Food Chicken Fat Spill Slickens Streets in Mississippi

13:35  24 october  2021
13:35  24 october  2021 Source:   foodandwine.com

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If you're driving in the rain, watch out for hydroplaning. If you're driving in the snow, watch out for icy patches. And if you're driving in New Albany, Mississippi, watch out for… chicken fat.

a train is coming down the road: Getty Images / iStockphoto © Provided by Food & Wine Getty Images / iStockphoto

On Monday afternoon, local police were dispatched to a car accident — a seemingly routine event until they reached the scene. "When officers arrived, they found a considerable amount of liquid on the roadway, causing a very slippery condition," New Albany Fire Chief Mark Whiteside said, according to the New Albany Gazette. As calls of slick conditions on roads in the region continued, more local authorities got involved. Eventually, they determined that the "trail of extremely slick substance" was originating from a biodiesel facility.

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a train is coming down the road: A mysterious substance was causing vehicles to spin out of control: It was 500 gallons of chicken fat. © Getty Images / iStockphoto A mysterious substance was causing vehicles to spin out of control: It was 500 gallons of chicken fat.

Once in touch with that facility, the culprit was determined: chicken fat, which can be used to make biofuels (or zucchini). "Apparently there had been some mechanical issues unloading and the product which was chicken fat did not unload properly," Whiteside was quoted as saying. "The top hatch on the tank may not have been secured as it should have been, and when the truck-trailer would stop and start again, significant amounts of product would leak from the trailer and out on the ground."

In all, Whiteside estimated that 500 gallons or more of chicken fat may have ended up on area roads, causing multiple vehicles to spin out of control, according to NEMiss.news. In the short term, sand and dirt were reportedly placed on the slick patches to make them less slippery and lime was added to deal with the smell until cleanup crews came out to wash away the whole mess.

"What was seen here today was a joint effort by all emergency responders working as one organization to bring a potentially bad situation under control," Whiteside stated. He also added, "There were so many puns yesterday, and I've heard them all."

So we're guessing he must have heard "Why did the chicken fat cross the road?"

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