Food Use homemade ricotta to upgrade 2 classic Italian dishes

03:50  06 december  2021
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True Italian ricotta is a fresh, soft, white cheese made from cow’s milk and leftover whey—the watery part of milk that’s separated from the curds during cheesemaking. Rather than throw away this nutritious milk-water, Italian cheesemakers developed ricotta by heating whey near a boil, which caused it to coagulate and form a soft cheese. This homemade ricotta -style cheese is a fresh cheese, which means it hasn’t been aged to prolong its shelf life. Store in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to two days.

I even get e-mails from people saying they won't make a recipe if it calls for ricotta cheese because they despise that grainy stuff so much. And really good fresh ricotta cheese is hard to come by, unless you have a great Italian deli nearby or live in places like New York City and can get to Murray's. There are two versions - I've tried both and both are good - you can choose which one to make according to which ingredients you have. Once you make it, you won't want to buy those mealy tubs in the grocery store again.

Who doesn't love a creamy cheese? In this week's episode of TODAY All Day's "Saucy," Anthony Contrino is whipping up a batch of Italy's silkiest, cloud-like cheese: ricotta. His homemade version is far simpler than the traditional twice-cooked process. The result is a wonderfully light ricotta that can be used in your favorite sweet and savory dishes. The chef and food stylist then makes a classic panelle sandwich with crispy, melt-in-your-mouth fritters, followed by the Sicilian classic, pasta alla Norma.

  Use homemade ricotta to upgrade 2 classic Italian dishes © Provided by TODAY

Homemade Ricotta by Anthony Contrino

In Italian, ricotta means "twice cooked" because this cheese is traditionally made using whey that is left over from the cheesemaking process. I don’t know about you, but I don’t normally have whey on hand, so this is how I make it at home. This recipe comes together in just 10 minutes (plus, an hour of inactive time), and it's easy and super tasty.

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Few ingredients go into making this dish , but the secret is in their quality, and the way they stick to the tube shaped pasta. Pecorino cheese, pork cheek and raw organic eggs are all that's needed for Rome's specialty dish . They combine to create a dense creamy sauce that smells of a Mediterranean garden and cries out to be stirred through a bowl of handmade trofie pasta twists. This dish is at its best in Genoa, in northwestern Liguria, a land of seafarers and adventurers. The region was a spice trade hub in the Middle Ages, when use of herbs and flowers to flavor food became commonplace.

Classic Italian Dishes . Collection by Amy Gaita. · This Italian Dessert, rich with eggs and creamy ricotta cheese is also known as Neapolitan Easter Pie to some. I have always wanted to make an authentic Italian Cheesecake. Rob was coming home for a little mini-vacation and My mom used to make these Italian Sesame Seed cookies all the time, but they were especially made for the holidays

Panelle Sandwich by Anthony Contrino

Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. This modest sandwich pays homage to one of the best street foods you'll find in Sicily: crispy chickpea fritters. Often served between rustic country bread, this Brooklynized version of the panelle sandwich is slathered in a savory ricotta spread.

Pasta alla Norma by Anthony Contrino

This simple, rustic Sicilian pasta dish is a family favorite. Sweet tomatoes, earthy eggplant and a little red pepper for spice make it perfect for any night of the week. Normally topped with ricotta salata, this version uses a whipped ricotta to balance out the tomato-based sauce with a creamier texture.

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