Food 40 Apricot Recipes That Celebrate the Underrated Summer Fruit

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Apricot Recipes

  Apricot Recipes Fresh, dried, or made into jam, apricots are delicious and under-appreciatedRipe, juicy fresh apricots have all sorts of uses. We love them for baking—try our simple apricot-almond tart with a delicate crust made from all-purpose, potato, and almond flours, or whip up our Transylvanian sour cream apricot cake. Alternatively, try using fresh apricots in a cooked salsa with red onion, mint, and cilantro. Horchata, a Mexican rice drink, is also great flavored with apricot.

Fruit compote on cake, fruit in ice cream, fruit on its own. When it's hot and you need something refreshing, summer fruit -- from tart blackberries to sugary strawberries and juicy peaches -- just screams dessert. There's a savory side to summer fruit , however, that definitely deserves your But fresh fruit , summer fruit in particular, can really add something special to your recipes . When combined with the right ingredients, summer fruit can take on a savory flavor that's far from dessert territory -- and just as good. Once you try adding fruit to your savory dishes, you'll see what you've

Celebrate summer with substantial salads made with refreshing fruit , plus apricots and creme fraiche, and courgette lemon cake. This month’s recipes have an ease about them. Nothing needs to be served the second it is ready, none of them is especially demanding of the cook’s time. These are recipes that fit comfortably with the long, easy days of summer ahead, days in which to celebrate the wealth of ingredients at our fingertips.

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Juicy, ripe apricots are the ideal summer fruit . Whether they're used to make showstopping desserts (like these adorable Strawberry- Apricot Hand Pies and this stunning White Chocolate, Pistachio, and Apricot Bark), a meat glaze (we can't get enough of this Honey- Apricot -Glazed Chicken), or just to top toast (we're looking at you, Apricot -Hazelnut Toast), apricots are an easy way to fancify even your most basic kitchen creations. Our collection of amazing apricot recipes will get you through the season.

recipes - apricot & grape fruit . Collection by Brewster Mangiola. I'm squeezing 2 posts in today so Sue and I can finish up our apricot celebration . We have shared 12 or so recipes that have apricots as one of the main flavors to celebrate Lillooet's Annual Apricot Tsaqwem Festival. This sauce is perfect for a summer grill out!

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Apricots are the finest of summer 's fruits , with dense, juicy flesh and delicate, velvety skins. That's why it is so disheartening when you bite into one, only to find it is mealy and flavorless. Apricot -Blueberry Pie with Coriander Recipe on Food52. This pie is what happens when I grocery shop without a list. I didn't have enough apricots , so I threw in the sole other fruit in the house - blueberries. I only had whole cardamom and a broken spice grinder, so I used coriander (it was that or onion powder).

Delicious Recipes . Recipies. Apricot Cobbler. Peach Slab Pie. Elegant Dinner Party. The persimmon is an underrated fall fruit that deserves the same hype as pumpkins. 30 Pineapple Recipes That Will Make You Fall for the Sweet, Juicy Fruit . Celebrating the Sour Cherry, One of Summer 's Most Fleeting Fruits . Fresh sour cherries are an inspired addition to a salad.

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Best Gas Grill Deals

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See more ideas about recipes , apricot recipes , food. · This white peach crostata is made from ripe white peaches, sugar, and lemon--all wrapped in a buttery, flaky pie crust. It's a simple, rustic, and easy summer dessert that makes good use of stone fruit . Works with plums and nectarines, too.

See more ideas about apricot recipes , recipes , food. The kids go crazy for this apricot fruit leather! Easy, tastes way better than store-bought and only TWO INGREDIENTS! Sharing favorite recipe links, food finds, a really cool greenhouse, favorite summer cookbooks, Copper River Salmon and a favorite Since Apricots are at the end of their growing season, we got 40 pounds of apricots free!

Best Electric Grill Deals

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Best Wood-Pellet Grill Deals

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Best Grill Accessory Deals

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33 easy barbecue recipes for a fantastic Memorial Day cookout .
Make all your favorite barbecue basics, sides and desserts in a snap for a hearty holiday weekend cookout.This year, the unofficial start to summer may look a little different, but whether you're in the kitchen or at the grill, TODAY Food cooked up a list featuring some of our go-to, festive recipes that require fewer ingredients and don't take much time to put together. From succulent steaks to refreshing salads, and beer-soaked hot dogs to bubbling berry crisps, there's something simple enough for every kind of home cook — and eater.

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