Food 21 Delicious Pasta Dishes You'll Want to Make All Summer Long

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Berries with Ricotta Cream

  Berries with Ricotta Cream Fresh, high-quality ingredients really make a difference in this dessert. If you don't have access to fresh-picked berries, use whatever fruit is in season near you. —Thomas Faglon, Somerset, New Jersey The post Berries with Ricotta Cream appeared first on Taste of Home.Whether you pair it with fish, roasted veggies or some other creation, this flavor-packed romesco sauce will take your dish to a new level.

In the summer , you want dishes that are light and won’t weigh you down but they still need to be satisfying to our tummies and our taste buds. These pasta dishes will make your summer dairy-free and delicious . Lead image source: Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Burst Cherry Tomato Spaghetti.

Give classic pasta salad a fresher, more flavorful spin. This fast pasta dish calls for avocado to replace some of the mayonnaise, which makes it extra creamy. Whole-wheat elbow macaroni and fresh vegetables lighten up this healthy pasta salad that you ' ll be making all summer long . These salads combine tender pasta with fresh veggies and flavor-packed dressings for a side or main dish that only gets more delicious the longer the ingredients meld together. Recipes like our Lemon Shrimp & Orzo Salad and Greek Pasta Salad are healthy, refreshing additions to your summer menu.

There are plenty of poached egg tips and tricks floating around on the internet. Ree Drummond is all about the tornado method—stirring her pot of gently boiling water before dropping in the egg—for keeping the egg white all nice and coherent. The good folks at Trader Joe's like to strain out the liquid part of the egg white before poaching for a cleaner look. Ina Garten ditches the pot of boiling water altogether for a sauté pan method that's perfect for poaching multiple eggs at a time.

Julia Child holding a plate of food: Eva Kolenko, Getty Images / Rick Friedman © Provided by EatingWell Eva Kolenko, Getty Images / Rick Friedman Julia Child holding a plate of food: Say goodbye to wispy whites. © Eva Kolenko, Getty Images / Rick Friedman Say goodbye to wispy whites.

Julia Child's method, however, is so smart and outside of the box, I don't know why I've been trying to poach eggs any other way. She describes it right at the start of the eggs chapter of her cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking, where she also notes that rosé pairs well with most egg dishes—we'll drink to that.

I tried 3 celebrity chefs' recipes for pasta salad, and the best doesn't use any mayonnaise

  I tried 3 celebrity chefs' recipes for pasta salad, and the best doesn't use any mayonnaise I tried Guy Fieri, Robert Irvine, and Sunny Anderson's recipes for the classic summer dish to find the best one to enjoy this Memorial Day weekend.Although many people have their tried-and-true recipe, there are so many ways to make pasta salad - some versions are filled with fresh squash and herbs, loaded with cheddar and bacon, or packed with spicy ingredients for an added kick.

You ' ll want to have this dish for dinner every night after getting a taste of its tomato-garlic goodness. Crusty bread may be optional, but it should be essential—once the noodles are gone, you ' ll want something to mop up 21 of 24. Creamy Smoked Salmon Pasta . Bow tie pasta , cold-smoked salmon, and a lemony cream cheese mixture makes for a simple and delicious pasta dish .

The pasta cooks in the sauce, which is a brilliant way to infuse it with tomatoey flavor and skip washing that pasta pot. The recipe includes instructions for making the meatballs (which yes, you can do in fifteen minutes!) but there's no shame in buying frozen meatballs and taking a shortcut. This is a vegetarian dish , but you could top it with some store-bought rotisserie chicken if you 're looking for some protein.

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The way Child finishes off her eggs is very similar to methods described above: she pours 1 or 2 inches of water into a skillet with a splash of vinegar and simmers the eggs until the white is set. But her very first step—at least if Child isn't using fresh eggs—is to boil the eggs in their shells for 10 seconds before poaching.

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That brief boiling period helps the thin egg white hold its shape around the yolk, so you end up with picture-perfect poached eggs that would look stunning on a breakfast salad or bring a little richness to an asparagus salad. Child also recommends placing your eggs into cold water after poaching to wash off that vinegar taste and keep them from cooking any further. (Or you could just set them on a clean dish towel, if you're looking to cut down on dirty dishes.)

If you keep your eggs in a very chilly refrigerator, you might find that you need to extend the initial boiling period. (Ten seconds was basically just enough time to take the chill off of my test egg.) But once your egg has a slightly set white, it's hard to imagine a less stressful egg-poaching experience.

Child follows up her poaching instructions with good news for those who still aren't sure that they can master the egg preparation—a peeled six-minute boiled egg "can substitute for poached eggs in any recipe." Just make sure you up that time to seven minutes if you're a fan of using jumbo-size eggs.

Why Pasta Chips Are My Least Favorite TikTok Trend to Date .
OK, by this point, y’all must know the drill: someone on TikTok does something weird with pasta, people endlessly riff on the original, the internet reacts, and then, well, I write about it. It’s happened before and, trust me, it’ll happen again. Just last week, the newest pasta craze took off on TikTok. Is it as weird as honeycomb pasta or pasta served straight on the kitchen counter? Who’s to say. What this new take on pasta does promise is a bowl of crispy, crunchy pasta…chips? That’s what they’re being called at least. Let’s rewind.

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