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04:45  14 january  2021
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  TikTok star Bryce Hall under LAPD investigation for fighting restaurant staff who told him to leave for vaping in a seating area Footage shows Hall fighting with staffers and being yelled at by an employee of a Mexican restaurant in LA.Video footage obtained by TMZ shows Hall, who is 21, with his friends at a Mexican restaurant called Cinco LA on Monday during the daytime. Hall, who has more than 14 million TikTok followers, appears to be involved in a physical altercation between members of his party and staffers at the restaurant.

TikTok Inc. (“ TikTok ”, “we” or “us”) is committed to protecting the privacy of children. This Privacy Policy for Younger Users explains our information collection practices with respect to information provided by users under the age of 13 on the under-13 experience of the TikTok mobile application

Social media platform TikTok has introduced a series of changes aimed at making it safer for young users. It comes after federal regulators in the US Older teenagers won't see this default setting change. For users aged 16 or 17, the default setting to let people download the videos they created

Tiktok increases data protection for the youngest users of the video platform. From now on, content from 13 to 15 year olds can only be accessed by default by their respective acquaintances. In addition, this content can no longer be downloaded.

Schaufensterpuppe mit Tiktok-Pullover. © loocmill / Shutterstock.com Mannequin with Tiktok sweater.

When teenagers under the age of 16 register with Tiktok , their account can now only be viewed by their own friends by default. The video platform announced this on its blog . In addition, Tiktok has presented a few other changes that should ensure better protection for the youngest users of the app.

For example, it is now no longer possible to download videos from users who are younger than 16 years old. Videos of teenagers aged 16 to 17 can still be downloaded, but they must explicitly allow this. By default, the function is deactivated for videos from this age group in the future.

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TikTok is introducing new “enhanced” privacy settings that restricts certain features for younger teens and changes default settings for older teens. In most cases, that's not enough retirement savings for most people and it won't scratch the surface toward creating a hefty nest egg.

TikTok is tightening privacy settings for its younger users, making profiles private by default and restricting who can comment on videos uploaded by under-16s. The company said the changes are part of a package of measures to drive higher standards of privacy and safety for its users.

In addition, the comment functions are restricted depending on the age. Those between 13 and 15 years old can still allow their own friends to comment on a video, but a general opening of the comment function for all Tiktokers is no longer possible in this age group in the future.

The 19-year-old TikTok star who kissed her 13-year-old fan appears to still be in contact with him

  The 19-year-old TikTok star who kissed her 13-year-old fan appears to still be in contact with him Zoe LaVerne continues to raise questions about her relationship with 13-year-old Connor Joyce, despite backlash from her 17 million TikTok followers.LaVerne's latest TikTok videos appear to show that she has a picture of the 13-year-old on her phone case and that she may have matching Bond Touch bracelets with him, which send a signal between wearers. She also addressed a comment accusing her of being a "child groomer" by lip-syncing to audio of Cardi B saying, "Imma be the way I am until I f---ing die" in a private, leaked TikTok.

TikTok makes under-16s' profiles private by default, blocks comments from strangers on their videos and prevents 'stitching' and 'duetting' in new privacy crackdown. Children's charity NSPCC has praised the package of updates, which are designed to protect young and vulnerable users on the app.

TikTok users aged under 16 will have their accounts automatically set to private TikTok said it hoped the changes would encourage young users to “actively engage in their online privacy journey”. In addition, TikTok is changing this age group's default settings to allow only their chosen friends to

Protection of minors: Tiktok expands existing measures

Tiktok is especially popular with younger people. According to research by the New York Times , a third of US users could be 14 years or younger. In order to better protect the young target group, since 2020 the Chinese app has prohibited sending direct messages to young people under the age of 16. This is to prevent advances by pedophiles.

Since last year, live streams have only been available to users who are at least 16 years old. In addition, the video app has introduced a control function for parents under the name “ Accompanied Mode ”. The account of the young person is linked to that of the legal guardian. Parents can then edit the privacy settings of their offspring and, for example, limit the visibility of certain content.

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