2009 diatribe on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange against President Barack Obama’s proposed bailout for homeowners reportedly inspired the launch of the tea party movement.

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Check out the video clip of the confrontation up top.

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