Food "We children from Bahnhof Zoo": The Amazon series glorifies drugs - and on purpose!

17:56  23 february  2021
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" We children from Zoo Station " does not hold back with intoxicating drug excesses and shows not only the abysses of consumption but also the euphoric heights of addiction. For some, the series adaptation of the story of Christiane F. ( Jana McKinnon ) goes too far. Patrick Reinbott from Moviepilot , for example, criticizes the fact that the series on Amazon Prime Video “with its constant will to style is so over the top that 'We children from Bahnhof Zoo' is more glorifying than deterring.”

© Constantin Television / Mike Kraus / Amazon Prime Video "We children from Bahnhof Zoo": The Amazon series glorifies drugs - and on purpose!

Annette Hess , however, are unlikely to be surprised by such reactions, after all, she basically designed it. In an interview with TV wish list , the creator of the series reveals that with “We children from Bahnhof Zoo” she deliberately glorifies drugs - but with one important caveat.

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Annette Hess on "We children from Zoo Station"

When asked whether the series is more of a deterrent or a dangerous role model, the author replies: “I want people to say after seeing the series that I want to become addicted to drugs immediately and at the same time by no means. ”

››“ We children from Bahnhof Zoo ”on Amazon Prime Video *

Hess, who has plunged into Berlin's past several times with“ Weissensee ”and the“ Ku'damm ”series with “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo” we deliberately want to create an ambivalent series in which it is completely open whether it discourages or encourages consumption. According to Annette Hess, the reason for this is as follows:

"[...] we [have] tried not to make school television so dogmatic according to the motto 'Look how dangerous drugs are." "

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To produce a series that is drugs deliberately glorified, while at the same time aiming to have a deterrent effect, is a delicate balancing act. It is best for you to judge for yourself whether Annette Hess succeeded in finding the perfect middle ground with “We children from Bahnhof Zoo”. But we do not want to leave one of the creator's statements uncommented here ...

These drug dramas succeed Balancing act

With Hess' statement one could come to the conclusion that it has to be either drug glorification or "dogmatic school television". But there is still a lot of leeway between these two extremes.

The cult film “Trainspotting” or the disturbing masterpiece “Requiem For A Dream”, for example, manage to depict drug consumption in an extremely stylish way without glorifying it. On the contrary: Both films have a deterrent effect, but are in no way instructive.

In addition to these milestones, we have also collected other films and series on the subject of drugs for you, which we would like to recommend to you after “We children from Bahnhof Zoo”. There is guaranteed to be something for every taste:

After "Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo": Streaming tips on other strong drug dramas

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