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16:30  28 december  2022
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  What Runners Should Know About Atrial Fibrillation Some research suggests high-intensity activity can increase the risk of irregular heart rhythms. But don’t panic. Here’s what the experts say. While often temporary and not worrisome, A-fib can have potentially serious consequences. Here’s more about the research, what you need to know about A-fib, and why you don’t need to panic. What Research Says About Atrial Fibrillation and ExerciseWhile previous research has shown that male runners can be prone to atrial fibrillation with high-volume, vigorous exercise, the risk for female athletes was understudied.

Eine spezielle Routine als Cool-Down nach dem Sport kann die Herz-Gesundheit unterstützen. (Symbolbild) © Tommyandone/Imago A special routine as a cool-down after sport can support heart health. (Symbol image) Good for the heart: You should set this routine after exercising

Sport is important for health and can prevent diseases. According to a study, a special cool-down protects the heart.

Québec- regardless of whether endurance or strength training: Those who do sports regularly do not only do something for the figure, but also for health. The short cool-down, for example stretching, is already part of a strenuous unit for many people. As Canadian researchers have now found out, another way to end training is even more effective.

Mitral valve stenosis

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is talking about yoga. The intellectual and physical exercises from India have already won many fans. There are numerous courses and workshops. However, according to a new study by the Laval University in Québec, yoga practices are particularly suitable for an intensive workout and support heart health. The results were published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology (CJC).

yoga or stretch? Which cool-down after sport promotes heart health

to find out how yoga affects the cardiovascular system, the scientists compared the practices with stretching units. For this purpose, 60 people with high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome were consulted and examined in more detail. Metabolic syndrome is the simultaneous advancement of several symptoms or diseases such as overweight and high blood pressure as well as sugar and fat metabolism disorders. During the examination, methods for risk assessment of heart attacks, heart disease and strokes were also carried out.

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The subjects went through a three -month movement program in two groups in the study, sorted by age and gender. A group completed 15 minutes of yoga at the end of the 30-minute endurance training on five days a week. The other group ended the unit with 15 minutes of stretching. The participants were then examined again.

good for heart health: Yoga after sport, blood pressure and pulse

, according to the researchers, showed after three months that the blood pressure and pulse had dropped both in the yoga and stretching group. But there was a difference in systolic blood pressure. This indicates the pressure with which the blood is pumped into the body from the heart. It was striking here that this was lower in the yoga group.

Reduction of the systolic blood pressure synoga group 10 mmHGretching group4 mmHggorge: CJC

The 15-minute yoga unit after sport has also significantly reduced the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which was previously determined for every single person. Accordingly, yoga has a particularly positive effect on blood pressure and heart health. The researchers could not answer exactly why yoga is better than other stretching exercises. However, as it says in the results of the study, the researchers have so far assumed that it could be due to the special movements.

yoga instead of choosing usual stretching as a cool-down after sport, so it can still give an extra boost for health-and especially do your heart. A certain diet also plays an important role in cardiac health. (ASC)

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