Food Cheaper than the British: Aldi and Lidl on the rise

09:30  19 january  2022
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Vegan Stinksauer: Aldi is to rename product

 Vegan Stinksauer: Aldi is to rename product Some vegan customers seem to be annoyed by the name of the new product of Aldi - and demand the discounter for action. © Michele Tantussi / Getty Images Aldi-Logo These complaints of ALDI customers in the United Kingdom turn around the new "vegan bacon" at Aldi. The annoyance is for many in the term. also interesting: death drama: first pictures of Alec Baldwin to deadly shots man bathes in hot yellowstone source.

increase taxes that explode energy prices - millions of british groans among ever higher financial burdens. Food prices have also gained, last year by 9 percent.

Die deutschen Discounter Aldi und Lidl sind auch in Großbritannien erfolgreich. © PA / PA Wire / dpa The German Discounter Aldi and Lidl are also successful in the UK.

"Nobody wants to pay too much for staple foods, especially if the budget budgets are also under pressure by short living expenses," Ele Clark said by the Consumer Protection Organization Which. For customers, therefore, they are still looking for prices. Because like how? Determined, there are big differences. As a winner, two German companies could emerge from the crisis - Aldi and Lidl.

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The two discounters offered the cheapest prices 2021, like that? Wednesday announced. Aldi was just ahead in the comparison, for which the organization evaluates a fixed price basket with products of the eight most important providers, sometimes Lidl. In January 2021, both were even priced. This concept could help the competitors with their further business expansion.

experts refer to a similar situation a good ten years ago. "We all have our prices drift up. This has created a situation that the discounters exploited, "said Newton-Consultant Andy Clarke, once boss of the supermarket chain Asda, recently the newspaper" The Times "with a view to the financial crisis 2008/09. Competitor Sainsbury's refers to some products, they are as low as at Aldi.

Aldi wine Advent calendar, beer, toys, candy and more collections go on sale Wednesday

  Aldi wine Advent calendar, beer, toys, candy and more collections go on sale Wednesday Advent calendars return to Aldi stores nationwide Wednesday for National Advent Calendar Day, a madeup holiday the discount grocer began in 2020.Wednesday is the discount grocer's second annual National Advent Calendar Day, which is held on the first Wednesday in November. Sixteen calendars go on sale when stores open Wednesday, including the wine and cheese, beer and toys and candy collections.

Hundreds of other branches planned

Although Tesco remains the absolute market leader - the proportion of retail giants is far more than a quarter (27.7 percent). But the shares of other members of the "big four" crumbles: Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons alleged all between November 2020 and 2021 a small piece of the cake, which is worth around 133 billion pounds (just under 160 billion euros) after calculations of the research institute . Lidl and Aldi want to use and with hundreds of new branches that the discounters want to open the gap until 2025 nationwide.

that this can succeed, the Christmas season showed: Both made a clear plus in their sales. The "Big Four" all recorded a minus. In the meantime, the Germans together arrive at a share of 14.3 percent - almost a triplet last decade. They are long ago not only accepted by the middle class, which they originally convinced with reasonable prices for lobster and champagne. With clever marketing strategies and significant advertising partnerships, the discounters are anchored in public awareness. Thus, Lidl appears as a sponsor of the English football national team, Aldi is a partner of the popular TV backshow "The Great British Bake Off".

Aldi’s New Cookware Looks Exactly Like This Famous Staub Collection

  Aldi’s New Cookware Looks Exactly Like This Famous Staub Collection We love a good dupe, but we especially love a good dupe that almost saves us literally hundreds of dollars. So when Aldi put out these adorable Crofton Pumpkin Casserole Dishes on their shelves that have a nearly identical — and way more expensive — Staub Pumpkin Cast Iron Cocotte doppelganger from Williams-Sonoma, it was a no-brainer that we’d have to check ‘em out for ourselves.

"We continue to see great opportunities in the market," said the outgoing boss of Lidl UK, Christian Härtnagel, the "Evening Standard". The fact that Hälstnagel rises in February to Germany Chief, is considered proof of the successful expansion of the Neckarsulmer company in the Kingdom.

, as competitors ALDI, he uses the connection to the association. In English branches, British flags are seen in courses and products. German quality from Great Britain, should mean that. "As the cheapest supermarket in the UK, Aldi will always demand the lowest prices for food - no matter what - and support our British farmers and producers," also promises Giles Hurley, boss of Aldi UK.

ALDI tests Kollless Purchasing

Thanks to this concept, the discounters seem to have overcome the problems in the supply chains for the first one. Because workers from the EU have been expensive and expensive visas since Brexit, skilled workers are rare whether harvesting agents or meat production. Especially truck drivers are still looking with high pressure - the called salaries shot up.

This requires some hurdles for hard nail successor Ryan McDonnell. In the opinion of Experts for Lidl, air upwards are still available on online trading. Here Aldi has submitted with a Click & Collect offer and cooperation with the delivery service Deliveroo. The first discounter Aldi also offers a pollless shopping in the London district of Greenwich after the model of Amazon Go customers. Registered in the store technology who has taken what had taken. The price will be deducted after leaving the business via app. Lidl also checks the concept.

But here also lurks a danger for the further rise of the Germans. Because Amazon as a technology leader also places on attack in the kingdom. By 2025, 260 stores should be opened nationwide under the name Amazon Fresh.

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