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18:06  02 september  2021
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  The #1 Worst Order at Costco's Food Court Some Costco members are celebrating the food court's return with a pizza discovery that borders between indulgent and downright reckless. Though this meat-lovers dream come true is going viral, it might be one of the last things that your heart needs. © Provided by Eat This, Not That! costco food court Part of Costco's power is the sense of community membership provides, and social media lends itself seamlessly to that. Reddit's Costco community loves to share their latest finds both on the aisles of the warehouse and the menu at the food court.

The Costco deli has a large assortment of take-home meals that require limited preparation before serving, and it looks like there's another one to add to the list, and it's arrived just in time for cool autumn nights when a craving for comfort food hits. (Related: 112 Most Popular Sodas Ranked by How Toxic They Are)

Costco deli © Provided by Eat This, Not That! Costco deli

Like the others, the Costco deli's Chicken Pot Pie is huge—over 5 pounds huge. At $3.99 a pound each one comes out to be around $20, and since this savory pie can feed many people, it's a pretty good deal that doesn't involve any slicing, dicing, or mixing. It is made in-house with, you guessed it, rotisserie chicken also from the deli.

Costco's Popular Rotisserie Chickens May Soon Skyrocket in Price for This Reason

  Costco's Popular Rotisserie Chickens May Soon Skyrocket in Price for This Reason Some Costco customers are demanding the superstore should invest in kinder treatment of the 100 million chickens it sells each year.In February, the New York Times published an opinion piece by columnist Nicholas Kristof, who shared the findings of an undercover investigation of a Nebraska farm where Costco chickens are raised. The investigator, who was affiliated with the animal rights group Mercy for Animals, reported having discovered thousands of chickens living in "a hot humid cloud of ammonia and poop mixed together" in tight quarters.

Instagram account @costcohotfinds posted about its return recently and showed just how easy it is to pick up, take home, and cook. She says the "crust came out perfectly brown and the veggies were so good and soft in the middle" and that it's "great for a grab and go dinner."

Other Costco members in the comments mention how much they love this deli item, but many would love it if the pie was a different size.

"We love these!!" one said, adding they they "Just wish there was a way to split it and only cook half!" Another suggested Costco divide it up even more into four mini Chicken Pot Pies.

Some offered tips on how to make it less dry. "To help make the crust flaky and buttery use an egg/butter wash before baking to help prevent the top dough from drying out like that," they said.

This Beloved Costco Fall Bakery Item Has Shot Up In Price

  This Beloved Costco Fall Bakery Item Has Shot Up In Price One of the most beloved bakery items at Costco was previously renowned for its $5.99 price. Now, the price of the Pumpkin Pie is going up.Like a perfect orange pumpkin picked from the patch, the pumpkin pies lining the shelves of Costco's bakery section are a staple of the fall season. Without fail, they make their grand return to warehouses each year in late August or early September. Until this year, the 3.5-pound pies were always priced at $5.99. Now, warehouse members will now have to fork over an additional $1.

The instructions say to bake the Costco Chicken Pot Pie in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. Keep the oven on because there's another pie back in stores—the ginormous Pumpkin Pie! And it's only one of the fall-themed bakery items members will notice back in the bakery section in the next few weeks.

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