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This $9 Vegetable Peeler Is the Only One I’ll Use

Saturday  00:25,   16 april 2022

A few months after I graduated college, I got a job as a prep cook at a French restaurant, where I learned that snails come in cans and if you spill a tray of 12-hour braised duck confit on the floor, it’s kind of a big deal. But one good thing came >>>

The Enduring Joy of a Well-Kept Restaurant Journal

Friday  23:30,   15 april 2022

When people ask me where I like to eat and what they should order, I can send them this intel. During my second week working at Bon Appétit, we were asked to contribute to a staff roundup of the best things we’d eaten that year. Luckily, I knew just >>>

To Macaroon or Macaron?

Friday  23:25,   15 april 2022

Why is this macaroon different from all other macarons?Ah, the age-old question of macaroon vs. macaron—and one that’s especially top-of-mind during Passover, when macaroons (or are they macarons…) are served left and right. It’s a confusing... >>>

Drew Barrymore Released A $129 New Stand Mixer Just In Time For Mother’s Day

Friday  23:25,   15 april 2022

A powerful stand mixer that's also affordable? Say less!Drew Barrymore, scream queen, talk show extraordinaire, and entrepreneurial impresario just released a new addition to her Beautiful Kitchenware line (and it might be our favorite piece... >>>

French 75

Friday  22:45,   15 april 2022

The original French 75 drink was created at Harry's New York Bar in Paris, France during WWI. The original version had a powerful kick, like a French 75 mm artillery gun. The version here uses less gin. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen The post... >>>

Easter dinner isn't complete without stuffed ham for seven generations of this Maryland family

Friday  21:30,   15 april 2022

Stuffed ham is what's for Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving -- invented by enslaved people and carried through generations.It was Bertha Hunt’s late mother, Theresa Young, who first taught her the art of Southern Maryland stuffed ham, now known >>>

I tried 5 Taco Bell breakfast burritos and the hash-brown toasted burrito had the best flavor and price

Friday  21:26,   15 april 2022

An Insider reporter thought the hash-brown toasted burrito was simple, yet flavorful, and a great deal, as... >>>

This Italian Ingredient Is Giada De Laurentiis' Secret For Perfect Pasta Salad

Friday  21:26,   15 april 2022

We eat creamy, comforting pasta dishes all winter long, but when the winter weather fades and summer comes along…well, we’re definitely still eating pasta! Thankfully, a cold pasta salad is actually one of the best meals for hot days, but if we’re... >>>

10 Tricks for Using Up Leftover Wine

Friday  21:26,   15 april 2022

From making jam to pan sauce, here’s how you can take extra wine and give it a new lease on life.At the end of a dinner party, a date night, or a night hanging out with friends, you might find yourself with one or two unfinished bottles of wine. At... >>>

The most historic bars and inns around the world

Friday  20:30,   15 april 2022

There’s nothing like a few centuries of history to accompany a drink, which is perhaps why so many different bars, pubs, inns and taverns like to advertise the year they were founded. From pubs claiming to be among the world’s oldest to bars that... >>>

5 Secrets for the Crispiest Skillet Potatoes Ever

Friday  20:30,   15 april 2022

These few key steps create crispy, yet melt-in-your-mouth potatoes that are just the best.They're loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals. They're one of the best foods for your blood pressure, are remarkably versatile and offer one of the biggest... >>>

Ina Garten Just Shared the Adorable Dessert She's Making for Easter This Year

Friday  20:26,   15 april 2022

And a few tips for making this recipe a little healthier.We're always ready for Ina Garten's latest holiday menu—whether it's the decadent Valentine's Day meal she's making for Jeffrey or her simple and fresh Fourth of July spread. And while the... >>>

I Made a Chocolate Ripple Cake from Scratch (and I’m So Glad I Did)

Friday  20:25,   15 april 2022

This chocolate ripple cake checks all the boxes for a delicious, no-fuss dessert. The post I Made a Chocolate Ripple Cake from Scratch (and I’m So Glad I Did) appeared first on Taste of Home. >>>

What's Your Best Dish Disguised as a Sandwich?

Friday  20:25,   15 april 2022

In our last contest, we asked to see your new flavor combinations for an old classic— layer cake. We were blown away by the creativity of the submissions (especially our two finalists). This time around, we want to see that creativity channeled into >>>

The Best Bundt Pan Will Turn Out Maximal Cakes with Minimal Effort

Friday  20:25,   15 april 2022

Nordic Ware’s Anniversary Bundt is a classic for a... >>>