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Eating At Chain Restaurants Is My Very Favorite Part Of Going Home

Thursday  23:50,   12 september 2019

I will not be... >>>

How To Chop An Onion Quickly, Safely + Evenly Using a Hair Pick

Thursday  23:20,   12 september 2019

Forget the "proper" way to chop an onion — this double-duty demo from one of our viewers is completely unexpected, but also pretty... >>>

6 Ways to Use Cajun Seasoning That Aren't Gumbo

Thursday  22:30,   12 september 2019

It's more versatile than you'd... >>>

Why My Husband's Scrambled Eggs Are the Worst (but Also the Best)

Thursday  21:40,   12 september 2019

I used to think there were two ways to scramble eggs: slow and fast. Both start the same—by beating eggs with a fork, whisk, pair of chopsticks, or the like until smooth. Then you either stir-fry over high-ish heat (my go-to, especially if there’s... >>>

These Incredible School Lunches Are Too Cute Too Handle

Thursday  21:40,   12 september 2019

"Hey, I'm a dad, why can't I do this?" That's the lightbulb moment that started it all for Beau Coffron, better known as "Lunchbox Dad." Beau is an Oklahoma-based father of three who, despite having a full-time job, has turned the ultra-creative... >>>

Just Salad Ditches Beef Entirely for Plant-Based Beyond Meat

Thursday  20:00,   12 september 2019

The chain is considering removing all meat from the menu in the next five... >>>

Mystery Oreos Are Back with a Brand New Flavor

Thursday  19:55,   12 september 2019

We tried them and gave it our best... >>>

Why Philadelphia Gets the Shamrock Shake Twice Every Year

Thursday  19:25,   12 september 2019

The iconic green McDonald's treat is currently being sold at restaurants in the... >>>

Can’t get enough Reese’s? We’ve ranked the 16 best Reese’s-inspired candies

Thursday  18:45,   12 september 2019

From Reese's Pieces to Reese's Minis, Reese's Outrageous and... >>>

The Weirdly Untraceable Origin Story of Ants on a Log

Thursday  17:26,   12 september 2019

Before celery became the vessel for drinkable wellness, it was a conduit for spreadable and, as history can attest, sometimes questionable combinations. Seemingly absent from Instagram feeds today are recipes like Fannie Farmer’s “Celery with... >>>

This 9-year-old was denied school lunch on his birthday. Now the district is making changes

Thursday  17:01,   12 september 2019

A boy from Ohio had the "worst birthday ever" after his school lunch was taken away because of an unpaid balance on his account. Jefferson Sharpnack told his grandmother, Diane Bailey, that he was denied his lunch tray when he went to check out.... >>>

Braised Cannellini Beans with Prosciutto and Herbs

Thursday  14:30,   12 september 2019

Dried beans are a versatile pantry staple, and these braised cannellini beans with prosciutto and herbs are a shining example of just... >>>

Wine ingredients & labels explained

Thursday  13:37,   12 september 2019

How can you ever know what’s actually in the wines you’re drinking? Let’s break it down. GRAPE MUST (SKIN AND SEEDS) First things first: To make wine, you need grape must. That’s freshly crushed grape juice with solids containing the skins and... >>>

Carvel's New Kit Kat Ice Cream Just May Make Me A Fan Of Soft Serve

Thursday  13:26,   12 september 2019

Kit Kat hive,... >>>

Chipotle Is Being Sued in New York, Faces Big Fines

Thursday  09:05,   12 september 2019

Lawsuit stems from law relating to notice of work... >>>