Food delicious fruity and not bitter: five steps to the perfect fruit punch

04:01  08 december  2021
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Who prepares fruit punch yourself, ingredients and sugar content can determine wonderful self. However, you should not be too hot, the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZFE) advises - because with too much heat, the drink is quickly bitter.

Für viele gehört Früchtepunsch zur vorweihnachtlichen Zeit wie Adventskranz, Stolle und Weihnachtsstern. © Christin Klose / DPA-TMN For many, fruit punch is part of the pre-Christmas time like Advent wreath, Stolle and Christmas star. Instructions in five steps, as the punch perfectly succeeds

Step 1 : Basic is a highly brewed fruit tea. For example, for each liter of 4 to 5 tea bags, for example from apple, forest berries or hailbuttees, let up five to ten minutes. Also a spicy chai tea or herbal tea as fennel is good in the punch.

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Step 2: After dragging, a fruit juice such as apple, orange or grape juice added. Also suitable are cherry, currant or cranberry juice or even a mix of all this. Important is the ratio 2: 1 of tea and juice.

Step 3: For more aroma, some grated shell of an untreated lemon or orange, a dash of lime juice and winter spices such as cinnamon sticks, cloves, anise, ginger, vanilla, nutmeg and cardamom. If the spices are placed in a tea egg or in a tea bag, you can remove them later.

Step 4: Whoever likes sweets, adds some honey, agaves juice, a packet of vanilla sugar or brown sugar. Gourmets puff the punch also with their favorite fruit. This can be small apple, pear or tangerine pieces, finely sliced ​​orange slices, shadow morals from the glass or frozen berry fruits.

Step 5: All ingredients are finally allowed to pull around ten minutes at moderate heat (70-78 degrees). The liquid should not cook to get the vitamins in the fruit and the flavors of the spices as possible. Finally, the fruit punch is decorated with star anise and an orange slice. If you like cinnamon, you can use a cinnamon stick for stirring.

for people who do not like tea so much, there is an alternative: just mix hot holding juice with apple juice and season with honey and spices. (DPA / TMN)

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