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a woman sitting on a bed: We saw six couples get engaged on Netflix's new reality dating show, Love Is Blind. Unfortunately, not every couple is going to make it to their wedding day. © Netflix We saw six couples get engaged on Netflix's new reality dating show, Love Is Blind. Unfortunately, not every couple is going to make it to their wedding day.

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for Netflix's Love Is Blind.

On Feb. 13, Netflix dropped the first five-episode installment of Love Is Blind, a new dating show where singles fall in love and get engaged without ever seeing each other. It's wild! It's amazing! It makes you wonder: How the heck is that even possible? Well, apparently it is.

In the first batch of episodes, we saw six couples get engaged on Love Is Blind and head to Mexico to spend time with each other in person. (Fun fact: Netflix confirmed to Men's Health that eight couples got engaged in the pods, but the show only followed six of them as their relationships progressed.) In the second batch of episodes, which dropped Feb. 20, the couples moved into new apartments, saw each other's homes, and met each other's loved ones. In the finale, which dropped Feb. 27, the couples had their wedding ceremonies—but not everyone said "I do." Here's what to know about every couple that got engaged on Netflix's Love Is Blind, and where they are now after the Love Is Blind: After the Altar reunion.

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Lauren and Cameron

The undisputed fan favorites, rock solid from the start. They just get each other, on a fundamental level. While the show was still airing, fans found evidence that Lauren and Cameron were still together, which made everyone very happy.

Did they get married? YES, OBVIOUSLY!!! They're the most perfect couple in the world and they deserve to be happy forever. They recently released a book, Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way.

See the couple:

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Damian and Giannina

All hail Damian and Giannina's dual proposal. First, he proposed to her; then, she proposed to him. But from there, things were kind of a rollercoaster ride. They fought a lot, and in the second batch of episodes, their families aren't exactly the most supportive of this whole Love Is Blind process.

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Did they get married? Nope. Just as we predicted, Giannina was the bride in the Love Is Blind teasers who went running down the street sobbing and fell in the mud. At their wedding ceremony, Giannina said "I do" to Damian—but he couldn't say it back to her. In front of all their wedding guests (awkward!!!), Damian said he couldn't handle the ups and downs of Giannina loving him one day, but wanting to be just friends the next. Cue the tears.

But.....on the Love Is Blind reunion show, we learned that Damian and Giannina were currently dating! During Love is Blind: After the Altar, however, it seems whatever relationship the two had maintained was highly volatile. Damian may even be dating Francesca Farago from Too Hot to Handle as well.

See the couple:

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Kelly and Kenny

From the start, Kelly and Kenny seemed to be the strongest couple on the show. They're both super mature, and good at navigating conflict together. Over time, cracks began to develop in their relationship—namely, in the sex department. Right before their wedding, Kelly was questioning whether she was actually in love with Kenny, because she didn't feel an overwhelming infatuation toward him.

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Meet Kelly:

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Meet Kenny:

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Did they get married? Nope. At the altar, Kenny said "I do." But Kelly told Kenny, "I love you. But I don't. I can't marry you, and I hope that you can appreciate that and respect that decision of mine." Of course, they handled it in the most mature way possible, with Kenny making a speech to their guests about how he loved them all.

Barnett and Amber

Barnett made things a wee bit complicated when he developed relationships with LC, Jessica, and Amber. In the end, he proposed to Amber—who ultimately said she loved how much he irritated her. (Red flag?) Amber's debt and employment situation (or lack thereof) posed potential problems in their relationship, but their connection remained strong throughout the duration of the show.

Did they get married? Yep. The show tried to make it seem like Barnett had cold feet on the morning of his wedding to Amber, but at the altar, it was clear he was all-in on marrying her. On the reunion show, we learned the couple had to adjust to married life—and Amber even contemplated calling a divorce lawyer at one point—but now they seem to be going strong.

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See the couple:

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Mark and Jessica

These two had a connection despite their 10-year age gap: He's 24 and she's 34. They especially bonded over their shared faith. But when they met IRL, Jessica wasn't feeling it the way Mark was: She struggled to feel a physical spark...and maybe still nursed a crush on Barnett? Jessica worked hard throughout the season to rediscover the connection she felt to Mark in the pods, and on the day of their wedding, she seemed ready to go ahead with the marriage.

Meet Mark:

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Meet Jessica:

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Did they get married? Nope. At the wedding, Mark said "I do"—but Jessica said she couldn't go through with it. Sadly, it was the only natural conclusion to their rollercoaster ride of a relationship. In a private room, Mark's mom comforted him while he cried against her shoulder. Poor Mark! And poor Jessica! She clearly wanted this wild experiment to work, but knew deep down it wasn't meant to be.

Carlton and Diamond

Carlton and Diamond seem great together, but when they got engaged, there was something he still hadn't told her: He'd dated women and men in the past.

In Mexico, Diamond noticed the energy between her and Carlton changed from when they were in the pods together—almost like he was nervous about something. And she was right! Carlton was struggling with when to open up about his sexuality. When he did, it didn't go...great—which is to say, it spiraled into a screaming match that ended with Diamond taking off her ring and storming away. The whole thing was really sad and hard to watch.

Meet Carlton:

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Meet Diamond:

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