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Parents Should Limit Kids’ Juice Consumption, New Guidelines Say

Wednesday  11:55,   18 september 2019

The new guidelines say parents should avoid giving juice to kids in favor of water and... >>>

Air pollution particles may reach fetuses in the womb, study finds

Wednesday  11:15,   18 september 2019

New evidence has been found that air pollution can breach a mother's placenta and potentially reach fetuses in the womb, raising the possibility of future health problems. © ED JONES/AFP/AFP/Getty Images A woman and baby wearing face masks walk in... >>>

Abortion rate drops to lowest level since Roe v. Wade

Wednesday  11:10,   18 september 2019

Experts say the drop is because of a declining pregnancy rate and laws targeting the operations of abortion... >>>

I Sometimes Skipped Classes in College, and It Helped Keep My Stress Levels in Check

Wednesday  11:10,   18 september 2019

When I first started college, I was buzzing with excitement. For years, I had looked forward to living away from home for the first time, decorating my dorm, and making new friends. But eventually, the novelty started to wear off, and I was faced... >>>

4 Keys to Getting Shredded After 50

Wednesday  03:30,   18 september 2019

Yes, you can sculpt a six-pack once you hit the big 5-0. Just follow these fundamental rules to make it... >>>

Most Plastic Products Contain Potentially Toxic Chemicals, Study Reveals

Wednesday  02:40,   18 september 2019

Most of the plastics that consumers encounter in daily life — including plastic wrap,  yogurt containers, and coffee cup lids — contain potentially toxic chemicals, according to a new... >>>

How This Breast Cancer Survivor Made History on the English Channel

Wednesday  02:10,   18 september 2019

Sarah Thomas became the first person to swim the English Channel four times without stopping. She told BBC that “used the swimming as her means of coping with the treatment.” “It is pretty incredible,” she told Inside Edition. “It was a miserable 54 >>>

This deadly fungal disease could use climate change to mobilize

Wednesday  01:40,   18 september 2019

The geographic range of the fungus that causes Valley fever is expected to... >>>

There are already signs the US may be in for a nasty flu season

Wednesday  01:30,   18 september 2019

The best time to get a flu shot is now, doctors... >>>

The Best Ways to Burn Body Fat Fast, According to Weight Loss Doctors

Wednesday  00:55,   18 september 2019

With a few changes to your routine, you can lose 1 to 2% of your body fat in a few... >>>

4 dietary habits that benefit your liver health more than any ‘detox’

Wednesday  00:53,   18 september 2019

Liver health goes beyond just saying "no" to... >>>

Gum Health Basics: What to Look Out For and How to Prevent Trouble

Wednesday  00:45,   18 september 2019

Research suggests the health of our gums may be connected to our overall wellness. Here’s how to give them the best care... >>>

Alex Trebek Just Announced He Needs More Chemo. Here’s What That Means

Tuesday  23:51,   17 september 2019

Catch the most crucial pancreas SOS signals before it's too... >>>

When It Comes to Taking Care of Her Mental Health, Simone Biles Chooses Therapy

Tuesday  23:40,   17 september 2019

She says therapy is there for her and so are the people she surrounds herself with. "Mentally, I go to therapy," she told POPSUGAR. "But other than that, just surround myself with people who I love and who will give me good, positive vibes so that I >>>

More evidence supports helmet use by cyclists

Tuesday  23:25,   17 september 2019

Most Americans who are injured in cycling accidents don't wear... >>>