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Strawberries Romanoff

Sunday  02:16,   17 april 2022

Your clan will surely save room for dessert when they see a pretty dish of strawberries Romanoff. It also makes a nice anytime snack. —Denise Blackman, Port Cartier, Quebec The post Strawberries Romanoff appeared first on Taste of Home.6... >>>

Peach Blueberry Cobbler

Sunday  02:15,   17 april 2022

Everyone loves a peach blueberry cobbler. This one is the perfect, scrumptious treat! If you're taking it to a party, you might want to make another one for yourself. There won't be leftovers! —Laura Jansen, Battle Creek, Michigan The post... >>>

Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwiches

Sunday  02:15,   17 april 2022

Kentucky hot brown sandwiches are as popular around here as The Derby. Paired with a side salad, this sandwich makes a hearty meal. —Margaret Evans, Frankfort, Kentucky The post Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwiches appeared first on Taste of Home.2... >>>

Find the Air Fryer Size That’s Best for You

Sunday  00:26,   17 april 2022

What size air fryer do I need? Take a closer look at the most common air fryer sizes to find one that's perfect for the air fryer recipes you'll be whipping up. The post Find the Air Fryer Size That’s Best for You appeared first on Taste of... >>>


Saturday  23:31,   16 april 2022

A traditional Gibson recipe is a dry gin martini served with a cocktail onion. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen The post Gibson appeared first on Taste of Home.1... >>>


Saturday  23:30,   16 april 2022

This Manhattan on the Rocks recipe makes a substantial drink. It can be served straight up in a chilled cocktail glass or over ice in a rocks glass. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen The post Manhattan appeared first on Taste of Home.1... >>>

Pizza Beans

Saturday  23:30,   16 april 2022

This dish is wonderful for parties or as a main dish. It can even be made the day before and reheated. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen The post Pizza Beans appeared first on Taste of Home.20... >>>

Margarita Tres Leches Cake

Saturday  23:25,   16 april 2022

The first time I ever had tres leches cake I felt as if I were in heaven. I have made it at home using several techniques and flavors, and this margarita twist on the classic is my favorite. —Laurie Lufkin, Essex, Massachusetts The post Margarita... >>>

How New York City’s First Heirloom-Focused Tortilleria Is Preserving Mexico’s Native Corn

Saturday  23:20,   16 april 2022

Courtesy of Sobre Masa The kernels bear millennia of wisdom. The post How New York City’s First Heirloom-Focused Tortilleria Is Preserving Mexico’s Native Corn appeared first on Saveur. >>>

3 Surprising side effects that have a glass of wine on your body

Saturday  23:15,   16 april 2022

A glass of red wine a day is healthy? Through studies, we have now won new insights into the effects of wine on our body © iStockphoto Did you know these effects of wine on the body already? Istockphoto Many myths tend to the consumption of wine.... >>>

What Was Beeping in Carrie's Apartment? This Podcast Solved the Mystery

Saturday  21:05,   16 april 2022

On this week's podcast episode of And Just Like That: A Sex and the City Reboot Podcast, a friend of the podcast with an expert eye figured out pretty definitively what the hell that beeping was.Psst: And Just Like That spoilers... >>>

Nigella Lawson's Fiery Roasted Red Salsa Will Keep You Warm All Winter

Saturday  21:05,   16 april 2022

Some people just give off cozy vibes. You know their house will be comfortable and unpretentious, warm and clean. They probably are great at small talk, make perfect coffee and cocktails, and of course, know how to cook. Nigella Lawson definitely... >>>

Some fast-food workers are begging customers to wear masks when going through the drive thru. An expert says it's a valid concern.

Saturday  21:05,   16 april 2022

An infectious disease expert says that drive-thrus may be more dangerous for customers than workers because of the way air flows."If the worker is wearing a mask, you should too," a California Starbucks employee told Insider. "It just shows the bare >>>

Does Lettuce Water Really Help You Sleep? We Checked the Science

Saturday  21:05,   16 april 2022

TikTok claims that lettuce tea “has crack” and will get you to sleep for 12 hours. We tried it.For months TikTok users have passed around the lettuce-water trend—millions of people have watched videos of wide-eyed creators drinking hot lettuce tea.... >>>

Dry January: Why is casual drinking the bad habit we're willing to cut out?

Saturday  21:05,   16 april 2022

After ringing in the new year, many people around the world choose to temporarily give up beer, wine and other types of alcohol for Dry January. In the U.S., Dry January continues to gain momentum. A survey by Morning Consult found that 19 percent... >>>