Food Here is the original method for cooking eggs. This trick convinced 6 million people!

19:10  14 june  2021
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This trick as simple as fast will add gluttony to your egg on the dish. In any case she seduced the Internet users on YouTube.

œufs au plat © iStock eggs on the dish

practical, healthy and economical, eggs are the best allies for a quick dish. Their popularity also comes many ways that there exists to prepare them. On the dish, scrambled, to the hull ... everyone has his favorite recipe. This infinite manne of possibilities makes the happiness of social networks that are full of tips and advice. This is the case of the YouTube account LieblingSzepte which proposes a reinterpretation of the egg to the dish as simple as delicious. In one month, his video has more than 6 million views and exceeds 66,000 likes. His secret? She adds a potato galette to her preparation and the result puts mouth water.

You Should Poke a Hole in Your Eggs Before Boiling Them

  You Should Poke a Hole in Your Eggs Before Boiling Them Most hard-boiled egg recipes will tell you to cover your eggs with cold water, bring them to a boil, then cover and move them off the heat for 12 minutes or so. In my experience, this has always resulted in eggs that are impossible to peel. © Photo: Claire Lower Starting eggs in cold water and bringing it to a boil bonds the white to the membrane, which makes it extremely hard to peel away the shell. Because of this, I always use a hot start (whether I’m boiling, steaming, or pressure cooking). This results in peelable eggs every singe time, but it can also result in the occasional cracked egg.

The recipe of the egg at the plate of Lieblingszepte:


1/2 Potato 1 egg salt pepper butter parmesan parsil

Cook the potato in boiling water until it is tender

peel and graze the potato

heat a pan with a little butter

cook the potato until the cake is golden (3-4 min)

Make a hole in the middle

Add a egg

salt and pepper

Added parmesan and parsley

> To discover also: This trick makes it possible to separate the yellow from the egg white in an instant, without using the shell, and we would never have thought

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