Food 2 adults throw food at teen worker at Maryland ice cream shop

01:06  01 october  2021
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Here are the best ice cream shops in Maryland that will make your sweet tooth go crazy. Justine's Ice Cream Parlor/Facebook. While Justine's has two locations, it's most known for the St The milk used for the products comes straight from their cows - who are onsite (not where the food The hard workers at Island Creamery are always coming up with new ways to bring out the best in ice cream .

A local business posted video of a disturbing assault on a teen employee last week, and it's gone viral on Twitter. It happened at Icy Delights in the Middlesex shopping center on Eastern Boulevard, where a young worker was speaking with an apparent customer one evening. A tweet of the video has gotten more than half a million views. Icy Delights' video shows two people throwing desserts at the employee.

A viral video that shows an employee of an ice cream shop having frozen desserts and other items thrown at her has sparked outrage online.

Security footage of the incident shows Icy Delights' 15-year-old employee being assaulted by two adults. Sharon Gay, the owner of the small Maryland-based chain, told TODAY that the adults threw five desserts and a tip jar at the employee.

Gay said that the customers first ordered three Snowballs, a dessert made with crushed ice, flavored syrup and marshmallow topping, and asked for extra marshmallow topping. After receiving their order, the customers then said there was too much marshmallow topping, so the employee re-made the order.

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Haagen-Dazs teases their new spirit flavored ice cream flavors. The company is set to release a Irish cream and a bourbon flavor.

The serve two brands of hard packed ice cream - Taharka’s Brothers flavors such as Honey Graham, Salty Caramel, and Key Lime Pie, as well as Jack and Jill flavors such as Cotton Candy, Moosetracks, and Sorbet. This Pasadena ice cream institution got more votes for best ice cream ever than pretty much any ice cream shop in Maryland . They offer ice cream , sundaes, malts, banana splits, and ice cream cakes. Customers rave about the fantastic flavor combinations and excellent friendly service.

Icy Delights, a small Maryland-based frozen dessert chain (Courtesy of Sharon Gay) © Provided by TODAY Icy Delights, a small Maryland-based frozen dessert chain (Courtesy of Sharon Gay)

"(The employee) re-made their Snowballs ... and she sends it out there and they haven't even eaten it and they tell her that these weren't right, that she needed to re-make them again," Gay said, adding that the employee also refunded the order. "She told them 'I can't re-make them, what do you want me to do? I gave you extra marshmallow, I gave you regular, and you're saying neither one of them is correct.' And that's when the snowballs started hurling."

Gay said that the employee’s mother is planning to press charges against the couple, who were identified by social media users after the business posted the security video on Facebook and asked for help in identifying them. The business also plans to enact restrictions against the couple preventing them from visiting again.

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Did you know that Maryland has an ice cream trail? This summer, each time you get delectable ice cream from one of the following locations, you’ll receive a stamp in your trail passport, which you can print out here. Cows here feed on grasses grown in organically balanced soils. This makes for some of the most natural ice cream you've ever eaten.

Gay said that she "felt sick" watching the security footage of the incident.

"I felt sick to my stomach to watch what they did, especially at the end of the video where she puts her hands up, like 'Why did you do this?'" Gay said. "I felt the same, like why would you do this? ... What I didn't include (in the video shared online) is the way that she held herself together until they left and then she's just, she's sobbing, she's hysterical."

Gay also noted that the employee and a few other workers cleaned the entire business after the assault, since "everything was coated with marshmallow."

While the employee was not available for comment, Gay said that she was shaken by the incident and left her job shortly after the assault took place.

"This is her first job and she only worked a couple months," said Gay. "She came back one night and her mother sat in the car the whole night, and then she worked last weekend and my granddaughter went in and worked with her. But she's not going to work the rest of the (season). She's pretty shaken up, her mother is still pretty shaken up."

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Ice cream may be a classic kids’ treat, but Boston Ice Cream Factory founder Steve Cirame—a former J.P. Licks employee and the original owner of Christina’s—adds an adult twist to many of the offerings at his Dorchester storefront. Though traditional flavors like chocolate and pistachio hold a place on the menu, the real standouts borrow from the bar. Cookie Monstah. There’s nothing scary about this monster of a food truck, once featured on Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods : Delicious Destinations for wheeling around colossal heaps of Richardson’s ice cream sandwiched between fresh-baked cookies.

A well run ice cream parlor can often even go further by offering milkshakes, ice cream sodas, ice cream shakes, sundaes, and various other frozen treats. Depending on the climate, many parlors close down during snowy winter months. In the United States, ice cream parlors surged in popularity at What should be at the top of this ice cream company list? Well that depends on what of ice cream you like. If you like soft-serve or sandwiches, then your taste will be a lot different from someone who enjoys frozen yogurt or gelato. Regardless, these famous ice cream brands and shops are serving up

Related: Restaurant workers have dealt with increasing levels of bad behavior from customers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Gay said that like many other restaurants and businesses, she and her staff have seen a lot more customer complaints and other bad behavior amid the pandemic. While she and her son, who co-own the business, are not usually on-site, they see negative complaints on social media and receive messages through Facebook.

"We're getting a lot more complaints on Messenger from customers that are irate over something or they want to report one of our employees, and I think a lot of them don't realize ... that we have cameras," Gay said. "Like, we had somebody complain the other day that we closed early at one of our locations, so I pulled the camera up, and we're still open past the time they said they came. They said they were in line, they're not in line in the video."

"You're having people really, really complain, like 'They made this wrong,' or 'They made that wrong,'" Gay continued. "Customers are more irate this summer than they ever have been."

Gay said that she hoped people would remember that many employees are doing the best they can under the tough circumstances of the pandemic, and be understanding if there are issues with an order.

"We have to do extra this year, and no one deserves to be treated like she did," Gay said.


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