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Woman almost loses eye after swimming in contacts: 'It can happen to you'

Saturday  00:50,   22 september 2018

The next time you’re tempted to go swimming or take a shower while wearing contact lenses, Stacey Peoples wants you to remember her ordeal.The veteran educator in suburban Denver, Colorado, went blind in one eye and suffered pain so excruciating...[...]

A Woman’s Swollen Pinky Finger Turned Out to Be a Rare Deadly Infection

Friday  23:06,   21 september 2018

You wouldn't think that a swollen pinky finger should warrant much worry. But for one woman in California, it turned out to be a sign of a rare manifestation of tuberculosis.The 42-year-old went to the hospital after her finger had been swollen...[...]

Can Vitamin D Decrease Your Breast Cancer Risk?

Friday  21:30,   21 september 2018

The benefits of vitamin D are well-known, but there's one way in which vitamin D may be more important than we thoughtAccording to a study conducted by The North American Menopause Society and published in Menopause, the journal of NAMS, women...[...]

It's 2018. Why Is There No Cure for Herpes?

Friday  21:30,   21 september 2018

Genital herpes is surprisingly common, yet there's no vaccine or cure. Why?In general, talking about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is kind of a mood-killer. But the word "herpes" in particular invokes a special kind of fear and...[...]

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep? You Don't Want to Find Out

Friday  21:30,   21 september 2018

Seriously. You...[...]

If You Want to Maximize Your Sleep, Work Out at Night

Friday  21:06,   21 september 2018

Just not TOO close to bedtime.Sleep is one thing we could all use more of these days. The CDC estimates that approximately one in three Americans doesn't get the seven hours of sleep they need for optimal health. Anyone getting less than that...[...]

'Today' Anchor Craig Melvin Got a Corneal Ulcer From Sleeping in His Contacts

Friday  20:56,   21 september 2018

If you wear contacts, hen you've been told before that you should never sleep in them. Unfortunately for Craig Melvin, it took a serious health scare for him to take that advice seriously.If you wear contact lenses, then you've been told before...[...]

The 'Super Carb Diet' Says You Can Eat Bread and Lose Weight

Friday  20:35,   21 september 2018

Hate keto? You'll love Bob Harper's eating plan.The Super Carb Diet is the brainchild of celebrity trainer Bob Harper, of Biggest Loser fame. Harper suffered a heart attack in 2017, which led him to reevaluate his whole lifestyle. The star...[...]

These Are the Symptoms of Salmonella Every Home Cook Should Know

Friday  20:35,   21 september 2018

Salmonella is a deadly foodborne illness—learn these common symptoms and how you can prevent it from spreading in your kitchen.One of the foodborne illnesses giving federal agencies trouble is salmonella, a family of bacteria that can easily...[...]

Divorcing After 50: How Gray Divorce Affects Your Health

Friday  20:35,   21 september 2018

Divorce-related stress and depression can make existing health conditions worse and set up seniors for additional risks.Divorce can be tough on health, no matter your age. Legal uncoupling is listed as the No. 2 stressor on the Holmes-Rahe Stress...[...]

How Drinking Baking Soda Could Ease Sore Muscles (Yes, You Read That Right)

Friday  20:30,   21 september 2018

If you pop ibuprofen for post-workout soreness several times a week, there may be a better way to soothe your aches and pains. The study was published in the The Journal of Immunology earlier this year, and it builds off of previous clinical...[...]

Lily Allen Bravely Details 'Incredibly Traumatic' Stillbirth of Her Son

Friday  20:30,   21 september 2018

“I went into trauma and I don’t think I’ll ever really recover from that.” Nearly eight years after the stillbirth loss of her first child in 2010, Lily Allen is still coming to grips with the trauma she suffered. The English singer, whose new...[...]

Study finds 4 main personality types — which one are you?

Friday  20:06,   21 september 2018

People love taking personality tests to learn more about themselves but until recently experts believed types didn't exist. A new study discovered four types.People love learning about their personalities and take tests hoping to reveal what...[...]

Baby girl born after experimental surgery in the womb

Friday  19:55,   21 september 2018

When Geoff and Rachel Finn found out their unborn baby had hypoplastic left heart syndrome, they were told an experimental surgery could give their baby a chance."That was incredibly difficult," Rachel said. "I could just see the ultrasound...[...]

2 Minutes of Tough Exercise Equal to 30-minute Workout

Friday  19:30,   21 september 2018

The study into how exercise affects the powerhouse of our cells is the latest to suggest short bursts of exercise could be as beneficial as slogging at the gym for long periods of time.The theory centers around how different forms of exercise affect [...]