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Giada uses this simple trick to turn leftover pasta into a whole new meal

Friday  01:35,   27 march 2020

"Using some leftovers from Jade's dinner last night to make her lunch today."Giada De Laurentiis has a brilliant trick for turning leftover pasta into a brand new meal that kids — including her 11-year-old daughter Jade — will totally want for... >>>

3 Creative Ways to Use the Canned Tomatoes in Your Pantry

Friday  00:45,   27 march 2020

You’ll thank us after the fifth red sauce over pasta dinner in a row.Whether you are making a hearty roasted tomato garlic sauce to put on just about any protein or a spicy tomato aioli for sandwiches or salads, canned tomatoes can be the start of a >>>

Can You (And Should You) Freeze Eggs?

Thursday  21:11,   26 march 2020

Yes! Here’s... >>>

50 Easy Ground Beef Recipes for True Meat Lovers

Thursday  20:31,   26 march 2020

Your freezer stash is there for you — even on the busiest... >>>

Supreme Oreos Collaboration: Details, Price and How to Buy

Thursday  19:36,   26 march 2020

The Supreme Oreos will be released online today at $3 after being sold on eBay for thousands of dollars.The Instagram user is known for crushing bread with her face and has more than 195,000 followers. She revealed a close-up of the Supreme Oreos on >>>

How to Sauté Vegetables the Quick and Easy Way

Thursday  19:36,   26 march 2020

Roasting takes time and blanching takes a big set up, but sautéing is the fastest way to cook vegetables for dinner tonight.But as temperatures warm, I've reached a decision: It's time to stop the roasting already. Now, given that roasted vegetables >>>

27 Easy Paleo Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

Thursday  17:48,   26 march 2020

Paleo dieters, we’ve got you. We know breakfast is a challenge, so we’ve gathered 27 easy Paleo breakfast ideas that you can whip up before work or on weekend... >>>

These Black Bean Recipes Make Flavorful Weekday Cooking a Breeze

Thursday  17:46,   26 march 2020

Seriously, these recipes are so... >>>

Craving a Starbucks-Level Latte? Here's How to Make One at Home in 3 Easy Steps

Thursday  17:03,   26 march 2020

When you're craving your usual pick-me-up from Starbucks but can't have it, the start of your day is just a little off. Thankfully, making a latte can be broken down into three steps that can easily be done from the comfort of your kitchen - >>>

Dove’s NEW Chocolate Pudding Mixes Are Just What Your Snack Time Is Missing

Thursday  17:03,   26 march 2020

You can enjoy the creamy taste of Dove chocolatein pudding! This Dove pudding mix is made for indulging. The post Dove’s New Chocolate Pudding Mixes Are Just What Your Snack Time Is Missing appeared first on Taste of Home. >>>

Top 5 Oatmeal Topping Combos

Thursday  16:21,   26 march 2020

Best combinations for the best pick me upBananas, peanut butter, and berries! How could you ever go wrong with this classic combination? Peanut butter (or at least some sort of nut butter) is an absolute must in pretty much every oatmeal bowl. But... >>>

13 Helpful Tips for Home Cooks of Any Level

Thursday  15:55,   26 march 2020

A few PSAs on freezing, reheating, refrigerating, and cooking—including, of course, dried... >>>

Add Some Peanut Butter to Your Dinner

Thursday  15:36,   26 march 2020

Look beyond sweet jelly—your peanut butter jar is perfect for salads, soups, even... >>>

What to Make for Dinner When Your Fridge is Bare

Thursday  15:34,   26 march 2020

You're pondering what to make for dinner. You open the refrigerator andnothing! But a tasty dinner can emerge from an almost-empty... >>>

You Won't Want To Share This Tuscan Butter Gnocchi

Thursday  13:56,   26 march 2020

Go where no pasta has gone before.Yields: 8... >>>