Food Cake Me IF You Can! The recipe for lightning fast Gugelhupf with delicious marzipan

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recipe: Gugelhupf - the king under the cake

so cool This Food Trends also may be - sometimes you are looking forward to a cake that has already baked grandma and reminded of our childhood.

Alone the cake fragrance gives a bit of security at a time in which nothing seems safe. The best example is the Gugelhupf. He is done quickly, is considered a king under the cake, is usually baked out of yeast dough and filled with raisins or small chocolate pieces.

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To the absolute blast, however, he becomes a marzipan filling. Sounds complicated? But it is not ...

Blitz-Rezept für einen schnellen Gugelhupf mit Marzipan Getty Images © Getty Images Flash Recipe for a quick Gugelhupf with marzipan Getty Images Our simple recipe for classic Gugelhupf with Marzipan

with this recipe you can specify that you in Lockdown for the professional Baker has become. He is very easy and stirred together in a few minutes. So: Cake Me - IF You Can!


200 g marzipan-white bread (eg by Niederegger) 400 g flour 300 g soft butter 250 g sugar 100 ml whipped cream 7 eggs (size m) 80 g peeled pistachios (unsalted) 2 Tl baking powder 2 teaspo soda 4 drops bittermandel oil powdered sugar For dusting

Preparation: Preheat

oven to 180 degrees (circulating air 160 degrees). Stretch a Gugelhupform (26 cm Ø) with butter and omnipate with 20 g of flour. Now the pistachios finely grind. Mix the rest of the flour, baking powder and soda. Cut the marzipan small. Remaining butter and marzipan with the hand mixer beat creamy for 2-3 minutes. Sugar, bitter mandelaroma and cream. Stir in eggs one after the other. Understand flour. Add 2/3 of the dough into a piping bag without injection molding. Mix the remaining dough with the pistachios. Fill the bottom of the shape with 1/3 bright dough. Half of the pistacient dough spread. 1/3 bright dough to splash on the rest of the pistache dough about it, pass the other bright dough on it. Bake the cake 55 to 60 minutes. Cool and dust with powdered sugar. Finished!

Source: Niedergger

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