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Anti-Aging Creams Are the Best Way to Preemptively Stave Off the Passage of Time

Friday  03:01,   26 february 2021

Keep the wisdom, lose the... >>>

If You Get the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, You Can Do This Right After

Thursday  23:32,   25 february 2021

If you get the new Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine, you can likely skip this requirement that comes with the Pfizer and Moderna... >>>

How Healthy Is Dried Fruit, Really?

Thursday  23:31,   25 february 2021

If you’ve ever wondered if “nature’s candy” isn’t much better for you than actual candy, we asked an RD to clear the air.Dried fruit can be a lifesaver in this department. It's sweet, snackable, and can be taken on the go a heck of a lot easier than >>>

What Eating a Twinkie Does to Your Body, According to Science

Thursday  23:27,   25 february 2021

A Twinkie is a classic, beloved American dessert, but what actually happens to your body when you eat the sweet... >>>

Here's How the Pandemic Is Affecting My Bipolar Disorder

Thursday  23:26,   25 february 2021

One woman shares her... >>>

10 Reasons You’re Feeling Weirdly Bloated

Thursday  23:17,   25 february 2021

Gas. Beer.... >>>

Garth Brooks Says Wife Trisha Yearwood Is a‘Fighter’ After Testing Positive for COVID-19

Thursday  21:46,   25 february 2021

“She’s one of the greatest voices in all of music, so the possible long-term effects on her concern me.”“The Queen and I have now tested twice,” he said in a statement, per E! News, adding that she’s experiencing symptoms but is“on her way out of... >>>

These Easy-to-Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kits Will Brighten up Your Kitchen

Thursday  21:32,   25 february 2021

And give your meals a serious flavor... >>>

Dr. Fauci Just Warned You Could Have This Serious COVID Illness

Thursday  19:14,   25 february 2021

Dr. Fauci warned that 25-30% of people still have persistence of coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms that can go out for several... >>>

Covid-19. The situation is improving in hospitals, the United Kingdom lowers its alert level

Thursday  19:13,   25 february 2021

© JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP Paramedics in front of the Royal Hospital in London, January 28, 2021. The coronavirus alert level has been lowered from five (the maximum) to four by the British authorities as hospital pressure decreases as vaccination gains >>>

‘V.I.P. Immunization’ for the Powerful and Their Cronies Rattles South America

Thursday  18:36,   25 february 2021

LIMA, Peru — The hope brought by the arrival of the first vaccines in South America is hardening into anger as inoculation campaigns have spiraled into scandal, cronyism and corruption, rocking national governments and sapping trust in the political >>>

The Truth About Getting Your Tattoos Removed

Thursday  18:36,   25 february 2021

Everything you need to know if you start regretting your old ink.And if you find yourself in that camp—whether you find that you’ve outgrown the tattoo you got when you were younger or you’re just not impressed with how the art turned out—tattoo... >>>

Near Lyon. The mayor of Bron threatened again, targeted by throwing stones and cans

Thursday  13:43,   25 february 2021

© Thomas Brégardis / Ouest-France This is not the first time that the mayor of Bron has been attacked. Jérémie Bréaud (LR), the mayor of Bron, near Lyon (Rhône), was once again the victim of an assault. On Wednesday February 24, he was thrown by... >>>

This Is the Most Obese City in America

Thursday  12:30,   25 february 2021

Almost half of adults in the United States are projected to be obese, not just overweight, by 2030, according to estimates published in December 2019 in the New England Journal of... >>>

7 Side Effects of Eating Too Much Cheese, According to Experts

Thursday  12:22,   25 february 2021

We asked three dietitians to tell us what happens when you eat too much cheese, for the lactose tolerant and intolerant... >>>