Health & Fit Fossil search and oil extraction on the “Day of the Geotope”

18:30  18 september  2022
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Dermatologists Warn This Skin Type Should Never Put Coconut Oil on Your Face

  Dermatologists Warn This Skin Type Should Never Put Coconut Oil on Your Face But if your skin is super dry, it's worth a try."While coconut oil has great moisturizing properties, it's not ideal for all skin types," says Michelle Henry, M.D., founder of Skin & Aesthetic Surgery in Manhattan. But before we get into who should use coconut oil on their skin and who should steer clear, let's talk about the basics of the ingredient itself.

Natural History and Technology Museums, Adventure Centers and Clubs invited to an excursion to the earth's history on Sunday throughout Lower Saxony. As announced by the State Office for Mining, Energy and Geology (LBEG), there were more than 30 actions on the occasion of the "Day of the Geotope". Among other things, interested parties were able to look over their shoulders to the excavation team of the Natural History Museum Braunschweig at the "Jura Seer of Schandelah" in the Wolfenbüttel district. Significant finds have already been made here by fish dinosaurs and sea crocodiles, and individual finds of air dinosaurs were also recovered. The place enables a look into the living environment 180 million years ago, it said.

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  Olive Oil Prices Are Expected to Jump 25%—Here Are 5 Heart-Healthy Oil Alternatives to Stock Up On Take heart: There are a handful of other healthy oils that you can use if olive oil is inching out of your budget or is not in stock where you shop.Olives, and the oil made from the Mediterranean diet staple, are mainstays in the EatingWell Test Kitchen and in our editors' home pantries. In fact, olive oil earned a spot among our top 9 best Mediterranean diet foods.

Ein Fußabdruck eines Raubsauriers ist im Dinopark zu sehen. © Christophe Gateau/dpa/symbol image A footprint of a predatory dinosaurs can be seen in the dinopark.

, according to the Lbeg, are often impressive rock formations, petrified dinosaurs, huge boulders or winding caves or important mines.

in Hänigsen (Hanover region), the local Heimatbund presented the tanklen mentioned for the first time in 1546 in a geological book. According to the association, it is one of the oldest documented oil deposits in northern Germany. In two to three meters deep pits came out on the surface of the earth, which was previously used as a car smear and remedy. In the 1980s, the Heimatbund Hänigsen reactivated one of the former Kuhlen. There were also

tours on Sunday in Bad Bentheim, Lüneburg and in the Harz. The day of the geotop has always been organized nationwide on the third Sunday in September since 2002.

in the Münchehagen dinosaur park can also be seen petrified traces of the primeval giants. At the weekend, however, the focus was not on the "Day of the Geotope", but the film series "Jurassic Park/Jurrassic World". At the “Jurassic Days” in the open -air museum in the district of Nienburg, scenes based on the films were replaced. In addition, numerous cosplayers were guests who embodied characters from the adventure films, as the scientific director of the Dino Park, Benjamin Englich said on Sunday. The event already attracted almost 2,000 guests on Saturday.

New Beauty Trick | Olive Oil Skin Benefits .
What are olive oil skin benefits you ask? This new beauty trick isn’t actually new at all, it’s one that women have been using for thousands of years. I first…I didn’t start using it regularly in my winter beauty routine until last year, though. I bought these little droppers from Amazon and filled two up with the Target brand extra virgin olive oil we had in our cupboard. One stays in my beauty cabinet, one lives in my travel beauty bag. While I have an array of lotions and creams I use for my skin, olive oil is my favorite to reach for in the winter because it’s like a big drink of water for your skin.

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