Food Upgrade Your Summer Dessert Game With This Ice Cream Sandwich Mold

03:11  06 august  2021
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Ice cream sandwiches combine two of the best desserts—cookies and ice cream—and the pairings can be endless…even if the options in grocery stores are a bit limited. Unfortunately, that’s especially true if you're looking for dairy- or gluten-free options. All the more reason to make your own, and this ice cream sandwich mold from Chef'n allows you to do just that at a level on par with frozen treats from your favorite ice cream shop.

Chef'n Ice Cream Sandwich Set


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a bunch of items that are sitting on a table: ice cream sandwich mold © Photo: Chef'n ice cream sandwich mold

The Chef'n Ice Cream Sandwich Set ($20) makes four ice cream sandwiches using your favorite cookie or brownie batter. First, bake the cookies in the silicone molds. Once cooled, add ice cream with the tool included to help you scoop and spread. Then freeze for about an hour. If you want to make your own ice cream, the following two kits include an ice cream starter that you just mix with heavy cream and half-and-half.

Chef'n Ice Cream Sandwich Set, Chocolate

Chef'n Ice Cream Sandwich Set, Vanilla

Alternatively, you can follow one of our recipes for cookies and ice cream that can meet various dietary needs. Keep scrolling for inspiration.

Recipes to use in your ice cream sandwich mold

A Dairy-free, Gluten-free Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

This recipe combines no-bake chocolate-hazelnut cookies with coconut-hazelnut ice cream.

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Ice cream recipes

1. One-Step Vegan Cherry Coconut Soft Serve

Pair creamy coconut with sweet and tart cherries to make this delicious dairy-free soft serve.

2. Three-Ingredient Nut Butter Banana Nice Cream

To make this dairy-free frozen dessert, all you need are bananas, your nut butter of choice, and chocolate chips.

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A brownie recipe

1. Black Bean Brownies

Make brownies by swapping flour for black beans, to create a gluten-free, protein-packed alternative to the traditional ones. They're also dairy-free.

Cookie recipes

1. Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

These delicious, vegan, chocolate chip cookies are gluten- and dairy-free.

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2. Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle Cookies

Whipping up gluten-free and low-glycemic snickerdoodle cookies is pretty sweet.

3. Vegan Protein Cookies

Grab your favorite plant-based protein powder and make these easy, vegan cookies.

4. Zero-Waste Almond Shortbread Cookies

Make your own almond milk and use the leftover almond meal to create flour for these zero-waste shortbread cookies.

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