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Jenna Jameson Just Posted A Photo Showing How The Keto Diet Changed Her Face

Wednesday  23:15,   12 december 2018

"It’s as if I’ve turned back the... >>>

The 5 Deadliest Drugs in America Include a Common Anti-Anxiety Prescription

Wednesday  23:05,   12 december 2018

Alprazolam—sold under the brand name Xanax—was involved in more than 6,000 drug overdose deaths in... >>>

We Can't Stop Looking at Katie Couric's Ripped Arms in This Workout Video

Wednesday  23:05,   12 december 2018

She's 61 years... >>>

This Simple Fitness Test Can Help Predict If You’ll Die Early

Wednesday  21:30,   12 december 2018

To find out where you stand, get to some... >>>

Kimberly-Clark recalls Kotex tampons that can unravel inside body

Wednesday  21:15,   12 december 2018

Defective product produced over a two-year period and distributed broadly across the U.S. and Canada, company... >>>

The Keto Diet Might Give You A Rash

Wednesday  20:40,   12 december 2018

Honestly, isn't the keto flu... >>>

This Mom Is Spreading Awareness About the Flu Vaccine After Her 6 Year Old Passed Away

Wednesday  20:40,   12 december 2018

After Christy Pugh and her husband, Dave Splan, lost their 6-year-old daughter Emma to complications from the flu last year, they're taking every measure to remind parents how important it is to give your children the flu vaccine. Emma was one of... >>>

Over 29,000 Lbs. of Jimmy Dean Sausage Recalled After Customers Find Metal Pieces in It

Wednesday  19:55,   12 december 2018

Jimmy Dean Sausage Links Recalled Over Metal... >>>

I Ate Kourtney Kardashian's Avocado Pudding For 1 Week and, Yep, I'm on Board

Wednesday  19:41,   12 december 2018

If you follow Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you're likely familiar with Kourtney Kardashian's healthy lifestyle. The mom of three has a pretty strict diet and workout routine, starting her morning with apple cider vinegar and probiotics to aid... >>>

People Everywhere Are Drinking Collagen—Here's Why

Wednesday  19:15,   12 december 2018

Can collagen peptides really give you wrinkle-free skin? We asked dermatologists to weigh in about collagen benefits and side effects, as well as the best collagen supplements you might want to... >>>

This Is Exactly How Many People Have Blue Eyes

Wednesday  17:06,   12 december 2018

Your eye color may be more unique than you'd imagined—discover just how many people actually have blue eyes around the world. You might just belong to one of the world’s most exclusive groups without realizing it. If you’ve got blue eyes, you’ve got >>>

Common Misconceptions About Blood Donation

Wednesday  16:55,   12 december 2018

Are you free to go to the gym after donating blood? Can a tattoo disqualify you from becoming a donor? Here are 4 common misconceptions... >>>

The Secret to Preventing Heart Disease in Women Might Be the Mediterranean Diet

Wednesday  16:41,   12 december 2018

A new study looked at the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in women, and found that participants reduced their risk of heart disease by 25... >>>

What is adenomyosis? The condition behind Gabrielle Union's fertility problems

Wednesday  03:05,   12 december 2018

After welcoming a baby via surrogate, Gabrielle Union is raising awareness of... >>>

Cold Weather Makes People Drink More Alcohol: Study

Wednesday  03:05,   12 december 2018

The study, conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Division of Gastroenterology, showed that as temperatures dropped and hours of sunlight diminished, alcohol consumption increased. Additionally, these climate factors were associated with higher... >>>