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I swapped my usual morning coffee with matcha from this Black-owned brand

Tuesday  22:17,   23 february 2021

Consider caffeine jitters a thing of the past.As a caffeine addict, my morning routine always involves a fresh cup of coffee — especially on Mondays — to energize me for the week. On my occasional trips to the nearby coffee shop, though, I started... >>>

Jay-Z Sells 50 Percent Of His Champagne Brand To LVMH

Tuesday  21:26,   23 february 2021

It's a major business deal for Jay-Z!It was announced today, via The New York Times, that the best-selling rapper has sold 50 percent of his champagne brand, Armand de Brignac, also known as Ace of Spades, to the French... >>>

Giada De Laurentiis’ Winter Pasta Salad Will Become Your Next Go-To Side Dish

Tuesday  20:39,   23 february 2021

Who said pasta salad had to be a summer dish? Sure, who doesn’t love a summer recipe to cool you down, but why limit yourself to only eating cold food when it’s warm out? Why not transform a warm-weather classic into a cold-weather delight by using... >>>

Household trick: cleaning with potatoes

Tuesday  20:27,   23 february 2021

You don't necessarily need chemical cleaning agents to keep the apartment sparkling clean. Potatoes are a perfect alternative - and clean them ecologically © istock with potatoes istock The popular tuber in Germany regularly ends up in the saucepan >>>

Feast Your Eyes on This Unofficial Jennifer Garner House Tour

Tuesday  19:09,   23 february 2021

Jennifer Garner has been giving us a never-before-seen glimpse inside her home, so we pieced together an unofficial house tour. Find out more here.One plus side of social distancing? The increase in celebrity house tours we’ve seen on social media.... >>>

Dogfish Head Is Breaking into the Canned Cocktail Market

Tuesday  19:08,   23 february 2021

The famously off-centered craft brewery and distillery is mixing its spirits into ready-to-drink cocktails."Our passion for making off-centered canned cocktails stems from our passion for making off-centered spirits," says Sam Calagione, Dogfish... >>>

"We children from Bahnhof Zoo": The Amazon series glorifies drugs - and on purpose!

Tuesday  17:56,   23 february 2021

" We children from Zoo Station " does not hold back with intoxicating drug excesses and shows not only the abysses of consumption but also the euphoric heights of addiction. For some, the series adaptation of the story of Christiane F. ( Jana... >>>

Denouement: These sweets are especially popular in your country!

Tuesday  17:52,   23 february 2021

We wanted to know from you which sweets are particularly popular in your country. You can find out whether you have won the DW backpack with contents in the exclusive DW design here. © Provided by Deutsche Welle Provided by Deutsche Welle Sweets... >>>

With Spicy Ramen Breakfast Grilled Cheese, you truly can have it all

Tuesday  16:03,   23 february 2021

I will not bother to pretend that the inspiration for this sandwich came from anything other than marijuana. Ironically, this idea came to me on a night where, in an attempt to conquer my chronic insomnia, I went a little crazy with Cherry Pie (both >>>

Gordon Ramsay says his restaurants have lost $80 million worth of turnover during the pandemic - and that's just in the UK

Tuesday  16:03,   23 february 2021

Ramsay, who owns 35 restaurants worldwide, said the three lockdowns in the UK have caused "utter devastation" and have been "incredibly costly."Ramsay, who owns 35 restaurants worldwide, told The Sun the three lockdowns in the UK have caused "utter... >>>

22 gourmet spinach recipes to stop saying it's not good

Tuesday  15:23,   23 february 2021

This site had been occupied for seventeen days to protest against the creation of a future Grand Paris metro station © SIPA PRESS La ZAD du Triangle de Gonesse (Val-d'Oise) SOCIETE - This site had been occupied for seventeen days to protest against >>>

This Hot AF Chili Oil Is An Essential For Anyone Who Adds Spice To All Their Food

Tuesday  15:17,   23 february 2021

For the people who always ask their waiter for a side of hot sauce.My mom, aunts, and grandparents always made the dishes coming out of the kitchen look seamless and easy, which is why I was in for a rude awakening when I started learning how to... >>>

Don’t Store Your Food This Way During Winter Storms, USDA Warns

Tuesday  15:17,   23 february 2021

The USDA is warning residents of areas hit hard by last week's winter storms not to store food outside in the snow because it is dangerous.A full freezer can keep its temperature for about 48 hours if it isn't opened, the USDA says. The... >>>

60+ Super Cheap and Fast Dinners for Any Night of the Week

Tuesday  09:05,   23 february 2021

Say hello to your new weeknight heroes.... >>>

This Simple Vegan Lasagna Recipe Provides Warming Comfort With Every Bite

Tuesday  09:05,   23 february 2021

You have to watch to learn the secret ingredient.Eating a traditional lasagna is an unequivocal delight; making one, however, can sometimes be the opposite for a novice cook. (So. Much. Time.) Thankfully, you don't need two-plus hours to make chef... >>>