Food Catch a Glimpse of Adorable Baby's Reaction to Her First Sip of Sweet Tea

06:18  22 july  2021
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There’s a Lot More to Masala Chai Than Spiced Milk Tea

  There’s a Lot More to Masala Chai Than Spiced Milk Tea Born of colonial rule and Indian resistance, masala chai is more than just spiced milk tea. Epi contributor Leena Trivedi-Grenier traces the legacy of chai—and how Indians turned a tool of oppression into an enduring tradition—then shows you how to brew a great cup.I don’t even care. My chai ritual is a source of comfort, especially during difficult times, because it connects me to the flavors and traditions of my Gujarati family. These are the same flavors that have seen me through successes and struggles: marriage, difficult childbirths, professional losses and wins.

Sweet tea flows as frequently as the water does down South and is a regular fixture at the Southern table. It doesn't matter what the meal is, be it brunch, lunch, dinner, or midnight snack. Sweet tea is so much a part of our meals that it may be hard to think back to the first time you ever had it. A TikTok video making the rounds may help you take a trip down memory lane.

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In the short clip, originally shared by Texas radio station KFYO, an adorable baby girl is sitting on her grandmother's lap at what appears to be, based on the basket of tortilla chips on the table, a Tex-Mex restaurant. As the camera rolls, a voice narrates the action, "When nana gives you your first taste of sweet tea." The nana in question puts a little bit of sweet tea in a straw, carefully puts the straw in the baby's mouth, and waits for the magic to happen. Soon enough the little girl is smacking her lips in excitement over the new flavor. She clearly has her eyes opened to the splendors of sweet tea.

Tea educator Shunan Teng explains the many benefits of drinking tea

  Tea educator Shunan Teng explains the many benefits of drinking tea "How mindful you have been reflects directly into how well the tea tastes. Tea is not a means to the end. Tea is the end."It's easy to feel disconnected from the food and drink we consume when we're steeped in a culture of convenience. Grabbing a quick meal or coffee can be great when we're on the go, but sometimes, leaning into a practice that requires patience, like making and drinking tea, can keep us grounded. The connection to the leaves unfurling in bubbling water, the earthy, sweet smells and the act of preparing it in a gaiwan, a traditional Chinese tea- brewing vessel, are all part of this simple but powerful way to pause, focus and sip into a meditative state.

a glass of wine on a table: Life is forever improved. © TheCrimsonMonkey/Getty Images Life is forever improved.

While that sweet tea was undoubtedly delicious, just wait until she tastes the sweet tea made by her mama or nana. Every Southerner knows that their own family makes the best sweet tea around.

But of course, we aren't turning down Milo's or Bojangles anytime soon either.

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