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Incline push-ups build up all the arm strength you need to ‘drop and gimme 20’

Saturday  23:25,   06 june 2020

Plus, how to do them the right way.Incline push-ups make the traditional move slightly easier by elevating your hands, which changes the plane you're moving your body from. This gives you more leverage, and lightens the load that you have to lift... >>>

Prince William has been secretly volunteering for a mental crisis hotline

Saturday  21:15,   06 june 2020

The Duke of Cambridge revealed his volunteer work on a video call with other volunteers.The Duke has been volunteering with Shout, the United Kingdom's first 24/7 crisis text line that launched in May 2019. The organization was launched by The Duke... >>>

Is Your Kid One of These 5 Types of Picky Eaters?

Saturday  19:22,   06 june 2020

Ensuring your child eats the right, nutritious foods to support their healthy development is challenging enough. But throw a tricky eating habit into the mix? In the words of Prince William, “If you put something on the table [the kids] don’t want... >>>

Prince William revealed that he has been secretly volunteering for a mental health hotline amid the coronavirus pandemic

Saturday  19:22,   06 june 2020

Prince William and Princess Kate have been volunteering amid the pandemic by talking to those reaching out for help with their mental health.The first of its kind, Shout is a service you can text to get help with emergency mental health needs in the >>>

Best egg dishes around the world

Saturday  18:17,   06 june 2020

From egg salad in France to Sri Lankan hoppers, the egg is one of the most versatile and delicious foods. Take a look at the best egg dishes around the world.You could say the egg is ready for anything, and for its close-up. Or, as the saying goes,... >>>

Kilian Jornet Is Stepping Out of His Comfort Zone—by Running on Roads

Saturday  18:17,   06 june 2020

The ultrarunner discusses his revised goals for 2020, his new partnership with Maurten, and why he’s excited to race virtually. “Living in the countryside in Norway, we had some [coronavirus] restrictions, but not a complete lockdown like in other... >>>

What 30 Days of the 'One Punch Man' Workout Did to This Guy's Body

Saturday  18:17,   06 june 2020

Isaiah did 100 situps, 100 pushups, 100 squats, and a 10km run every single day for a month.But can recreating the training regime of an animated superhero yield actual results? A number of influencers have tried, and while some lost weight and got... >>>

An Olympian Shared the Training Plan He Used to Get Shredded in 30 Days

Saturday  17:21,   06 june 2020

Here's how retired runner Nick Symmonds lost body fat and gained muscle.At the start of the 30-day timeframe, Symmonds weighs 178.6 pounds, with 15.9 percent body fat and 42.5 percent muscle mass. He set himself a specific goal: to lose 2 pounds >>>

Face care: 5 products to keep the eye area smooth and hydrated

Saturday  16:25,   06 june 2020

Faced with pollution and blue light from screens, we are now obliged to take care of the eye area much earlier than before. Here are some ways to keep your eyelids nourished and healthy. © Instagram / lieracparis Face skincare: 5 products to keep... >>>

How to manage your seasonal allergies and quickly relieve symptoms

Saturday  16:07,   06 june 2020

Seasonal allergies are often the result of pollen exposure, and cause symptoms like sneezing, a runny nose, and itchy or watery eyes.These are the symptoms of seasonal allergies, otherwise known as hay fever. Most likely, yours are caused by pollen... >>>

12 Amazon Prime Workout Videos to Add to Your Routine

Saturday  15:20,   06 june 2020

Go ahead, try something... >>>

Meet the deaf fitness instructor calling for more accessibility in gyms and on social media

Saturday  14:16,   06 june 2020

India Morse told Insider how boutique studios are often too dark and Instagram Live workouts are impossible to follow without captions. These barriers led Morse to create her own coaching platform, complete with subtitles and voiceovers on all... >>>

What to do about dry scalp with dandruff?

Saturday  12:15,   06 june 2020

The scalp is itchy, dry and flaky - a problem that affects many not only in winter. But what can be the causes and how do you get rid of the itching? STYLEBOOK knows tips and home remedies that help with a dry scalp. The most important factor in a... >>>

Important !: Under no circumstances should you make this showering mistake

Saturday  09:25,   06 june 2020

© Provided by Bauer XCEL Media Deutschland KG Is showering unhealthy in the morning? Does your first course always take you in the shower in the morning? This may not be as good as experts found. Is a shower unhealthy in the morning? It doesn't... >>>