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Battle the Munchies with These Bar Snacks

Friday  19:30,   27 march 2020

From homemade wings to anything loaded with cheese, here's how to elevate your favorite bar snacks at... >>>

Here's What We're Cooking to Survive Quarantine

Friday  17:30,   27 march 2020

The team at Eat This, Not That! has been whipping up some delicious meals during quarantine, and now, we're sharing them with... >>>

If You Don't Have Pasta on Hand, Zucchini Is an Amazing Alternative

Friday  17:20,   27 march 2020

You probably won't miss the macaroni.Vegetables can be a great sub for pasta. They’re chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, and all that good stuff, plus plenty of fiber. But before you go wild with the spiralizer, consider the structure and... >>>

A 7-Day Meal Plan Using Canned Food

Friday  17:07,   27 march 2020

Canned goods are a great starting point for countless meals, including these. Each of this week's dinners relies on canned foods—beans, tomatoes, tuna and more—to make your meal prep stress free. The post A 7-Day Meal Plan Using Canned Food... >>>

Awaken Your Palate with Spring Colors

Friday  15:50,   27 march 2020

These vegetable recipes pack a serious punch of color and they aren't just pretty, they taste great... >>>

How to Cook Dried Beans: A Slow Cooker Black Bean Recipe

Friday  15:25,   27 march 2020

Beans, beans the magical fruit.After doing some searching on the internet, I've quickly learned that I'm late to the slow cooker bean party. There are so many blog posts and magazine articles out there that share different flavor combinations and... >>>

Here’s How to Make Polenta at Home (Because It’s Easier Than You Think)

Friday  13:40,   27 march 2020

Polenta is filling, cheap and surprisingly easy to whip up. Here’s how to make polenta at home without stirring for hours and hours. require(["c.deferred"], function () { if (typeof scriptHandled == "undefined") { var scriptHandled = {}; (function... >>>

Krispy Kreme Is Thanking Medical Workers With Free Doughnuts During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Friday  13:25,   27 march 2020

Krispy Kreme is stepping up to show its gratitude for healthcare workers who are tirelessly helping others during the coronavirus outbreak. The doughnut chain will soon begin giving out boxes of free glazed dozens to employees in the medical field.  >>>

Cleaning produce in the age of coronavirus: Take these food safety steps, rinse and repeat

Friday  13:25,   27 march 2020

There's no definitive evidence that COVID-19 is spread through food, but you could get sick if you pick up an item than an infected person coughed on. >>>

Meat Lovers' Pizza Dip Is A Dream Come True

Friday  12:35,   27 march 2020

The next best thing to... >>>

Crockpot White Chicken Chili Is The Perfect Cold Weather Dinner

Friday  12:35,   27 march 2020

Hearty, creamy, and full of your favorite chili flavors.Yields: 6... >>>

Arby's Who? Our French Dip Is Truly Better Than The Rest

Friday  12:21,   27 march 2020

When I dip you dip we dip.... >>>

The Best Place To Get Mac And Cheese Takeout In Every State

Friday  10:30,   27 march 2020

There's no need to buy the boxed stuff ever... >>>

Chick-fil-A meal comes up with inspiring message for customers worried about coronavirus

Friday  10:30,   27 march 2020

This brings a new definition to the term "comfort food."This brings a new definition to the term "comfort... >>>

One-Pot, 15-Minute Pasta Limone

Friday  03:30,   27 march 2020

Introducing one-pot, 15-minute pasta limone: Throw all of the ingredients into one skillet, boil them and dinner’s done in no time. >>>