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  Halloween Orangen mit Schokopudding © Provided by Sevencooks Quick Info: Vegetarian 240 Kcal Easy 60 minutes

Halloween is coming up and you're already carving on pumpkins? At least as creative these delicious Halloween oranges, filled with homemade chocolate pudding.

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3 Oranges 40 G Strength 10 g Coca Powder20 g Rohrmohrzucker500ml Milk Preparation: Cut the upper quarter of oranges and loosen the pulp with a sharp knife on the edge. Carefully remove the pulp with a spoon.For the pudding strength, sugar and cocoa powder and mix well. Boil the milk in a saucepan and add some hot milk to the pudding powder and stir with a whisk. Then stir in the mood of the pudding cream into the remaining milk and cook for 3 minutes with stirring. Now fill the pudding mass into the orange peels and cold for at least 30 minutes. Crystal Halloween faces in the orange shell with a sharp knife. Tip!


This recipe can of course also translate you vegan. Just replace the milk through your preferred vegan planting release.

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The rest of orange fruit meat you can easily eat or use for an fruit salad with nuts or red cabbage salad .

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The Halloween oranges you can of course also fill with homemade vanilla pudding. You can easily make vanilla pudding powder yourself. We also have the right recipe for you!

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