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Texas breast cancer survivor breaks hospital's 'end-of-treatment bell' while celebrating

Wednesday  21:47,   17 july 2019

"I didn’t think I had any strength left in me, but obviously, I... >>>

Researchers in China release infected, sterilized mosquitoes to wipe out disease-carrying bugs

Wednesday  21:25,   17 july 2019

The technique could be used one day used bugs that carry malaria, the study co-author told... >>>

LGBTQ Couples Can Work With Fertility Doctors

Wednesday  21:05,   17 july 2019

Learn about methods for starting a biological family, according to fertility... >>>

The One Surprising Thing That Slows Down Memory Loss in Women

Wednesday  20:45,   17 july 2019

New research recently presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference has found that women with paid jobs have a lower risk of... >>>

There's evidence that French kissing is responsible for global rise in gonorrhea

Wednesday  20:40,   17 july 2019

The study found that men who only kissed their partners had higher transmission rates than men who only had sex with their... >>>

Hummus products recalled over possible Listeria contamination

Wednesday  20:25,   17 july 2019

Pita Pal Foods recalled nearly 100 hummus products over a possible Listeria... >>>

Food poisoning expert: Onus is on companies to prevent copycat food licking

Wednesday  20:25,   17 july 2019

Viral videos of people licking and spitting in food, then returning the contaminated goods to grocery stores' shelves, are sparking... >>>

The Secret to Simon Pegg's Shocking Fitness Transformation

Wednesday  20:21,   17 july 2019

To prepare for his role in "Inheritance," the actor lost around 20 pounds and dropped from 12% to 8% body... >>>

Ground bison meat responsible for E. coli outbreak in 7 states: CDC

Wednesday  20:21,   17 july 2019

Ground bison meat has been linked to an E.coli outbreak in seven states, according to the... >>>

Dear Katy Perry, Please Stop Doing Enemas

Wednesday  20:20,   17 july 2019

You could burn your colon,... >>>

Brands are trying to make ‘healthy’ energy drinks a thing—but this expert isn’t totally convinced

Wednesday  20:05,   17 july 2019

What to know before you... >>>

Italian woman dies after getting nose job to celebrate birthday, reports say

Wednesday  20:05,   17 july 2019

She had reportedly complained to family and friends about the shape of her... >>>

How Likely Are You to Get Sick from Stress? Take This Test to Find Out

Wednesday  19:35,   17 july 2019

The American Institute of Stress publishes an online test, the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory, that will help you determine how stress is affecting... >>>

What Does Skin Cancer Look Like?

Wednesday  19:35,   17 july 2019

Learn the types of skin cancer—and what skin cancer really looks like—so you can better protect yourself this summer and... >>>

Study linking vaping to heart attacks muddied amid spat between two tobacco researchers

Wednesday  19:30,   17 july 2019

Louisville professor Brad Rodu wants the Journal of the American Heart Association to retract a study by San Francisco professor Stanton Glantz. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) {... >>>