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When you think of expensive food and drink cities, it's likely that places like New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami come to mind. And though it's definitely true that these major U.S. towns all have their fair share of pricey coffee spots, it turns out that the most expensive city to buy coffee in isn't even in the Continental United States. (Related: We Tasted Coffee from 5 Fast-Food Chains and This Is the Best.)

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New data from WalletHub shows that Honolulu, Hawaii has the highest average price for a pack of coffee at $8.69. This makes sense, as many grocery items on the islands are imported from other places and travel a long way before landing on the shelves. Case in point: Honolulu's coffee is transported the island from one of the three main coffee growing regions—Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East, and Southeast Asia—and this costs retailers a lot of money.

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Interestingly enough, there is actually a brand of coffee that is one of the only commercially grown coffee brands in the United States grown in Hawaii. It's called Kona and due to the cost of the labor involved in its production, it's also one of the more expensive brands out there. So in the end having the coffee grown on the island itself doesn't help much at all when it comes to average cost and no matter where the beans come from the beans are going to be expensive.

Some of the other cities that rounded out the top five most expensive for a cup of joe include Columbus, Ohio, Freemont, Calif., Oakland, Calif., and San Francisco.

WalletHub also determined the cheapest city to buy coffee in, which is Kansas City, Mo. With an average price for a pack of coffee at $3.44, this city's coffee is about 2.5 times lower in price than Honolulu's.

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So, it sounds like if you're someone who drinks a cup of coffee a day (or two or three), you could save a whole lot of money living in Kansas City over Honolulu—though you might be sacrificing some breathtaking ocean views to look at as you sip.

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