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The tomatillo in summary:

Latin name : Physalis ixocarpa,

Physalis philadelphica

name common : tomatillo

family : solaraceae

type : annual

height : 1 m m at 1.50 m

Planting distance : 80 cm to 1 m

Exhibition : sunny

soil : light, humus and well drained

plantation : March, April - Harvest : August to October

Tomatillo is a much less known physalis than its cousin the Physalis of Peru . Originally from Central America, its fruits quickly evoke those of the tomato, but their color for maturity is yellow or purple depending on the variety . If you want to bring

to your vegetable garden and on your plate, this annual is made for you. Plantation of the Tomatillo Preparation of the soil:

If your earth is very clay

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(we then speak of heavy soil), we will have to lighten it and abuse it before thinking of planting the Tomatillo.

In Autumn , perform an amendment by bringing from sand and soil to your soil. Know that if you have a fireplace, you can recover the ash and spread them in your vegetable garden. The following operation must be carried out whatever the nature of the soil : return and soul the earth in depth thanks to an Fauche - Bêche . It is rather not recommended to use the spade if you do not want to hurt our friends Lombrics.

in spring , just before planting your feet of Tomatillo, return again the earth , but in surface this time.

Plantation of Tomatillo:

culture du tomatillo © supplied by Malin garden Tomatillo culture as many plants in the vegetable patch, it is necessary to make an sowing beforehand. The latter must be done in March - Darril :

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Semez The seeds in a mixture of soil and sand; Install your culture in the sun and out of the cold; When the seedlings have at least two leaves, transplants into buckets and continue to preserve them from the cold; At the half, when the frosts are no longer to be feared, transplant the plants in the ground by spacing them at least 80 cm.

smart advice: Like tomatoes, think of Tuteuer your Tomatillo feet to prevent branches from breaking under the weight of the fruit.

Culture and maintenance

It is useless to cut the Tomatillo . Its maintenance is ultimately limited to sprinkle regularly without drowning them (especially if your soil tends to remember the water).

Diseases and pests:

with the rise of organic farming and the limitation of pesticides, a non -negligible asset of tomatillo is a very low sensitivity to the disease and pests . Harvesting and conservation of Tomatillo

Tomatillo supplied by Malin garden Tomatillo depending on the plantation period, the first fruits can appear in July and the harvest continues until the month of October - November during the 'Appearance of frosts.

Once picked, fruit

keep 1 to 2 weeks as long as they are stored under the shelter and dry . Tomatillo in kitchen

The fruits of the tomatillo are consumed

cooked and they have little vintage vintage. They perfectly accompany Mexican recipes such as salsa verde and, in puree , they also allow to reduce the too spicy dishes.



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Tomatoes — and tomato-based products — are under threat due to drought .
Tomatoes and tomato-based products are in danger due to California drought, which may have an effect on Ketchup, salsa, pizza sauce, marinara and more.This month, tomato farmers are finding their yields in danger as California faces its worst drought in over a millennium. In fact, according to a recent study in the environmental journal Nature, the time period of 2000 to 2021 was the driest 22-year period since at least 1,200 years ago. That’s right — the last time the West Coast was this dry was in the year 800.

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