Food Taurine, caffeine: popular with teenagers, energy drinks are poorly supervised

08:40  05 march  2021
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Selon le cabinet Nielsen, le chiffre d’affaires des boissons énergisantes a doublé en France entre 2013 et 2019. © Lucie Weeger, Ouest-France According to the Nielsen firm, the turnover of energy drinks doubled in France between 2013 and 2019.

L The CLCV consumer association is asking for a regulation of the amounts of taurine and caffeine contained in energy drinks. A flourishing market which targets teenagers in particular.

Are your teenagers fond of energy drinks? You may be familiar with the stimulants in them, taurine and caffeine. But did you know that their quantity is not regulated?

Today, there is no regulatory limit, assures Lisa Faulet, project manager at the consumer association CLCV, which launches an alert, this Friday, March 5, 2021. You should know that a can of 500 ml is equivalent to consuming three espressos.

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Or the effects on health of these drinks, and in particular of caffeine, in excess are known and listed by ANSES (health security agency): cardiovascular symptoms (feelings of oppression or chest pain, tachycardia, hypertension ) and neurological (irritability, nervousness, anxiety, even panic attacks, epilepsy).

Adverse effects

The long-term adverse effects of taurine are not well understood. Although we ingest it through the consumption of animal products, a 250 ml can contains up to 1000 mg, which is the equivalent of five to eight days of natural consumption.

The Boissons Énergisantes France association, which brings together the main French and international players, has published a code of good practice which limits the quantities to 4000 mg / l for taurine and 320 mg / l for caffeine. These quantities are enormous! We consider that these values ​​are not sufficient insofar as these drinks are often associated with sport and alcohol and that the dose of caffeine considered safe for an adolescent is estimated according to EFSA (European safety authority for food), at 150 mg per day for a 50 kg person adds the load of CLCV diet.

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Sales doubled

Especially since these drinks are indeed consumed by young people, especially adolescents . Advertisements, related to sporting events or video games, are particularly aimed at them. There have been no consumer studies since 2013, laments Lisa Faulet. However, the turnover of the sector has doubled in France and many products have appeared on the shelves. The sector is indeed doing very well. According to a Nielsen study, the sector's turnover in France reached 247.40 million euros in 2019.

The consumers' association sent a letter to manufacturers in the sector two weeks ago. Letter so far unanswered.

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