Food For the first time in the world, a country forbids the farming of salmon

16:25  03 july  2021
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How to Defrost Salmon So It Thaws in Time for Dinner

  How to Defrost Salmon So It Thaws in Time for Dinner It’s healthy and delicious, and can be ready in less than thirty minutes. As long as it isn't frozen, that is. Here’s how to defrost salmon so it thaws in time for dinner. But first... The Best Way to Freeze Salmon The better job you do freezing the salmon in the first place, the easier it will be to defrost. Luckily, the process is simple: Step 1: Unwrap and rinse the salmon. Be sure to thoroughly pat it dry as well. Step 2: Wrap it tightly in plastic. Then, place it in an airtight container or freezer bag and find a spot for it in the freezer. Once your fish is thawed, it's ready to be broiled, grilled, fried or baked.

Pour la première fois dans le monde, un pays interdit l'élevage de saumons © Yuri Smityuk / Contributor / Getty Images for the first time in the world, a country prohibits the farming of salmon a law has been voted Unanimously by the Legislative Assembly of the Land of Fire in order to preserve marine ecosystems.

This is a first and above all a big step for the environment. According to information from the Argentinian daily Página / 12, relayed by International Courrier , Argentina is the first country in the world to prohibit the farming of salmon. A law was voted against "this harmful activity for the environment" in the province of the land of fire.

The legislature of the shared archipelago with Chile voted the law unanimously Wednesday, June 30th. Located in Patagonia, south of the American continent, the land of fire brings together a large amount of small islands with the most southern point Cape Horn. Different species live like gulls, seagulls, martins-fishermen, penguins or other hummingbirds. The Beaver of Canada has even proliferated.

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Continued fishing in Chile

with trout, breeding and salmon fishing were widespread. Local daily newspapers have hailed a "historical decision". "Never had been legislated in the world, both at the local and national level on the protection of ecosystems to the damage caused by this industry upstream of its activities," held to greet the NGO Greenpeace Argentina in a statement.

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- Greenpeace Argentina (@greenpeacearg) June 30, 2021

remains that the decision was taken by the province's Argentinian side. Chile side, "The advance of salmon breeding continues, even in protected areas," says the NGO. In the daily Página / 12, Greenpeace stresses that "salmon farming is a highly harmful activity for the environment, whose damage can be irreversible", and other species suffer the consequences as is the case for whales, between Other marine species.

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