Food Irres Recipe: Fresh butter yourself make out of just one ingredient! If you know this trick, you never need to buy which

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We Germans love our bread - and what is it? Of course delicious butter! No wonder there is you in the supermarket in all sorts of variations. There they are, cleanly lined up, the rectangular pieces that every child knows. And that of course land in our shopping sectors. But: Would you have thought that it is easy to make butter yourself? It is simple with this manual. Try it ...

  Irres Rezept: Frische Butter selber machen aus nur einer Zutat! Wenn Sie DIESEN Trick kennen, müssen Sie nie wieder welche kaufen © Provided by Berliner Kurier

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The principle: In the butter production cream is beaten - and so long until the fat globes contained in the milk fat are destroyed. As a result, an interesting process happens: the fat occurs and bond the fat ingredients to lump. These form the butter, are later separated from the grease-free components, then stirred and packed.

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Anyone who wanted to beat cream before knows the problem: Anyone who stands with the stirring device in the kitchen and missed the right time is quickly lumped cream. Anyone who wants to make butter himself makes useful - and uses whipped cream with the highest possible fat percentage and a small kitchen mixer. The whipped cream comes in portions in the blender and is then pitched - with the small kitchen appliances usually already five minutes are enough. Then the desired fat clumps form.

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After this process, the liquid - the buttermilk - is poured off and the butter lumps in a bowl with ice water are rinsed well. It is best to reciprocate the butter lump with a stirring spoon, so that the liquid is expressed. Subsequently, the butter is stirred in a bowl, which regularly cast out leaking water. Done is the butter!

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, by the way, pure can be eaten, but also used as a base for own buteds. Approximately offset with fresh herbs and well seasoned is the own herb butter finished quickly. Who likes salted butter, can also easily work a generous pinch of sea salt. Bon Appetit!

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