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Carlos Sainz must admit: What Leclerc makes, the first cream

Sunday  11:10,   17 april 2022

is while Charles Leclerc seems to spare in the World Cup, his teammate Carlos Sainz must see that he did not miss the connection to his Ferrari teammates. After his failure in Melbourne , the Spaniard has already 38 points behind the overall... >>>

Gingerbread Cake

Sunday  08:50,   17 april 2022

This dark, moist gingerbread cake combines the old-fashioned flavors of ginger and molasses. The recipe was passed down to me from a dear aunt. —Ila Mae Alderman, Galaz, Virginia The post Gingerbread Cake appeared first on Taste of Home.9... >>>

Easter Ham

Sunday  08:40,   17 april 2022

I serve this Easter ham every year. The sweet-spicy glaze turns a plain ham into a mouthwatering sensation. Everyone who tries it loves this juicy main dish! —Jessica Eymann, Watsonville, California The post Easter Ham appeared first on Taste of... >>>

You'll Beg For Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

Sunday  08:15,   17 april 2022

This chicken soup is the easiest way to warm up.Also—did we mention you get to top it with crunchy tortilla strips, avocado, and sour cream? Let's see chicken noodle soup try to do... >>>

This Perfect Flank Steak Can't Get Any Simpler

Sunday  08:15,   17 april 2022

Flankin'... >>>

If You See White Film on Glassware, This Is What It Means

Sunday  08:15,   17 april 2022

Here's the simple science behind your cloudy glassware. The post If You See White Film on Glassware, This Is What It Means appeared first on Taste of Home. >>>

Pork Fried Rice Is The Easiest And Most Forgiving Weeknight Dinner

Sunday  08:15,   17 april 2022

The possibilities are endless.Aside from the rice and the eggs, everything can be substituted. Any combo of cooked and cooled rice (it crisps up better when the starches get a chance to set!), eggs, aromatics (like onion, shallots, scallions,... >>>

This Is America’s Oldest Beer

Sunday  07:25,   17 april 2022

Nearly as many people in America drink beer as those who drink water (something of an exaggeration). The National Beer Wholesalers Association claims that, in 2020, adults in the U.S. consumed over 26.1 gallons of beer and cider. The beer industry... >>>

Why Do Truck Drivers Say “10-4”?

Sunday  07:25,   17 april 2022

“10-4” isn’t any quicker than saying “OK.” But it is a storied trucker tradition.This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these... >>>

123 Easy Dinner Ideas We Love

Sunday  05:00,   17 april 2022

These easy dinner ideas answer the age-old question of "What's for dinner?" so simply. Each easy dish preps fast and with simple ingredients. Find great recipes for all times of the year. The post 123 Easy Dinner Ideas We Love appeared first on... >>>

10 Protein-Rich Recipes That Use Nutritional Yeast, the Cheesy Vegan Seasoning Linked To Improving Your Mood

Sunday  05:00,   17 april 2022

Nutritional gold has officially been struck.Nutritional yeast, a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is often used in cooking to add a cheesy, slightly nutty taste to food—yet it isn't made with any animal products whatsoever. But it's not just the... >>>

60 Cheap Dinner Ideas for Under $10

Sunday  04:55,   17 april 2022

Easy weeknight meals on a budget ARE possible. We've rounded up our favorite cheap dinner ideas for affordable meals that will feed a family of four for just $10 (or less!). The post 60 Cheap Dinner Ideas for Under $10 appeared first on Taste of >>>

Summer Squash Side Dish Casserole

Sunday  03:35,   17 april 2022

My daughter-in-law created this healthy yellow squash recipe and shared it with me. I was delighted since my husband and I were cutting down on fried foods. You can easily double or triple this squash casserole to serve at family dinner. —Sue Joyce, >>>

Acini di Pepe Salad

Sunday  02:16,   17 april 2022

Looking for a quick lunch idea? Blend veggies, tiny pasta and juicy pineapple bits to make my favorite acini di pepe salad recipe. —June Herke, Watertown, South Dakota The post Acini di Pepe Salad appeared first on Taste of Home.2... >>>

Frozen Strawberry Dessert

Sunday  02:16,   17 april 2022

My grandpa gave me many of my grandmother's and great-grandmother's recipes, including this frozen strawberry dessert, along with many wonderful stories about them. —Kate Murphy, Union Bay, British Columbia The post Frozen Strawberry Dessert >>>