Food KiwiCo's New Yummy Crate Gets Kids Excited About Cooking — & You Can Pre-Order It Now

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Say hello to Yummy Crate , the cooking subscription box for kids ! Unlock the science of cooking and help kids gain confidence in the kitchen We use cookies to give you the best browsing experience. By clicking accept or using this site, you consent to those cookies. Delivering a whole new recipe for creativity in the kitchen. Check out # KiwiCo for tons more amazing creativity and serious fun.

KiwiCo has launched a new subscription for kids – Yummy Crate ! This cooking subscription box for kids age 6 to 14 is .95 every month + FREE shipping to the US! Each month, you ’ll get 3 delicious family-friendly recipes and 2 fun projects while providing hands-on experimentation and Say hello to Yummy Crate . Unlock the science of cooking and help kids gain confidence in the kitchen. With these family-friendly, kid -tested (and kid -tasted!) recipes, now they can experience the joy of preparing and sharing a meal. All while taking a bite out of big scientific ideas like biology and chemistry in the kitchen.

  KiwiCo's New Yummy Crate Gets Kids Excited About Cooking — & You Can Pre-Order It Now © Courtesy of KiwiCo.

The sizzle of a skillet, the simmering of stews, the smell of cookies wafting out of the oven — this is what I remember about being in the kitchen with my mom when I was a kid. She always had me with her in the kitchen on my little step stool, where I would help her mix up batters, peel potatoes, and make salads. But when I had my own kid, I didn’t know where to start. It can be a challenge to figure out how to introduce your child to the kitchen, no matter their age. How do you make it exciting? What are the best kid-friendly recipes? And how do you make sure the food you’re making together will actually taste good? That’s where KiwiCo’s brand-new Yummy Crate comes in handy. I recently got the chance to review the Tasty & Toasty Yummy Crate, and it’s just what parents who are interested in getting their kids cooking need, all in one box.

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Our newest line is here and it ’ s our YUMMY -est one yet! Unlock the science of cooking and help kids gain confidence in the kitchen with family friendly, kid -tested (and kid -tasted!) recipes. Each month with Yummy Crate , you ’ll get : 3 delicious kid -approved recipes specialty cooking tools and STEAM activity ideas a Yummy Zine with kid -friendly comics and fun facts about food an easy-to-use shopping list to customize your grocery needs for your family’ s preferences. Head to m. kiwico .com/ Yummy and be the first take a bite out of science.

KiwiCo ' s Koala Crate provides preschoolers with hands-on learning with activity boxes and kits to foster creativity for kids aged 2-4. Koala Crate was created to expose preschoolers to new materials, tools, and concepts for hands-on learning and fun. As parents, we know it 's not always easy to provide these quality experiences for our children, and want to make it easy and convenient to build, explore, and create together.

Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. KiwiCo is a SheKnows sponsor, however, all products in this article were independently selected by our editors. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

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Previously, I was familiar with KiwiCo and its hands-on, monthly activity kits that promote STEAM skills for kids. Yummy Crate is their newest addition. It’s a monthly kit for kids ages 6-14, and it explores the science of cooking with tasty family-friendly recipes, specialty cooking tools that kids can experiment with, and creative activities.

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KiwiCo ' s Panda Crate supports baby and toddler development with age appropriate products. Designed by experts, tested by kids ! Developmentally appropriate. Just-right products and information for your child's Can I order Panda Crate now and receive it later? Can't find what you 're looking for?

Kiwico Crates For Kids ! kiwi crate for kids find clothing, fashion, bags, dresses, schools, learn Details: KiwiCo offers subscription crates for all ages making it fun and accessible for all! Visit KiwiCo ’ s website to find the right crate for your child! You can now have fun and engaging activities

Courtesy of KiwiCo. © Provided by SheKnows Courtesy of KiwiCo.
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When I opened the kit, I was impressed with how much was inside. There was a letter to the “grown up sous chef” that outlined the recipes within, explaining the main lesson of the crate (in this case, the Maillard reaction, which is the fancy science name for cooking food until it’s browned), providing a shopping list for ingredients, and offering up ingredient substitutions for different dietary needs.

There were three recipe cards included, for making browned burgers, chicken tenders, and smashed potatoes. I was excited to see that they had options for making meatless versions of their browned burgers, gluten-free options for their breaded chicken tenders, and that each recipe was nut-free, making this kit suitable for those with allergies.

The specialty tool that came in my kit was a burger press that doubles as a potato smasher. My son is a toddler, so he’s a bit younger than the recommended age range, but he had fun helping me press our burgers. And we both got a lot of satisfaction out of smashing our potatoes, which helped them crisp up in the oven (it’s the Maillard reaction in action!). In fact, the burger press tool might have been invented for the kids, but I can see myself using it for all sorts of things in the future, especially whenever I make crispy potatoes or Brussels sprouts (smashing those results in more surface area coming into contact with your pan, meaning more Maillard reaction and crispy brown bits, too).

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KiwiCo is a subscription-based service, meaning that when you sign up, you decide the terms on which you ’ll receive the boxes and how you ’ll be charged for them. You may opt for a monthly subscription in which you 're charged as each shipment is sent, or you may prepay for three months The self-contained crates clearly state what’ s inside and are addressed to the child recipient—which could be problematic if you ’re trying to keep a gift secret—but my kids loved seeing their names printed right on the box and were excited to “test out” their Kiwi Crates . Despite a journey through the mail

Start your kids love for cooking with KiwiCo Yummy . Shop new KiwiCo Yummy Crates and enjoy hands-on-learning along with yummy recipes. KiwiCo coupons give you a unique chance to boost your kids ’ curiosity and creativity while saving some money in the process. The company focuses on creating art and science project packages suitable for various ages. If you want to use a promo code, the only thing you need to do is type it in the field designated to enter coupon details on the website.

Courtesy of Yummy Crate. © Provided by SheKnows Courtesy of Yummy Crate.

On the creative side, the kit included a dry-erase menu and marker that kids can use to write out descriptions of their culinary creations. But beyond the kit, the reusable menu can also be a fun activity to get kids interested in dinner every night. They can write up the menu while you cook, or you can have them create a menu and make your meal based on the dinner they dreamed up! There’s also a “Yummy Zine,” a magazine with information and activities based on each crate’s topic. This one was all about the Maillard reaction and even included a cute mystery story about toasted marshmallows.

Courtesy of KiwiCo. © Provided by SheKnows Courtesy of KiwiCo.

The Yummy Crate from KiwiCo is available for pre-order now and starts shipping in November. If you’ve always wanted to get your kids excited about food and cooking but weren’t sure where to start, this is a great option. It’s fun for kids who are already interested in cooking, too — they’ll love the specialty cooking tool in each kit, and learning about the “why” behind phenomenon like foods browning will deepen their understanding of how things work in the kitchen.

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