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Only If you apply your beauty products in the correct order, your skin will be optimally protected. We explain how your facial care is really effective

So wird Ihre Haut perfekt gepflegt ISTOCKPHOTO © istockphoto So your skin is perfectly maintained istockphoto In what order is skin care? Tonic

before: Clean

after: Cremen (day cream)

a tonic, also called facial water , donates moisture after cleaning and builds up the protective coat of the skin, removes make-up residues and clarifies the pores. You soak a cotton pad and gently spread it over the skin. Then you can apply the usual day cream immediately.


before: Clean , clarify with tonic

after: cream (day cream)

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The oil -free lotion contains care substances such as thermal plan, silk or vitamins. These penetrate deeply into the skin and serve as smugglers for the anti-aging active ingredients in the then applied face cream. In front of it comes the cleaning and the tonic.

Zuerst Reinigen, dan folgt das Peeling, anschließend Tonic iStock © iStock first clean, then the peeling follows, then Tonic ISTOCK Peeling

before: Clean

afterwards: Clarify with tonic, cream ( night cream )

A peeling should only be applied to clean skin and not misused as a cleaning, Because dirt and make-up do not lose weight so thoroughly. It is all the better removed of dead skin and stimulates cell renewal. The ideal time for this is in the evening when the skin regenerates. This is followed by the facial water that brings the skin back into balance, then the face cream . Tip: A mask now looks particularly intensive.

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Find out which peeling is right for you.

pore -fine

in front: cream (day cream)

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after: Foundation

Porever -fiery concealed enlarged pores Visually - e.g. by matting pigments that fill up small bumps in the skin relief. First comes the day cream so that the skin is maintained and moistened, then the pore -fiery and the foundation on it.

Attention: these are the best moisturizer for your skin type!

sunscreen for the face

before: Foundation

afterwards: powder

If you also use sun protection in the city in high summer, the cream should always apply as the last step after the day cream or foundation. Daden too much shine on the forehead and nose with transparent powder.

Here's part 2: in this order you apply make-up.

What Does Glycerin Do For Your Skin? Two Dermatologists Explain .
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